September 08, 2016

UPDATE: WOW! The additional tickets went VERY FAST! Tickets for the Birthday Bash are OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT! See you in Cabo!



This SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th at NOON PT (3:00PM ET / 1:00PM MT) we will release a small number of additional tickets for each night to be purchased in the traditional first-come, first serve basis. There is a maximum of 2 tickets per order, with no other restrictions (must be 18+).


Ticket links are as follows:
Night 1 - Oct. 7th, 2016: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/1282031
Night 2 - Oct. 9th, 2016: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/1282037
Night 3 - Oct. 11th, 2016: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/1282039
Night 4 - Oct. 13th, 2016: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/1282041

Please remember that there are NO REFUNDS for ticket purchases.

Event Dates: Oct 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 2016
Event Address: Cabo Wabo Cantina, Calle Vicente Guerrero S/N, Centro, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico Questions? Contact us at: info@redrocker.com
Ticket cost: $69/ea ($1 x Sammy's age!)

Limited dinner + show tickets will again be sold in person at the Cabo Wabo Cantina on a first come, first served basis! More info here: http://www.redrocker.com/news/2016-birthday-bash-dinner-show-tickets



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Any luck with tickets yet?

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Any luck with tickets yet?

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hey redheads...i really believe Sammy has nothing to do with the new ticketing prossess...has a lot to do with his partners in crime at the club...Sammy is so busy and filthy rich why would he charge 69 bucks when it was always free...remember those days!..next year you can count on 70 bucks...ive been coming down since 2000 and there always seems to be a way to get in if you ask around ...any way if i dont get in im there for Cabo not just for the birthday ,can see Sammy any time on the road...not going to ruin my vacation...plus im saving all that money.LOL...PEACE FRIENDS!

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The third drawing happened because that's how I got my tickets. I got my confirmation email the morning of August 28th. For giggles I did check the registered email search site and my email did not pop up.

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I'm sorry guys and hotties but heres the deal from my perspective. I've never missed a week in Cabo since 2006. Around 2011 we had a LOT of rain for the Birthday Bash week and after that they went to this piss poor system of ticketing they have now. It sucks. Did you hear your fans Sammy...IT SUCKS! Read the posts. I knew when they went to this new system the REAL fans that actually know the words to some of the music were going to be left on the outside looking (and listening) in. I love Sammy like you can't believe. I own in Cabo but it just seems that Sammy doesn't give a rats ass about the complaints. Those on the inside have told me he would much rather have the Bash in Hawaii. That's all well and good but while its still in MY paradise we could at least give your true Sammy fans a fighting chance to get in. We've stood in line outside the Cantina during the last several years and literally watched over 100 people come out before 10:00 with wristbands on and get in a cab and leave. Most of them have no clue of the music or the man. That's horseshit and it gives the impression that once there was a man that gave a fuck what his fans thought and therefore we fell in love with Sammy but now after all these years and the same ol shit, it would appear that a sold out crowd is good enough for Sammy. I hate to be the asshole that posts this but I will guarandamntee you the majority of his REAL fans feel this way. I've gotten in to at least one show most every year this horseshit system started but I still give a fuck about the true Sammy fan and the Cabo lifestyle we all enjoyed knowing when we spend about 2-3 thousand dollars we were going to get to see a Rock & Roll icon for 90 minutes because we were willing to hang out on the cobblestone streets and party all night and pay our dues to get that ticket. Those days look like they are over. My problem is that the one man that CAN do something about this shit just sits back and lets it happen. I love you Sammy but remember the line from your 2006 album...but we do what gotta do cuz we wanna do what we wanna do when we wanna do it..each and everytime. Yeah, that was us then. Look at your blogs on here now and tell me if YOU'RE the same because we haven't changed.
Hey, somebody had to say it. Peace.

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I don't think the third drawing ever happened... There was never a way to check your registered e-mail account for the third drawing such as with the first two. I think the on-line option was in lieu of an actual 3rd drawing.

Probably so few tickets left at this point, that the on-line method was largely a futile endeavor from the start.

Definitely agree... no way to please everyone.

My wife and I will be in line for chance at dinner tickets as we notified work and locked into travel/lodging "hoping we would be selected". C'mon Plan B :-)

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I understand where everyone is coming from and am disappointed myself. But just think how many people just like us were sitting there clicking refresh as quick as possible. The Cantina is not very large (approx. 750) so I can't imagine many tickets were available after three random drawings. I was just grateful for one more opportunity....knowing it wasn't going to materialize.

To those who feel only one show per year should be allowed. I have only been selected one year since it started. Just happened to be the year of my 50th birthday and our 30th anniversary. The trip is fairly expensive for a person on my budget and I much appreciated 2 shows on one trip. I also am a CPA and it is difficult for me to schedule the trip at that time of the year.

Bottom line all I can say is.....a lot of us really want to be there really bad. But NO WAY is there enough tickets under any situation to accommodate all of us. I don't think there is a perfect solution to our problem.

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Tickets must have been sold out @ 1:59pm (Houston) time. I clicked on right at 2pm and None Available for all shows. Never even had a chance to click on 1 or 2 tickets.

Hey Sammy - how about a free show on 10/5 like the old days for all of us who didn't get tickets.

See everyone in Cabo!


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I was on right when they went on sale. For 25 minutes I tried and it keep telling me tickets not available. Only once in the 25 minutes did I get the option to select the number of tickets I wanted. I put in 2 and it said not that many available. 25 minutes and they all said sold out.
I've been planning this for 9 years, I guess we will give it a shot at the Cantina in Cabo. I never thought it would be so difficult to take my mom to Sammy's Birthday bash for her 55th birthday. If we don't get to go, we will still have an awesome time in Cabo!

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Yes...I had the same thing happen. I got on right at the instant it opened....selected 2 and then it came back and said they were not available. Then selected 1 and they were sold out. Getting too old to stand in line for 3 or 4 or more hours before the show hoping to get in. Guess that will be money to spend on other things. For those who got tickets....ENJOY!

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Yeah, my wife's actually said 2 for a nano second as well... then none available. I agree as well, not hard at all to monitor to ensure nobody wins an additional/multiple night lottery selection while another yet to be selected registered fan is passed over...

Start on his birthday night as it's the premium date, and work backwards. If selected for night 4, you're set aside from all other nights... start night 3 and do the same. If more tickets than people remain, put the night 4 winners that were set aside back in and draw to fill. Block all the known winning night 4 and 3 folks from night 1 and 2, repeat process for nights 2 and 1 until the lottery is complete.

If folks are offerred tickets and decline, those declined tickets go into a 2nd chance in which the same process plays out again for those who initially registered and have yet to be selected... again, excluding anyone who's already been selected for any night (no need for a second chance while others still have not won).

About as fair "selection" as it can be... especially if you take the email out as the key field identifier to avoid multiple same household entries and switch it to the person's mailing address and then MAKE THE ADDRESS FOR THE CREDIT CARD MATCH THE ADRRESS OF THE WINNER and make that registered credit card be the one you must make the purchase with. Certainly easier to create nearly unlimited email accounts in effort for somebody to disingenually improve their chances at the lottery V. the riskier choice of establishing multiple credit cards with differing mailing addresses (and keeping them active to buy if selected).

Lottery should be for a chance to win one GAURANTEED night to plan around for as many differing fans as possible... walk ins and dinner tickets offer those with more open schedules opportunities for a truer first come first served experience. I'm sure there are even more reasonable methods to assure equitable selection, but alas I'm just the product of a public education.

Maybe Sammy's team will continue to make improvements to their selection process as has been indicated by their previous process changes over the past few years.

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I'm not sure how many tickets there actually were. It said a "small number" were available for each night. That could be 1 ticket, who knows? I know they were gone instantly. I got the window to select the ticket amount, hit "2" and then it said there wasn't that number available. When it refreshed it said none available.
I still think the lottery is probably the fairest way to dole out tickets. That being said, I think if you win one night, they should take you out of the drawings for the other 3. While it would be awesome to go to 2, 3, or 4 nights, 1 is better than none and more people would get to go. It would also put more money into the Cabo economy, because while some people go there whether they win tickets or not, a lot of people don't (me included). I don't know how many people actually win more than one night, (as opposed to buying unclaimed / dinner tickets).

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Exact issues as others with the on-line "first come, first served". Literally had three computers open, wife, son and I logged into ticketfly, each sitting on a differing night that we could attend.

Started trying "early" to be told "not on sale yet"... at the exact moment they did go on sale, we all got into to purchase screen to be told the same results - NONE AVAILABLE.

Something clearly didn't flow right with their on-line offering... instantly none available.

As far as the same faces each year noted by another, we've been in the past via the lottery and hung out with folks who went to all 4 four shows during the week simply as "walk ins" with no fees... there is also the dinner ticket option. If the only reason you went to Cabo was for Sammy, you can get in (if you are willing to wait wait wait).

I believe this is common, hearing from many that they make lodging and travel reservations and wait for "space available entry/buy dinner tickets" each year with high success.

I suspect if you really want to go, come down for the week and get in line early/mid-day... you'll get in. Of course you can also secure admission if you get into one of the two separate dinner show sale lines early enough as well.

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Well that was a joke. I literally longed on at the exact time and all tickets were sold. How is that even possible?

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This is so crappy. As as fan I am bummed not able to get in on the public sale. 5 years of trying on the lottery and now another let down. Could not even select ticket quantity on the ticketfly website. Looks like now they are all look off sale.
I have to say I am disappointed that a lot of the same fans get in every year and I see other posts (like me) who year after year don't get in. Sammmy even mentioned something about seeing a lot of the SAME faces in Cabo every year at his most recent Tahoe show. I am sure there were many fans who would have been happy to get these tickets who took the time to put in for the lottery (this year & every year) but didn't get picked on the 3rd try & now have to battle the public sites.
Super bummed!! I needed to vent ..still a faithful redhead...

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wow that was such a bummer :(

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=( So Sad

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Well here goes nothing!!!

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After being unsuccessful for 5 years in the lottery and standing in line every dang year, I am hoping that those who have any tickets at all do not use this last ditch effort to be greedy and get more. Please leave this for those of us who have not been so fortunate. I just want one year with one darn ticket.

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Are these tickets for standing room only?

Dsm0707's picture

Are these tickets standing room only?

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Whaaat?? Just when you thought there was no hope - Good luck everyone!