July 28, 2014

2014 Birthday Bash ticketing and second chance drawing is now complete!

Refunds are being processed for those who requested refunds. Please allow up to 5 business days to see this effected on your credit card.

If you were selected for the second chance tickets you will by now have received an email from inticketing. 


 14 Redhead Comments

Susan Heaford's picture

Shut out again for us too!! Hoping to run into Sammy on the Islands 9/12 through 9/24! Sure was wishing to be in Cabo for my birthday too! October 8th! It has been 6 years since my sister and I have been to the Bash! It's Too bad Fans who always get tickets can't set out so some of us unlucky ones get a chance! Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jmarti1's picture

So Excited, we won tickets in the second chance draw!!! Wow... October cant get here fast enough!!

CaboNFall's picture

Usually the Dinner lines form shortly after noon the day prior to the sale. Buy an air mattress if you plan on tackling the line!!

nevadas007's picture

No luck for us either:( Can anyone tell me what it's like to wait in line for dinner what time do people gather to do this? 6AM:( Any past experiences would be appreciated:)

bloud01's picture

I'll be there...taking my sister!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rshofner71's picture

Shut out for the third year in a row...At least I got to see him in Indy and St louis this year, awesome shows by the way. Hopefully I will have better luck with dinner show tickets.

thomasl011's picture

Shut Out Again! No Love for Long Island. See You In Cabo!!!!

harleyz's picture

SSOOOO Ready To Jam With Sammy Again This Year!! Plane Tickets Purchased & Condo Booked!! Hurry Up October!! Sammy & CABO~Here We Come!!

karen brazelton's picture

Have it in the street again Sammy!!!! WTF or even better on the roof!!! lol love you!!!

Kathy71010's picture

I agree with others who have stated that the ticket process can use some improvements. I know of a couple that won two nights ??? We put in for every night and .. Nothing. There should be a limit per household. I understand there are ways around it, but non the less, it's disappointing . My husband went years back, maybe 6 or 7, he said he stood in line all night, 1st come 1st served kind of thing, he had a great time in line met new people etc. It was a great experience. I only hope that maybe one day we'll be drawn... Rock on Sammy !!!! We'll miss you :( although we WILL be there, just not at the hottest place on October 13th !!!!!! Happy birthday xo

BammBamm87's picture
I would like to see people that "win" tickets be removed from subsequent drawings so others have a better chance at a show.
rrbmxer's picture

I can appreciate your process but it still has room for improvement. There are those who won 2-3 nights while others got none. It would be great to see your executive team "spread the wealth" and allow one household to win one night in the drawing until all are drawn then put everyone in for multiple night request. We are coming to Cabo regardless, just not to see my favorite rocker, Sammy Hagar...

cnbrooks's picture

Just out of curiosity, how many tickets were returned from the first round and how many got picked for 2nd chance? I'm a happy girl regardless. We have tickets for night 4. Can't wait, it's going to be a great time!

Hoseclamp's picture

Got nothing. Onto plan "B" :)