Sammy & The Circle are heading back on the road!

April 06, 2021
Sammy & The Circle are heading back on the road!

Announcing NEW 2021 tour dates in Florida. We're excited to bring back live music while keeping Redheads' safety in mind. You can find more information about COVID protocol and safety measures by visiting each venues' website.

Head to the events tab for tickets and more details about each event. See you soon!


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Remember all these shows are in Florida, the wild west of Covid-19. It is great to see Sammy out playing again and we will see what happens about Cabo in October.

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While these shows are a good sign in regards to things getting back to normal, they are no relation regarding Birthday Bash. Yes things are also getting better in Cabo, but currently limitations are 40%. I would say May/June is the area for us to get some news on Birthday Bash.

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So, I presume Cabo is happening this October...

Let's get the drawing announced asap, pretty please!

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Spokane is still moving ahead with Monsters of Rock 2021 as a fairwell to Joe Albi stadium. Please be a part of it. I was 3rd in line to get in the first time around.

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Looking forward to seeing Sammy again in SoCal. I have had to get refunds on the last THREE shows in SoCal. The Beach party only canceled like the day before the show due to stupid promoters. Then the last tour canceled due to Covid.

I WANT TO GO TO A SHOW!!!! 77 shows and counting since seeing Sammy in Montrose.

Book some shows in SoCal so we can enjoy too.

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Greetings Sammy, I'm pretty bummed, living in md. and wanted to get presales tickets through ticket master today, 4/7/2021.
Typed in password REDHEAD and got to seats and tried to order tickets, only to be reconnected to Ticketmaster to update my password on my Ticketmaster account, for security reasons, bunch of chickensh_t!!! Code to reset password willn't go through, keeps saying code is in error, when they sent me the code. I tried 5 times to reset, by the time I got upset trying, the tickets on presales were all sold. Pretty depressing, we had tickets for concert in Virginia for last fall, but it got canceled. I've seen you twice many years ago, Montrose and Van Halen, was hoping to introduce my fiancee to the Red Voodoo Sound bit looks like I'll have to catch you next time around. I'm 64 and still jamming to the great sounds your still putting out! My sincere admiration and awe goes to you and your band members!will be listening to your sounds on my deathbed, but not for awhile, my bucket list includes getting dow. To Cabo for Christmas and New Years before I head out to pasture! Be safe and please stay healthy, I still need to see you all in concert at least once more!!! See ya soon! Gary Tatman