Important Birthday Bash 2021 Updates: COVID Protocols & Ticketing Schedule

August 19, 2021
Important Birthday Bash 2021 Updates: COVID Protocols & Ticketing Schedule

Hello Redheads everywhere! Today we have important updates about this year's Birthday Bash on Catalina Island!

The health and safety of the Redheads, our touring family and everyone involved in making these shows happen safely is our top priority. As the Covid-19 and Delta variant surges throughout the United States, we are following the lead of the major music and live entertainment companies by requiring proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (at least two weeks after final dose) at the Birthday Bash Shows on Catalina Island, and children under the age of 12 will not be admitted. Masks will be required to be worn by all individuals inside the event. READ FULL DETAILS BELOW.

Should you be unable to attend, we have added a period of 2 days for those who wish to surrender their entry in the drawing. To cancel your registration, visit:

Revised ticketing schedule:

  • Thursday, August 19 - Open up registration lookup/confirmation and cancelation option
  • Saturday, August 21 7pm PT - Registration cancelation period ends
  • Sunday, August 22 - Random drawing occurs and those selected start receiving ticketing instructions via email
  • Saturday, August 28 - Ticket purchases must be completed

* Limited single day tickets will be made available after this process completes.


COVID Protocols For Sammy Hagar's Catalina Island Birthday Bash Shows

The health and safety of the Redheads, our touring family and everyone involved in making these shows happen safely is our top priority. On that note, we've moved the annual Birthday Bash shows from Sammy's home away from home, the intimate Cabo Wabo Cantina in Mexico, to a much larger and open domestic venue, the Catalina Casino in Avalon, CA. However, as the Covid-19 and Delta variant surges throughout the United States, we are following the lead of the major music and live entertainment companies by requiring everyone in attendance be fully vaccinated in order to provide the safest environment possible for all of us.
Like the name of the band, we are all part of a CIRCLE and in times of uncertainty the safety of one is the safety of us all, so our shows will be requiring proof of full COVID-19 vaccination to attend the Birthday Bash Shows on Catalina Island.
"Fully vaccinated" means to attend the Birthday Bash shows all fans must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (at least two weeks after final dose) and provide proof of vaccination; i.e. original vaccination card, picture of vaccination card or a digital copy of your COVID-19 vaccination record prior to entering the venue. Matching valid ID must also be shown. Children under the age of 12 will not be admitted. All California residents may request a digital vaccination record at
Masking: Pursuant to County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health Order, masks will be required to be worn by all individuals inside the event. Exception is when actively eating or drinking, and must be immediately put back on afterward.
The vaccination and masking policy will be implemented as an open-ended one, with any changes or reversals informed by updates relating to infection rates, transmission data, variant developments, and local and federal regulations.

 33 Redhead Comments

marks1971's picture

I have a campsite booked for the weekend at Hermit Gulch. It's down the road from the golf course. Running water with showers and bathrooms in case you're wondering. If I can't get single tickets, as I was not chosen in the raffle, I will let someone get the campsite for the price I paid. It's reserved from Friday through Sunday. I guess we'll see what happens and go from there. I also have ferry tickets purchased and will sell those at face value as well. I can call and transfer the name and forward the email of my confirmations for both.

CMHDude's picture

If anyone has a non-cancelable hotel reservation on Catalina Island and it hasn't been canceled yet and you plan not to go please contact me.

CMHDude's picture

Hi, If you still have the hotel reservation and not planning to use it let me know and see if we can work something out.

jagolliher's picture

Us too. Were still going and stating on island.

jagolliher's picture

Us too. Were still going and staying on island.

Byron_DeRoos's picture

I am having a horrible time buying my tickets. Anyone else having issues?

donnamurf's picture

Agree! I would have tested in a heartbeat! I actually think it's a safer alternative as so many that are fully vaccinated are still getting covid.

donnamurf's picture

This comment might be a little rough for a fan site. Pretty rude stuff towards fellow redheads just because they have a different view. Just saying.

donnamurf's picture

I LOVE your comment!! Agree 100%! I'm so disappointed that the BDB didn't work for us this year! We had a wonderful hotel booked and were so excited to go to Catalina. Oh well, I still love him! Will just have to see him in a FREE state!

cabojohnny5150's picture

Wow. I thought Sammy said there would be more tickets than hotels. And getting tickets wouldn’t be a problem. Me & my dad both registered and we didn’t get selected. I already have hotel and ferry tickets.

neverlayup's picture

Got the Email while at the Concert in Spokane!

el3sha's picture


el3sha's picture

Got the email! Catalina here we come!!

tammy22b's picture

Awesome! Waiting for my email

kcrules69's picture


el3sha's picture

I have to say it’s a huge bummer not to have heard anything about tickets! Was so looking forward to it!
I wish everyone a great time in Catalina.

reignunder1king's picture

Ugh!!! I cannot handle the wait for a ticket link. Ahhhhhhhh.

300hpdavid's picture

Seems to me that Sammy agrees with the vax and mask, or he would not agree to do it. Go ahead and get Covid and stand the chance of dying.

Darwinism at it's best!

Your choice, die or don't. Not my issue. If you leave this Earth, we as a species just become stronger without you.

Lucky for all of you that you have not had to experience Polio, Mumps or other deadly viruses and diseases thanks to doctors and vaccines that you were given as a child....Sheeeesh!

kcrules69's picture

Not Yet.. Still waiting....

el3sha's picture

Has anyone gotten an email with ticket purchase instructions??

usclover's picture

Wow so uninformed!

Vinny's picture

Please make one night of your 2021 Birthday Bash concert available on Pay-per-View after all tickets sell out. Last years PPV Birthday Bash concert was amazing, and is available online with a Coda Collection subscription. Many Redheads & others are willing to pay to see Sammy’s rockin Birthday show from afar/in their own homes again in HD this year.

The safety of all is paramount for those going in person, enjoy the jams!

Thanks & Happy Birthday Sammy!

kcrules69's picture

I believe you can change your status up till 7pm Saturday PST. Just read thru.

robster25's picture

I've been going to the Bday Bash every year since 2005, but now it looks like I'll never go again if this COVID mRNA gene therapy shot requirement is permanent. Anybody that takes it REALLY has no idea what they're permanently doing to their immune system & how they are being conditioned & programmed to keep receiving these shots & subsequent COVID 'booster' shots that will NEVER go away! Watch the short video below from a doctor about what is coming very soon! I love Sammy & the Bday Bash in Cabo where it ALWAYS belongs, but I love JESUS & where I spend eternity MORE than anything else!!!

judyb1965's picture

I will Never ever wear a mask at a concert!
This is sooo sad!
Move that venue! Forget California!!

judyb1965's picture

Wow....I hope you give an option for refunds for the people who did get tickets for the bday bash and now no longer want to go. Who would want to wear a mask during a concert, and outside on top of it. This is really sad.

I had a feeling California was a bad choice for your bday bash, so glad I decided to pass on this, Ill wait for cabo next year.

hawks2010's picture

What about those of us that have medical conditions and have been told BY OUR DR'S to NOT get the vaccine???!!!
That's not fair to us redheads!! I'm sure I'm not alone and would be willing to get the damn test (AGAIN) to prove that I don't have this damn bug!!
There HAS to be a fair way for ALL Sammy!!
This is just getting to be like back in Nazi Germany....Papers please!!
Or segregation.... vaccinated VS unvaccinated.....
Thought we were supposed to LEARN from history

lynneg067's picture

"Thanks Sammy!!" ~ "All of us wouldn't need to worry about masking up for your concert or anywhere inside of this Beautiful State of California, if everyone would just go get vaccinated!!" ~ "You aren't just getting vaccinated for yourself but for the safety of other's as well!!" ~ "If you truly have a written doctor's excuse, telling why you can't get vaccinated, then there certainly should be an exception to these Concert Covid Rules!!" ~ "My daughter was recently pregnant and had an extremely high risk pregnancy, so her doctor didn't want her to get the vaccination until after her baby was born, so I agree with some of your dear fans comment's Sam, that it's truly not fair to exclude all of them, due to their health issues!!" ~ "Covid isn't going anywhere for a long, long time, so everyone needs to figure out some better rules!!" ~ "Love" and "Hug's!!"

edwards097's picture

NO THANK YOU.... I'LL PASS CALIFORNIA..... See you in Cabo 2022 for the bash If I never go to California, I won't lose sleep over it.

TinaYoungIAM's picture

Why isn't there an option for a negative Covid test 72 hours prior to the event? Otherwise, you're excluding those who are medically advised not to have the vaccine.'s picture

Wow. Really?

hoppyshirts's picture

This redhead and his wife will not be wearing a mask at concert, ever.

Also, I think my chickenpox vaccine has worn off, stay far away...

el3sha's picture

If you meant to request 4 tickets (the max) originally but put 2, IF we are selected in the drawing, can we request 4?