Pre-order Chickenfoot III today!

August 26, 2011
Pre-order Chickenfoot III today!

The iTunes store now has the new Chickenfoot album, "III", available for pre-order! You can also get a listen to clips from all of the songs on the album so check it out by clicking the link below. We will share international pre-sale information as it comes in.  Take a listen and comment with your favorite tracks!



 4  Redhead Comments

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I bought my Christmas present for myself - Chickenfoot III. Excellent! I love "come closer", very sexy tune. And Dubai Blues is great! The entire CD from start to finish (bonus track too) is so rockin! Rock on from the D!

redrandi's picture

Saw Sammy on youtube talking about The Dubai Blues. He hopes no one thinks the song is about him. You can`t buy love. Really Sammy? Do you really think you`d have that young hot wife if you were a server at Starbucks? I think not.

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Love it guys!! The new CD ROCKS! The first track reminds me of the Smithereens.It`s ALL good. Love U Sammy.

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Just listened to the free samples and I can't wait to hear the full album! "Different Devil" is awesome and a possible radio chart hit, "Bigfoot" rocks, "Come Closer" is a nice groove, "Three and a Half Letters" sounds really powerful...just an awesome taste!

GREAT work Sammy and gang! Can't wait until the Foot comes down in the Philly/Jersey area!!!