Here's your chance to be in a music video!

May 30, 2011
Here's your chance to be in a music video!
"Sam I am too!" by GIRLY FROM THE REZ

Hey Redheads! Here's your opportunity to be part of a Sammy Hagar Music video! Some of you may have heard Sammy's new take on the Jimmy Buffet classic 'Margaritaville' at a few of our recent shows. Well, we decided to make a rocking video to go along with debut of the single and we are starting to collect footage to go along with this new recording. Sammy wants to give it a good time/beach/laid back feel and what better footage to use than Cabo footage? And you of course know the best part about Cabo... the Birthday Bash at the Cabo Wabo Cantina of course!

So, here's your assignment: Post videos of you and your friends & family having a good time in Cabo and at the Birthday Bash to YouTube and share the URL here as a comment to this news post to be considered for the video. We are depending on all of you Redheads to share enough for us to work with-- we're counting on you!

Please submit your videos by June 30, 2011

UPDATE: We are extending the submission deadline so we can include footage from this year's Birthday Bash. Please still continue to post your videos! If you have any questions post them here or email!


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Ohh!!...That was really great news...When I heard this news I was so excited as I was also interested in being a part of the video. Thank you for updating this kind of information. Keep updating them in future also. youtube likes

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I have not been lucky enough to get to the shows. I'm in Calgary. I know Sammy plays around with his cabos yet I suppose he's superior to what all that the extent that returning to genuine music and not making it a smashed fest.
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And to think, I rushed to get this footage in by June 30th 2011, just to realize I am a year late! LMAOOOOOO!!!

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Unfortunately all of my best Cabo video's were taken in '05 when I was using an older camera and I do not have the transfer capability now to get them on YouTube. So here are a few little videos from last year I thought you might be able to use.

This is the first time I've ever seen Sammy jump in the crowd after a bash show at the CW! He was so sick that night :(

Checking out the line for the B-day Bash on 10/12/10!

Rainbow shots @ Rips...very cool to watch and they taste just as yummy!!

OK, so this video isn't your typical Cabo video. In the states you worry about bed bugs, well in Cabo it's Geckos LOL! Oh this still cracks me up!! Heather was so freaked out LOL!!

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Keep rockin!

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U 2 guys that seem to think Sammy has lost his way somewhat obviously haven't been followuing Sammy since his Montrose days.

Of all the Rockers that are still around from those days Sammy has been the most steadfast Rocker of them all. So he likes to mix it up and try slightly different music styles & sounds with his different bands. True Sammy fans respect and appreciate that type of thing!

Ya'll need to look at everything he has done and been through and all the success he has with every band he has had as well as his Cabo Wabo Cantinas not to mention some of the Best Tequila ever made!

The man is a musical and business genious in my opinion!


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some videos & Pictures from Me & My family in Cabo

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I have not been fortunate enough to get to the shows. I'm in Calgary. I know Sammy has fun with his cabos but I think he's better than all that as far as getting back to serious music and not making it a drunk fest. At least what I see from the fan videos. Sammy needs new blood. A new guitar player with nothing to lose attitude. A new blood guitarist with new ideas for a new direction and no problem playin other artists stuff. Maybe Sammy's playin it alittle safe but hey He's still the Dude in Rock and definitely entitled. Van Hagar is still the best music ever recorded and distributed and it can stand beside any of the music styles of today... with the exception of some jazz now. I do like my jazz. Oh ya The book was great. I'm even a bigger fan now...

Keep rockin


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This really sucks! because I never been to Cabo and don't know when I will ever get there. How about doing a Music Video for fans that have other things to add to music videos since there are others like me who can't make it to Cabo or in some other way?
How about since I live all the way over in Pennsylvania, That people from around here or that go to Sammy's Beach Bar & Grille in Atlantic City, NJ do some footage there for a Music Video?, Footage from there home Partys, Birthdays, Etc. referring to Sammy/Cabo?...Come on Sammy Finish What Ya Started...I have some great song ideas for you to cover since your covering Jimmy Buffet right now... How about covering a song or two from bands like The Monkees[Last train To Clarksville], The McCoys[Hang on Sloopy], The Commadores[Brick House], Alabama[Pass It On Down], Metallica[Whiskey In A Jar], ACDC[Have A Drink On Me] and more... But most importantly former WWE Wrestling champion & Legend Ultimate Warrior is now adding his voice to music Legends songs, So Sammy teaming up with Ultimate Warrior on a song would be ULTIMATE! Ultimate Warrior recently did a recording with a band called Winds Of Plague song called The Warrior Code and is now gonna do a recording with former Guns N Roses member Steven Adler. So yeah, Sammy & Warrior would be ULTIMATE!!! Last, I wanna see Sammy guest host WWE Monday Night RAW since Kid Rock, Rob Zombie, ZZ Top, Snoop Dog & others already have.

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I actually agree with Alex F. I have always loved Sammy's music, loved him in Van Halen, and love him now in Chickenfoot, but his solo albums from "Living It Up" on have been weak to say the least. He has so fully immersed himself in this Hard Rock Buffett lifestyle thing that the music now seems secondary to the "lifestyle", the tequila, and so forth. It wasn't always this way, but if you read Sammy's book you can see we have that ass clown Irving Azoff to thank for it-he was the one that told Sammy he should "roll it all into one package" and the importance of the music has taken a nosedive ever since. I have seen this firsthand at the shows, too. A lot of "fans" are now there to get as drunk as possible and be part of the "event" rather than being there for the music/performer, spoiling the shows for music-minded people like myself with their obnoxious antics in the process. The Chickenfoot project is the best thing Sammy has done since Red Voodoo-where Sammy appears seriously invested in the music and the shows are not about the "party".

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I also prefer the Sammy VH to DLR. I can sort of play both styles and have my favorites from each. I think it would be cool if Sammy reconfigured some of the DLR lyrics like "somebody get me a nurse" and one of my favorite "Runnin from the devil" lol. It wouldn't take much to rewrite "Talkin bout love" lol

Keep rockin everyone

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Alex F's picture

I am not "rothleaps" and have never heard of VHND. I prefer Sammy-era VH to Roth VH, although I listen to both eras. They just seemed more like a band when Sammy was fronting them. I have a deep appreciation for Sammy's songwriting and longevity. But watching him become the hard rock Buffett has been frustrating for me, and hearing of this "Margaritaville" cover really got my dander up. That's all.

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I wish I had more of our good times available on you tube - I have some on DVD, but don't know how to transfer to youtube?? Here are a few videos of SONE performing at the Cabo Wabo - SONE is a band from Fremont, CA.

SONE - Panama at the Cabo Wabo - 10/10/2008

SONE - I Got the Fire at the Cabo Wabo - 12/12/2008

Thank You,

motlyfan's picture

So Alex,

Let me guess? your'e alias is rothleaps over on the VHND?

I have never seen unwanted and nasty comments on Sammy's ite before so just go away!!

karen brazelton's picture

right on Jon!!! Peace, Love, Happiness

karen brazelton's picture

Go to Roth's website! we don't need your kind here Alex!!!!

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Alex if you're so un-Sammy then why pretend to be a Redhead. Your negativity doesn't belong here. Move on and get a life.

Rock on Sammy we love all that you do!

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Okay people I think we're missing the point here! Sammy doesn't want footage of him on stage during the Bash! He wants footage of us the fans doing the stuff we do when we're not at the shows! Examples: At the beach, at the Red Head party, on a booze cruise, swimming at the resort pool, snorkling, water taxi, eating/drinking downtown! The only problem I have is that I'm to lazy to film anything when I'm down there! I bring the Flip every year but never shoot a thing! LOL!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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I had a few, but this one I really liked because of the comments leading into the song...

Thanks for the opportunity,

Christym's picture

How about something from Sun Valley instead?

GNR's picture

Lol Laura!! They sure do!! ;-)

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I say you automatically have to take the girls in the above picture, they obviously know how to party Cabo Wabo style!!

kboop's picture

Mine is ready!!!! Hope you like it!
Cheers, Patty
(from Brazil)

Alex F's picture

I won't be a troll and answer every criticism of my view. I expected to be in the minority. But my viewpoint is worth putting out there.

THOMARSE5150's picture

Nicely said Jon. :)

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It's just sad that people like you Alex somehow think that this is the proper venue to interject their completely unsolicited opinion. Sammy simply asked for footage from fans which further promotes how he is constantly putting his fans in the lime light and giving back to his fans, rather than having them live vicariously through him. I have not met one single redhead that appears to be unsatisfied with their life. And, Alex, if Sammy did make $400 adirondack chairs, not only would they sell, Sammy would probably sell them for $199 and then donate the profits to charity.
So, maybe you are just having a bad day and upon reading some of the comments I hope you decide to delete yours. This is our happy place.

Alex F's picture

So Sammy's no longer being coy about his desire to emulate Buffett's career. How disappointing. Folks, Sammy wants to be a "lifestyle" artist now. That means he sells a fantasy of his life to his fans, for a price, so we can vicariously live through him. So, pretty much, to be a fan now, you have to admit you are unsatisfied with your own life and need to escape by pretending to be Sammy. What a crock. Hope folks run away in droves. Can't wait for the $400 logo adirondack chairs to go up for sale on the site (the way Buffett does already).

THOMARSE5150's picture

So I take it you don't want 2011 b'day footage if you need it by that date...

I'm going to try SO hard to get tickets for this year's b'day bash.... Booking a trip from Australia to Cabo for 10-20th and PREYING I can get me tickets for my first B'day Bash... Been waiting years and years to do this! :)

I'll gets me some good footage then! Not in time for the video but its all good!!! :)