Long Road To Cabo 2 - DVD Project

October 08, 2005

Ok, here we go. … A Red Head request for this years bash!

So, on the “Long Road to Cabo” I showed you what it’s like behind the scenes so now I’m asking you to bring your video cameras and show me what goes on behind the scenes in hotel rooms, ticket line, beach, airport, planes, etc. I want your version of the bash.  Use as little footage of the band performing as possible because I’m filming and recording that part.  Get together with each other and put video footage together, edit it to approximately 15 minutes or more if necessary and send it to my editor Paul Ware by mid November so I can put together with my footage and make the “Long Road to Cabo Part 2” for the Wabo’s new cd to be ready for Feb./March 06.  Big bonus time baby come on!  Sounds like fun to me and I can’t wait!

See ya in Cabo

Use this address to send the videos to:

Hi-Def Digital 

26500 West Agoura Road

Suite 102-815

Calabasas, CA 91302-2969

You can email Paul at cabowabovideo@yahoo.com for any questions.

You must have a signed waiver with your video, click on the link to open the pdf and printout.