Book Signing Expectations

March 17, 2011
Book Signing Expectations
Sammy Signing Books on RED Promotional Tour

Hey Redheads, we've been hearing that some of you have ended up a little disappointed after the book signing events. You know that Sammy loves you all and is very upset to hear this. Unfortunately, we can't control the book signing events like our usual Meet & Greets so all he has time to do is say "hi" and sign your book. As much as Sammy would love to have a personal moment with each and everyone of you the line has to move as quickly as possible to be fair to all of the Redheads who show up.

To help make the most of the next few book signings, please keep the following in mind:

  • - Please go to the events page on for the book signing event that you plan to attend and read the FAQ's.
  • - To ensure that we get through everyone only BOOKS will be signed.
  • - If you have something that you want to give to Sammy you can leave it for him at a collection area we have after you get your book signed.
  • - If you want a picture taken, have your camera on, tested (check flash!) and ready along with a camera man - we can't hold up the line for pictures.
  • - Most of the book signing events last 2 hours. But, if we move through the line we might leave earlier. So please show up as early as possible to make sure that we see you.
  • As you can imagine Sammy has had a crazy whirlwind of a few days - he has signed thousands of books in addition to interviews, TV and Radio appearances. We hate to hear that anyone leaves disappointed, so let's all do the most with the time given - following the steps above will help us make things run smooth!
  • Thanks!
  • Redrocker Team

 59 Redhead Comments

jimbo4345's picture

Seriously people...

I jumped on a train from DC and attended the New York event with Neil Strauss at Borders, and it was awesome. It wasn't all about getting an autograph and shaking Sammy's hand, it was another chance to see Sammy perform, in a way that we don't always get to see. He, Bling, and the rest of his crew (and Neil and the Borders crew) were awesome! Before Sammy even sat down, he pointed at me, and commented on how my 2009 B-day Bash shirt was "one kicks-ass shirt". Then to cap off my experience, I uploaded my awesome pictures and was named one of the lucky prize winners!

You could tell the man was a little tired--and understandably so. In the past 24 hours he had only spent an hour with Eddie Trunk Monday night, flew across the country, spent another with Howard Stern at 6 AM Tuesday Morning (wow what an interview!), appeared on Good Morning America, and attended an earlier book signing in New Jersey. Sammy is a 63 year legend, and his schedule over the next couple of weeks would knock guys half his age on their asses!

Sammy's appearance was as professional as ever, and as cheerful as ever. He signed for everybody, spent extra time with the kids that were there, and was friendly as could be in the process. There was an annoying dude in front of me with 5 books, asking for strange special requests with each book. It was very selfish, and I felt like it took away some of the spirit of the experience. Sammy kind of gave him a funny smile, but obliged. There is no way this guy and his 5 autographs could have enjoyed this moment half as much as I did. Probably the same dude trying to sell the book for $100 on ebay. That is some "Serious Ju-Ju"!

Seriously guys, have you seen Sammy's schedule? It is interview, after signing event, after interview, after signing event. Get up early, go to bed late. We are fortunate to get to experience these events. It isn't all about getting the autograph, its just about being there, experiencing the moment. Don't ruin your own experience by trying to take care of 5 of your friends. If they can't attend, then they can try for another event. If that doesn't work, then it is their choice to prioritize the other event over the signing. Go there, and enjoy it for yourself. Getting the autograph was cool, but that wasn't what it was all about. It was about being there, seeing Sammy personally narrate some of his story, and watching the man perform in a way that we aren't used to seeing. Very cool and unique stuff.

So wear your favorite T-Shirt, take your best picture, and just enjoy the moment. If you have 5 books you want signed, then either bring 4 friends, or go to 5 events. Otherwise you are just a pain in the ass to Sammy and the true Redheads that just want to be there for the experience. Oh yeah, another great part of the experience was just hanging with a bunch of the greatest fans in the world--Redheads! So enjoy guys, and don't let the few tools in the crowd ruin the show...


plchaos's picture

some people are missing the point. we are not being unreasonable or expecting the world from Sammy. he was slotted to be at Book Revue in Long Island from 7-9 pm. from what i heard, he was done signing before 8 pm. it was busy, but the line... was not THAT crazy compared to other signings i have been to. for God's sake, when i met President Jimmy Carter last year, the Secret Service didnt have as many restrictions !! i was trying to take a picture of my wife while she was at the table, and the staff made me so nervous and were pushing me along that i couldnt get the pic. all it would have taken was another 5-10 seconds. no one expected personal conversations. if he was committed to be there until 9pm, what the hell would have been the big deal? i think what him or his staff may forget, is that for most of us, those few seconds will be the only time we will ever have with him. and like it or not, alot of people were disappointed. this signing i thought was very unecessarily RUSHED. it is also clear that Sammy does not enjoy doing these, as he asked Howard Stern the other day for tips on how to get the line moving faster(or how to sign the books faster).like i said, i have met President Carter and Clinton, and was not as rushed. Sammy you could improve this a little.See More

Keith Jaros's picture

OK - I was at the St Louis signing tonight, and I have worked as security for Sammy, many times in the past, when he is in St Louis. He has always been a great guy, a great entertainer, and "appears" in love with his fans - especially in St. Louis! BUT!!! everyone wining has very GOOD reason to be wining. His staff was rude (the ones inside the room) and he was not very nice! I spoke to him personally, while being yelled at by his staff, and he heard me clearly, as I did him. He said he had hundreds of books to sign and could not sign my second book, "the history of Rock and Roll" for the beloved St Louis charity THE BACKSTOPPERS, whom provides funds for the families of Policemen and Firemen killed in the line of duty. I waited towards the end of the line - so I would not hold up the line, and asked everyone politely for the chance to ask him to sign the other book for charity, so there were no surprises. NO one else had anything extra to be signed - so this was not a problem that would occur over and over. The signing was advertised for 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and the line was ending at 6:59 pm, with the exception of a few strays - though not really, because they had an hour left. I was pushed out the door while trying to take a photo and decided to wait in the restaurant when the line evaporated pretty much at 7:01. There were 3 adults with line tickets and his book that were not allowed in because his people said he was leaving now. They locked the doors and the people who were selling his books at the gate were STUNNED!!!! SAMMY - this is bad press. I never expected it from you --- of all people. What little you had to say to me would have taken less time to sign the book for charity. You also could have posed for pictures with people - because the line was not long - and you had the time. From what I heard and witness, you obviously hate having to sign these books for these events. It's not enough money and you could be doing better things with your time. I GET IT. But your beloved fans don't, and this is going to hurt you. I hate to see it, because you really are a great guy. I am so sorry for writing this. So - for the future signings - write nice in the book - your book signings have been CRAP - an ugly S and H with a star shape at the end is horrible. This is you legacy, you nut!!!! Sign like crap at a concert or somewhere else. NOT AT A BOOK SIGNING. Take a few extra seconds with each fan to show you care - even if you don't. Especially at signings where there is lots of time left. (I am sure this does not happen that often, Sammy.) You agreed to a 2 hour limit - spend those 2 hours being a diplomat. You are being paid for such time, even if you feel it is next to nothing.

Those fans locked out are now your enemy - when they adored you moments earlier. That is a shame. And last but not least, I will no longer support your charity. Pay backs are bitch - and now my letter will influence others not to support your charity. I write the honest to God truth here... and everyone from 6:59pm to 7:10pm at Harrah's in St. Louis knows it. If anyone from Sammy's group wants to complain call me at 314-651-3930.

Let's all learn from this. And fans... when the lines are too long - give the artist a break. Forget pictures and long chats - that is just rude and selfish of you. Sammy - when lines are short - give the fans a break!!! They may never get to meet you again. Cheers all, Keith

Tina Mazzaratti's picture

No whining!! LOL!! Sammy You Rock! You are an example for all the rock stars to follow as you are sooo good to your fans! Book sigining's are just that and nothing more!! Sorry folks you will have to make his next show if you want more! Sammy you are Brilliant for writing this book! I can't wait to read it!!! Keep Rockin!!

KLRed's picture

Seriously? Why are you complaining? This is not what the majority of us think. Thursday's event in STL was awesome. We were at Sammy's Beach Bar & Grill starting at 7:30am. Staff was awesome, well organized and kept us informed. Sammy high fived each and everyone (was first 20 in line). He looked you in the eye, responded to whatever comment you made to him and acknowledged your presence. Thank you Sammy, you've made this Redhead Girl's dream come true!! Thank you for coming to STL!!

karenj31's picture

I thought it was awesome and am honored to have had the opportunity for Sammy to sign my book at Bookends in Ridgewood, NJ. He is the absolute best and I am so thrilled he came to New Jersey!!! Thanks Sammy!!!!!!!

Face Down In Cabo's picture

Why are people complaining? I felt privlidged to have a moment with the legend and will treasure my autographed copy. Dont understand some people, your getting a free autograph and thats still not enough? Keep it up Sammy, you rock. Cant wait for the new Chickenfoot!

axeshredder's picture

i was handed 2 flyers while on line in Huntington NY.
First one says "Have Camera Ready and able to hand to staff member" When i get to Sammy they grab my book, and i ask who do i give my camera to...they ignore me and say im holding up the line i speak to Sammy for 3 seconds and theyre pushing me away. I asked about the camera flyer and they said "subject to change w/o notice"...RUDE!!....hours drive and no pic.

To top it off flyer 2 says theres a contest to post the picture you take..hahaha...jokes on me aye? Sammy was nice but really you need to insist on telling the book stores to respect the patrons and not to treat them like prisoners. Ive met Joe Satriani a few times and he would never allow anything like that....he would put in extra time if needed...but it really wasnt THAT crowded. Ive gone to few off these signings and this is by far my worst ever experience...ill have to wait a week before even to start to read it.

damien's picture

I think Sammy is doing a great job with the book signing, the man has a packed schedule so I completely understand the reason for keeping the line moving.