Redheads, Take Charge in Unlocking More Track-by-Track Videos!

September 04, 2013

Sammy is releasing some of the exclusive track by track videos from the Deluxe Edition Bonus dvd of "Sammy Hagar & Friends"! Over the next few weeks we need your help to unlock each one! The first is "Bad on Fords and Chevrolets" with Ronnie Dunn - watch, post, "like", or "share" the video link with your friends to help unlock the next sneak peak inside of Sammy's new release!


 2  Redhead Comments

kevshock's picture

im sure its all going to be nothing less than Sammy's best. I haven't heard any bad Sammy in my 30+ years of listening to him.
thanks Sammy... god bless ya

jeremy.haymore's picture

Sammy played this in San Francisco and it was awesome!

tammym014's picture

can't wait to hear it