Sammy's Island Bar and Grill closing its doors

February 15, 2015
Sammy's Island Bar and Grill closing its doors
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I’m saddened to announce to the Roseville community, our loyal customers and fans that Sammy’s Island Bar & Grill will be closing its doors. We were honored to play a part in their downtown revitalization program and are proud of what we’ve achieved together including raising more than $15 thousand dollars for the Placer Food Bank from our free outdoor concert and events.

As my fans and customers know, when our restaurants are successful we donate our profits back to local charities — that’s always been our overall goal with The Island restaurant but regretfully after almost two years we have not been able to achieve that in Roseville.

I’m very grateful to our staff, family and friends who have supported us. It’s been a great ride.


[Webmaster Note 2/17/15]

We have received more info about redeeming the gift cards that many of you still have.

Thank you for the outpouring of love, support (and yes, disappointment) you have shown since the announcement of the closing of the Island Bar and Grill in Roseville.

You guys are the greatest! We know that there have been some questions about redeeming the gift cards that you got at the free concert that was held in the Roseville Town Center in September. We have not forgotten about you!

We are working on a way to honor those gift cards. Please give us some time as we try to put together a program that will benefit everyone. Once we've got this in place, we will announce it here. Thanks again.

Sammy's Island Bar and Grill closing its doors
The Island Family celebrates their last night.

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booneshaya's picture

Almost 8 months since the Roseville restaurant closed and STILL, no word about how to redeem the $75 gift cards. It would be fine if they just said no but they said there would be a way to redeem it. I think 8 months is plenty of time to come up with a plan. I usually take people at their word but I am beginning to doubt it in this case.

booneshaya's picture

End of July now and still no word about the $75 gift card that I wasn't able to use in Roseville. Some resolution to this matter would be nice as they stated they would.

booneshaya's picture

I've been wondering the same thing. It's end of May and no word yet.

booneshaya's picture

Still waiting to hear if there is any word about the $75 gift cards. It's been quite a while waiting for an answer.

rhonderwoman's picture

Hi There! Wondering if there is any news on the $75 gift card problem?

aznyredhead's picture

lol agree....We made the trip however the 75.00 gift card was just a nice plus we would have gone without the gift card insentive. We actually gave it to a friend who was local but they didn't get a chance to use it. Would be nice if we could use it someplace else but not worth worry about for sure.....

KimSilver3's picture

I can't believe he closed it already! I know there are a lot of people who have gift cards and just didn't have enough time to use them yet. I just got mine from a client 2 weeks before he closed the restaurant. Maybe we can use them at Cabos in Tahoe or bottles of Rum would work too! LOL

bradnow2012's picture

I love the comments LOL. Obviously a lot of people do NOT understand business and that money does not make itself. Again, they are probably on welfare. And seriously.... $75 gift card? Whining about $75? And then one guy even says "if I had known I would have made a road trip". FYI: the road trip will cost more than the lost gift card.

Why do people "expect" what they think is theirs?

kindbud's picture

let us use them at the Tahoe cabo wabo to buy drinks.

janetc55's picture

Sad to hear about the closing. It hasn't been that long ago I was at the reopening and still have the $75 gift card. We are loyal fans that have followed you everywhere to party with the Waboritas! Chickenfoot! and Van Halen! Yes we are that old! I get all your Redrocker emails and sure would have appreciated advance knowledge of the closing so we could have traveled the distance to use our $75 gift card.

Reading others comments, I know we are not the only ones feeling the bite. Poor way to treat your loyal fans!

LobsterTheDJ's picture

Wow, I didn't even have a chance to drop by and visit! Know how hard the Restaurant/Night Club biz is. My first job in Cali was Chef & running the kitchen at a place called In Your Ear in Palo Alto. Didn't see this before doing this week's Lobster's Sunday Brunch on 97.7 The River in Santa Rosa. Would have mentioned in a Valentine's Day Weekend set of music w/"It's Only Love (It Drives Me Crazy)" by ZZ Top, "Crazy On You" by Heart and your hit "Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy." Sorry to see, and know it's not the outcome you, family & staff wanted. Appreciate your philanthropic work to give back.

Roseville Red Head's picture

Deeply Saddened ! Seems to be a unfair resolution after less than a YEAR ! Roseville is loosing not only the best music venue around.. but a chunk out of the heart of this community !
New Years Celebration was a Sell out .. This doesnt make any sense at all...
Broken Hearted !

Roseville Red Head's picture

Your Sad ...? Were SAD ! Roseville is loosing the top music venue and gathering place EVER brought to this area. I just enjoyed New Years Eve at Sammy's where it was a Sold out show (Frank Hannon Rocked it !) So SAD after giving it less than a Year and a Roller Coaster of emotions for the Roseville community.. come on Sammy thought you would stick it out a bit longer before making such a decision. ! Brokenhearted !!!

Rockin' Randy's picture

You just re-opened the place last October only 5 months ago. I know that many restaurants don't last the 3 year mark, but this one really seemed to help revitalize the downtown Roseville area?

So President's Day weekend was it. It is officially go dark.

The saddest part is it is another "LIVE" music venue shutting the doors.

kindbud's picture

Bummer when the last day going to be I like to stop by for one last drink

tokenred's picture

Used to go to the Hard Rock Cafe before a concert in Sacramento. That closed. Then started at Sammy's place in Roseville, now that closed? What's next? Sac needs a good rock and roll restaurant. But thanks Sammy for giving it a shot. Too bad we failed the restaurant.

durge71's picture

Sorry it didn't work out Sammy. But I hope yore going to do something for us who live out of town and still have our 75$ gift cards. I personally was waiting for a specific date to use mine. Again thanks for the effort, but don't leave us that supported you hanging.

Dans_gal's picture

This deeply saddens me. Two years? The grand re-opening was this past October 1, right? Sad sad sad.

DJ Dave's picture

WOW... :-(