Sammy Hagar Reddit AMA May 10th

May 09, 2019
Sammy Hagar Reddit AMA May 10th

Tomorrow Sammy will be participating in his first ever Reddit​ AMA! This will be an opportunity for fans to ask the Red Rocker questions directly, with Sammy responding to his favorites. You will be asked to create a Reddit account where you can then submit your question. Take tonight to think about what you've always wanted to ask Sammy and join us tomorrow at 2 PM PT. 


Save your questions for the Reddit page; questions asked here will not be answered!


 14 Redhead Comments

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Sammy, how about a cheeky trip to Kalamazoo? - John the Wedding DJ

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I really wish I could've made this, I have many questions for him. Amazing to hear that he took time to engage in conversation! Eddy -

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Sammy what is the space between? Also can you teach me some of your cool on-stage dance moves?
How about a quick trip to Tucson?

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Waiting on the Link

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Hey Sammy!
Just wondering if that 70th BD present made it to you ? was a framed concert ticket, Aaron was helping me that night to get it to you through Rolando... and I am sure you were overwhelmed that evening! But my husband and I got to go to that concert in CABO it was our first time and it was awesome! Thank you for always giving 110%!
Laura Watson

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How do we get the free cd after a ticket purchase?

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Hi Sammy,

Will The Circle be touring Australia and NZ?
I missed you when you were down here for the Marching to Mars tour.



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Hi Sammy! Will you do another Sammy Hagar cruise to Cabo? We sailed on the first one and had a blast! Also, any more cantinas on stage to enjoy your Santo Mezcal like we did the tequila? Love ya!!!

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Can't wait... Put up link asap.

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Sammy I've seen you for 5 decades now my first concert ever was 1972 Montrose at the Civic Auditorium in Redding CA. Saw HSAS Tour, VH Tours, Attended The Cabo opening night (where my friend Andy and I drank 3 bottle of Mezcal that night and could not find our motel so we crashed on the beach woke up next morning to find we were 10 yards away from our room), 1st Tour with the Waboritas in Redding CA.,1st Chickenfoot Tour. Attended the 1st Annual Beach Party & Car Show last year (I should have been the winner for the meet & greet at the 2nd Floor but some drunk blurted out the answer before I could answer properly) took my lady (Lori Weber) who was an Adele fan until I Sammified her! Have our Tickets already for the show at Thunder Valley 9/27/2019.

My question is: What makes your liquors different form others (ei your Rum compared to Capt Morgans and what is Blue WEBER agave? In your new Tequila with Guy Fieri

Dan Miller
Anderson, CA

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Hi,are you going to bring the CIRCLE over to the UK for us UK. redheads?
/|\ footsoldier

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Which one of your Songs do feel is your finest example of your talents and creativity regardless of its popularity?

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What does your song where eagles fly mean to you and how did the words come to you when writing it.