Redheads in Roseville

April 28, 2012
Redheads in Roseville

Redheads converged on Roseville, CA to have a party and check out progress on the new Sammy's Rockin' Island Bar & Grill. It's pretty great for a place to attract a crowd before it's even open! The event even made the local newspaper. The Redheads were busy, according to the event's organizer, Janelle Lowney:

The party turned out fantastic and we did well supporting the local businesses and even managed to raise some money to donate to the local SPCA by auctioning off Todd Austin's (our local Sammy look alike) auto detail services to one of the fans.


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kindbud's picture

F**K This grand opening is sold out why were redheads not told anything about this on this board. I had to find out about it on a radio station in sacramento ca. I guess i did not renew my redrocker membership. I feel that i was sold out. Thanks for the heads up(NOT)

abeetle's picture

I can't wait!! I live 15 minutes from there! So stoked! Been attending Sammy's concerts since the early 80's. :)