Sammy featured in Pat Monahan's Patcast!!

June 26, 2014
Sammy featured in Pat Monahan's Patcast!!

Sammy was recently featured as the special guest in Train-frontman Pat Monahan's weekly podcast, Patcast. In the episode, Sammy discusses his story and the duo jam on a few tunes including "I've Done Everything For You" and "All We Need Is an Island". The full episode can be streamed at


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Wow ! As long as I have been a fan , I can't get enough and candid conversations like pats with sammy are priceless. I'm a die hard read head but I do like Train. And actually like them more because not just because he sAid he likes sammy but his humbleness is like sammys. Also Sammy , I work for a nonfrofit that's not known on the street but our mission is " leading the search for tomorrow's cure. sammy I am a fan but I think you would be a fit for our organization. I am just an employee who believes I the cause so I can't speak out for our organization but I can tell you I live and work for them in sacramento and we have over 20 Nobel prizes associated with the work we do to help humanity like you do.