Sammy in Cabo!

February 20, 2006

Feb. 19, 2006

News from Cabo!

Sammy played at the Cantina Sunday night with the house band “Cabo”!  Absolutely awesome to say the least!!!  U2's, Bono was in town the night before so Sammy & the Band started with U2’s “Vertigo”.  It was so cool to hear Sammy cover that song!  He played for about an hour with "Cabo"!!  It was very loose & fun!  Sammy's looking and feeling great these days!!  He's happy, more than usual, if that's possible!!  He looks like he’s been spending a lot of time in the gym and getting rather buff!  Dressed in white, longer hair and Mmmmm - I think Cabo’s good for him!! Pictures will follow! YOU be the judge!!  

P.S. The House band “Cabo” is the best house band ever!

They totally Rock!!!