New Birthday Bash On Sale Date Announced

July 30, 2011
New Birthday Bash On Sale Date Announced

Hey Redheads! We would like to announce that the new date to buy Birthday Bash tickets will be August 16th. The process and schedule will be the same as before, except that you can plan on coming to and the only item accessible on the site will be Birthday Bash tickets. We are dedicating all site resources to make sure that we can support the huge influx of all of you Redheads!

On Sale Schedule for August 16th:
October 7 show will be on sale at 10am PT
October 9 show will be on sale at 11am PT
October 11 show will be on sale at 12pm PT
October 13 show will be on sale at 1pm PT

We apologize for any inconveniences the site issues may have caused this past Tuesday and have taken the necessary steps to ensure smooth transactions. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We sure are looking forward to the exciting week ahead; so put August 16th on the calendar and get your boots on!


 11 Redhead Comments

nj1489's picture

got tics 4 tue and the bday show woohoo...see all u redheads at the riu palace

karen brazelton's picture

Got tickets for the 11th and 13th! piece of cake! I think this way beats the hell outta sleepin on the sidewalk! did it for 10 yrs. See you there.... inside!

ericincabo's picture

I was lucky enough to get tickets for one night. I'm firmly in favor of opening up all nights at once online, to give as many as possible the opportunity to go. Then offer dinner/show tickets by waiting in line as a fallback to those who couldn't get in to order, or who want to go more than once. Or go back to the old way.

ARamosTX's picture

This new ticket sale sucks ass, if you want to charge for tickets I'm sure everyone including myself are willing to pay. This needs to go back to the original wait in line format. At least this way the true Redheads can have a chance at tickets. GO BACK TO THE OLD FORMAT AND WE WILL STILL PAY THE CHARGE AT THE DOOR. You have so many fans that pay for air, hotel and schedule the time for this annual event only to be snuffed becuase we cant get tickets. There is a reward for spending the night with friends, at least we get to go to the show..

cabowabo2001's picture

There are many descent places to stay with out breaking the bank, check out the link, just my 2 cents, its right downtown too


Acbou812's picture

Don't understand why tickets go on sale during the week and not the weekend for the B-Day Bash. I'm paying out the nose for a hotel and airfare as it is. Cant afford to take a day off of work to try and get lucky enough to even get tickets. Miss the days of partying with RedHeads out on the sidewalk and earning those tickets. Not sure how I will handle going to Cabo for a week and I might not even get to see Sammy & The Wabos perform. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way and I hope in the future something is done differently. If it isn't broke,dont fix it !!!

waterwoman's picture

My birthday is October 9, so hoping to get to go then or else October 13, for Sammy's birthday! Staying at my timeshare at Playa Grande.

nimringer14's picture

Please let me survive another day of watching my Lady go crazy not sleeping eating until she has the tickets in hand.

Harleymomma08's picture

Dear Laura - your story brought tears to our eyes. I hope Sammy is able to help you

Harleymomma08's picture

Thank you Sammy for listening to your fans and picking August 16th for the new ticket sale date!

See you in 10 days!

STLbinky's picture

Your story brings tears to my eyes. I am so sorry for loss. Hopefully, Sammy will be able to help your cause.