Rock & Roll Road Trip is Back for Season 5!

March 24, 2020
Rock & Roll Road Trip is Back for Season 5!

Season 5 is coming, featuring Shaquille O' Neal, Big & Rich, Rob Thomas, Ted Nugent, Extreme, and more! Airing Sundays on AXS TV starting April 19th, 2020! Schedule and details at


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Yeah just saw a piece on youtube about your show with Ted Nugent.
So here is the comment I left there, from an ex-fan.
So funny, they talk about his "spirituality" and "madmanness" lol but forget to mention his vile and hateful rhetoric about Obama, Hillary, the liberals, Native Americans. Not to mention he's draft dodger and a pedophile with a predilection for young girls, he has admitted to have had several relationships with underage young girls. Nugent is nothing but a first class piece of shit and now I guess so is Sammy for associating with that asshole. He has threatened the lives of both Obama & Hillary, He has called Native Americans "unclean vermin" who don't qualify as people. He also said to shoot liberals like rabid coyotes, If that is who you admire and want to hang out with and promote Sammy then Fuck You every bit as much as that miserable p.o.s. Nugent.