Fresno Cabo Wabo Cantina

December 11, 2008




                                        CABO WABO CANTINA

  SAN FRANCISCO, CA (December 11, 2008) – Entrepreneur and Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar announced today that he is cancelling the licensing agreement with Fresno Rock Taco, LLC for the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Fresno, California.  Hagar issued a statement on November 7, 2008 that commented on certain unsatisfactory claims which have been highlighted by local media for the past several months.  Existing issues have not been resolved, forcing the Cabo Wabo creator to take action to end his relationship with Fresno Rock Taco.  The license will be officially terminated before the end of 2008.




“This really is an unfortunate situation,” said Hagar.  “I developed the Cabo Wabo Cantina concept as a place for everyone in the community to come together and have a great time with exceptional food, drinks and music.  Contrary to comments from other parties inferring otherwise, the license has been terminated and the location will no longer be a Cabo Wabo come 2009.  I have always stood for providing an exceptional experience for my fans and associating myself with like-minded business partners.  If the owners of the current license in Fresno intend to keep the location open and change the concept to something entirely different, it will not be under the Cabo Wabo brand.”


Hagar entered into the licensing agreement with Fresno Rock Taco, LLC on December 7, 2006.  The Cabo Wabo Cantina officially opened its doors on August 29, 2008 and it will officially be unlicensed before the end of this year.