Final Chance for Birthday Bash Tickets

August 09, 2017
Final Chance for Birthday Bash Tickets

Congratulations to all the winners of the random drawing who already have your tickets! Our remaining inventory of unclaimed/returned tickets will be available in a traditional first-come, first-served onsale next week.

From Tuesday to Friday next week, tickets for each show will go on sale one day at a time as listed below:

Night 1 Show (Oct. 9) on sale Tuesday, August 15th, 10AM PT

Night 2 Show (Oct. 11) on sale Wednesday, August 16th, 10AM PT

Night 3 Show (Oct. 13) on sale Thursday, August 17th, 10AM PT

Night 4 Show (Oct. 14) on sale Friday, August 18th, 10AM PT

Remember, there are only a very limited number of tickets available. Ticket links for each night will be posted on Sammy's Facebook Page the day before each onsale at 5pm PT. (For Example, the ticket link for Night One will be posted on Monday, August 14th at 5pm PT, etc).

All sales are final. No returns or ticket transfers are allowed. All purchases will be verified. Valid photo ID of the purchaser will be required to be shown at the venue. The only other tickets will those available as Dinner Tickets at Cabo Wabo Cantina (see:


 24 Redhead Comments

tikitodd's picture

Swap guest tickets, night 2 and 3?

I use your guest ticket for night 2, Oct 11th.

I'll take you as my guest on night 3, October 13th, Sammy should be fired up on his birthday!

Let's both see Sammy on two nights.

Michael Cook's picture

Maybe if we ask nicely, Sammy and the crew might do another concert on the Saturday night - I'd be happy just to see Sammy and an acoustic guitar!

redrocker327's picture

Ok fellow RwdHeads going to change up my offer. Anyone who has an eztra for the first three shows the offer is now $200 in straight up CASH.

Corni7's picture

Looking for one ticket for the October 9th show. I'll pay extra...

redrocker327's picture

Ok fellow RedHeads those who have scored tix for the first three shows if you have an extra I have an AUTOGRAPHED Sammy bobblehead to trade. There are roughly 100 of these out there. One recently sold for $205.

Bruno C Bini's picture

Hey fellow RED's my girl and I are looking for two tickets for the Oct. 13th night, although we will be there for all the dates so we aren't picky. Tried ever way to no avail we plan on getting married that day. Flight booked, hotel booked, buy no B. B. tickets. Please help !
Will pay for, of course.
Cocoa Beach FL.
Peace !

Whyte31's picture

Hey Fellow Redheads, looking for a single ticket for the Oct 11th show.

jwicherski's picture

About 10 maybe 11 years ago, I walked right in. It was the last night of the Bday bash that year, I don't even think there was a cover charge. I'm guess this has become a much larger deal since than? What are the chances that could happen again?

Redd Rocker's picture

Looking for tickets for the 10-11 show also. If anyone has an extra, please let me know. I will be there 10-7 thru 10-17. May need tickets for 10/13 and 10/14 also. Depends on how this second chance thing works out. Did not get a single ticket from the lottery, AGAIN. Been shut out every year since they started it, except for one single show, a few years back.
Thanks RedHeads.

Whyte31's picture

Hey Fellow Redheads, looking for a single ticket for the Oct 11th show.

skmarshall's picture

I tried 2 mornings for a half an hour to get tickets and came up empty handed. What's the secret??

michaelt62's picture

I got lucky and snagged two for the second night ! See you in Cabo !

rockingbiker's picture

Ten 13 Birthday, too. After many years of coming up empty, I scored 3 years in a row: 2014, 2015 and 2016. Was very disappointed when it didn't happen this year. Sammy and me have birthdays on Friday the 13th this year and today my luck came through. 2 tickets confirmed. Woohoo!!

bddavenport123's picture

Wow I was able to snag two in the first few seconds...almost flipped out trying to type my name whew! Still can't believe it!

Wendib22's picture

For someone who wants 2 appear so laid back an stress free as Sammy does..this ticket crap is super stressful an horrible all around..we will b in Cabo for all dates but no tickets ..either way, we will have a great vacation in paradise with or without Sammy! Thanks again for the added stress!

dillon93907's picture

Did anyone score tickets??

Whyte31's picture

Gotcha, thx!

redrocker327's picture


If you score dinner tickets it allows you to see the show.

Whyte31's picture

Sooooo, does a dinner ticket get you access to the show as well, or do they boot you out before the show begins?

redrocker327's picture

They stopped the getting in birthday thing years ago. It was from how I know only on the 10-13 show. The Bash reached a level it could not be done any longer. This is the same for how it used to be free to get in.

monicacrimi's picture

In years past, if it was your actual birthday on the same night as the show you and a guest would be let in. Is that the case this year as well? Thanks:)

sitka islander's picture

Thanks for the update. I'll take two pairs, not picky on the nights. We sure missed attending the May Tahoe shows this year! We're hoping to attend first Bday Bash!

admin's picture

Hi - you will be able to purchase 2 tickets (per night), should you get them before they sell out. With so few available, they will be sure to go immediately!

sitka islander's picture

How many tickets can a person purchase on the internet sale should they get the opportunity?