Message From Sammy

May 20, 2005

Yo, Redheads! 

Wow!  Talk about a rock ‘n roll weekend.  The Tahoe Wabo’s first anniversary was right up there with the Birthday Bash.  It smoked the grand opening.  I feel that these may be the best three shows the Wabos have ever done. 

How about my man Gibby?  The fifth Wabo maybe?  How about Mikey, a.k.a. Mad Anthony?  Los Tres Gusanos?  Are we having any fun yet? 

Don Marrandino and Christophe Jorcin are really going above and beyond with the Cantina.  I must admit, it’s looking real good.  And the food – damn, that’s what I’m talking about. 

Aaron rules, what a son. 

The fans – what can I say?  I’m the luckiest musician on the planet to have you as family.  Honestly, I’m stuck on words to explain the love I have for you.  So I’ll just let the looooong shows speak for me. 

See you on this mini tour for now.  I’ve got another gig in Tahoe this summer and then the big Birthday Bash from 10/1 through10/14.  I’m playing every-other day, or something like that.  Kenny Chesney is threatening to come down again.  Oh yeah!  He plays longer than me.  Ha! 

Bye for now.


PS - “Let Me Take You There” –  mucho thanks & mucho love