Presenting "Brewing up Lite Roast": Step One - Grind

November 12, 2014

Presenting "Brewing Up Lite Roast" - a three-part series of videos showing behind the scenes of "Lite Roast". This is "Step One - Grind", enjoy!

Starting with the trip to his neighborhood coffee shop that inspired the record’s title. “There’s a big coffee roaster here in Marin County called Equator,” explains Hagar at the start of the clip, which you can watch above. “They’re dear friends, and I always go get fresh coffee there. I stopped on the way to rehearsal one day and I got some to bring over there, so me and [guitarist Vic Johnson] were drinking coffee — we don’t drink rum when we’re working, except onstage.”

Looking at the inventory, Sammy made a sudden connection: “I saw these big bags of beans and I thought, ‘Wow, call this thing ‘Lite Roast.” It just came — it was just one of them crazy things. I think ‘Lite Roast’ really says it, because it’s the same beans, we just roast ‘em lighter this time.”

The rest of the video delves in to Sammy’s thought process behind the ‘Lite Roast’ project, including his memories of the all-star acoustic show that inspired him to take an unplugged trip back through his catalog. It also finds him offering fans a listening tip: “I really recommend drinking coffee with this,” he says. “I don’t own a coffee company, believe me, folks. But I think, you know, you take a big cappuccino, a double, and start sipping it and put on ‘Red Voodoo,’ the opening track, and man, you’ll be jacked up. You’ll be up dancing, and you probably won’t finish the record at that stage. You’ll go out and do something.” 

This video premiered exclusively on Ultimate Classic Rock, click here for the full story. 

Stay tuned for the next two videos coming soon!!



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Leslie Stewart - Reynoso's picture

Hi Sammy, This is the RADIOCHICKIE- LESLIE STEWART from Lake Elsinore, CA. Not far enough from Fontana - LOL - Would love an signed copy of your new acoustic for the cure album! Pretty Please. Still fighting the F%@*cking Breast Cancer 8 yrs this month. Read my story on HAPPY BELATED HURRICANE BDAY! Hurricane's are made best with Sammy's Beach Bar Rum! LOL - Well I have not seen you since your 65th Bday bash in Cabo. BEST TIME EVER! My BFF - Kat took me to her condo in Cabo and your concert, as a Bucket List/Wedding Anniversary gift 10/12/12. Boy what a gift it turned out to be! You would have thought it was my Bday but it was a Wedding Anniversary gift to my hubby Fireman Dave and I. Well I brought your bestselling book to your Bday bash concert. Optimistic I would get it Autographed on my own, being in the Radio biz and all. But as fate would have it, A Hagar family member came and found me in the Ladies room as I was ripping that hot rocker wig off my bald head. And putting on my fav rocker hat. This wonderful woman asked me if I would like to get the book signed by Sammy! NO BRAINER THERE! I was reluctant to give my book to her, but it felt real. Within the week I came home from my Cabo trip and in my mailbox was Sammy's bestseller the same book that I brought to Cabo in my mailbox my book mailed and autographed by Sammy to Leslie what a wonderful gift. Thanks, It's a dream come true! Thanks, Sam & Keri your the best in the biz! Thanks your fav Redrocker fan, Giving Thanks to you and yours! This holiday, Always Leslie- P.S. I MAY HAVE A LARGE GIG IN TEMECULA WINE COUNTRY YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN PERFORMING AT! IT IS THE LAST SATURDAY IN MARCH IF YOUR AVAILABLE CONTACT RADIOCHICKIE@VERIZON.NET OF 4M ENTERTAINMENT ASAP FOR DETAILS!

music69's picture

First off thank you Sammy for the autogragh album of Lite Roast I won on Facebook so excited and will treasure this forever! What a GREAT album Sammy. Yeah this album gets me up and movin but I keep listening can't put it down once it starts. Just put in the earbuds and get things done. Ha! You and Vic WOW can't get any better then you two for that perfect pairing. Got to give some love out to Vic too. Love ya Vic! It was awesome to see the acoustics played in Tahoe ( just wow yep got chills) love everything you do Sammy. Keep Rockin and can't wait to see you on tour hopefully soon! Hey I really really want that pic with the Ruminator in the background with your autograph. PLEASE :) Ha! Love ya Sammy ~ Ang