August 08, 2013

Sammy is joining The 2013 NatsLive Free Postgame Concert Series for his first MLB postgame performance at Nationals Park!

The Nationals/Marlins game kicks off at 7:05pm and Sammy will take the stage for the free concert approximately 15 minutes after the final out.

To attend, you must have a valid ticket for that day’s game, which can be purchased at: so all you Redhead baseball fans, get your tickets before they're sold out!

This show will be a chance for fans to hear material from the upcoming "Sammy Hagar & Friends" album release, in stores 9/24 and available for pre-order now at!

Sammy's excited to Redheads out there - Check it out!


 6  Redhead Comments

melina's picture

When there is Sammy the stage will be a blasting one. I love him a lot. Sammy is the greatest entertainer I ever seen in my life. he is awesome. I will never miss his show again. I am following him. I am coming Sammy. Medical Billing

Constance T. Holloway's picture

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Stevea5150's picture

You will be allowed to go on the field as per the Nats front office.

kindbud's picture

I remember when sammy did a fanfest concert for the San Francisco giants you know a real baseball team. This was before they became the WORLD CHAMPS.

admin's picture

The seats that you will have for the concert will be the same as your ticket for the game. If your ticket for the game is in Section 112 that's your seat for the concert.

The Stage will be set on second base with the band facing home plate.

redrocker327's picture

Does anybody know how this works in terms of seating? Is there seating or do you just crowd onto the field after the game is over and stand. If it is the latter how is there any kind of control over the way the crowd assembles.