Fans in Cabo get BIG SURPRISE!!

January 29, 2008

Fans Vacationing in Cabo Get The Surprise of Their Life!


It was AWESOME and couldn't have been a better surprise!

We were hanging out at the Cantina Sunday night listening to the house band, CABO when guess who jumps up on stage! YEAH BABY, Sammy!!!! The crowd went Crazy!

He ripped out 4 songs,  Mas Tequila, Why Can 't This Be Love, I Love This Bar, and Going Down. 

Everyone was so SURPRISED to see our man come out on stage and JAM !! It was so freaking AWESOME! (I'm still pumped)!!!

It was awesome!  Sammy's voice never sounded better! 

We saw him later, upstairs in the restaurant partying pretty good with about 25 people. He knows how to have fun and made us feel like we were VIP!

I totally can't believe I was in Cabo for this, talking about making our trip complete!


Tristian G. from Maine