Birthday Bash Tickets - First Come, First Serve Public On-Sale on July 13th!

June 29, 2022
Birthday Bash Tickets - First Come, First Serve Public On-Sale on July 13th!

It's your LAST CHANCE for tickets to this year's Birthday Bash!

Mark your calendars for July 13th @ 10 AM PT as the first come, first serve public onsale begins! This will sell the inventory of tickets not purchased in the random drawing, plus a small quantity set aside. There are several hundred available across the three shows, but they will sell immediately so set your alarm and don’t be late!

The ticket link will be available on the home page of in advance of the onsale. Don't miss out on the Cabo Wabo celebration for Sammy's big 75th


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Wrong dates on previous post. Flight changed from 10/12 to 10/13.

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Do we pick up arm bands day of show, and what time(s)? Just got notice my flight changed from 9/12 to 9/13.

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Omg, would be such a dream come true! He has been my one and only for over 40 years. So I give out a big Hell Yeah!! We love you, Sammy Hagar.
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Omg, would be such a dream come true! He has been my one and only for over 40 years. So I give out a big Hell Yeah!! We love you, Sammy Hagar.
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Omg, I would love to be there in Cabo with my all time favorite, Sammy!!!! Oh God, Yes, yes and a hell yes!

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OMG! I would love to be in Cabo with Sammy. This would be a life time dream for myself, my brother and my son. I THANK You so much!
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If for any reason someone cannot use their tickets for the Thurs, 10/13 show, I will be interested!!!

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Omg, yes I would love to be in Cabo with Sammy Hager
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@Julie Lynn - the only way to get tickets to the show now that the lottery and 2nd chance drawings are closed:

1. Find someone who has a plus 1 (extra armband) for sale and you must go with them to pick up the armband. The guys working on the armbands will put it on and you can't take it off. If they see that it's been tampered with they will cut it off and not allow you in

2. Wait (sometimes for days) for the dinner show tickets. These are quite expensive and can only be purchased when they start handing them out. Cash only - $150 each...ouch

If someone tries to sell you tickets...don't give them the money until you are both in line to get the armbands.

Most Redheads will only charge you face value but there are some peeps that will charge double or more....which I believe is wrong but it's up to the seller & buyer.

Good luck

CUN Cabo

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Does anyone know if masks will have to be worn at the shows?

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How are the VIP/Dinner tickets going to be sold this year? Per Sammy 100 VIP/Dinner tickets will be sold the day of the show?? In the past they were sold different dates?

Any information will be helpful. I see line time in my

TX - Redhead

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that is have to go to the Cantina with whomever you are buying the ticket from and have them get you the wristband

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They can’t be resold…need ID to match the tickets when you go…'s picture

I see all 3 shows for this year are sold out. Is there dinner tickets available?
This is very disappointing!

Please advise.


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I was unable to get my two tickets when I logged in exactly at 10 o’clock to the birthday bash. If anyone has tickets you’re willing to sell, please give me a shout. Thank you

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Yessss!! I scored tickets! Celebrating my 50 th birthday and Sammy’s 75th!! Can’t wait! First time I went to Cabo in 1995, I went to the cantina but he wasn’t there of course. This is going to epic!

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SOLD OUT in 2 mins... Scalpers ?? I'll be in Line for mine... hope they still have 1 or 2 left by then. Fingers Crossed...

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Same here. Sooooo Sad! Another year of having to wait for my ultimate bucket list event!

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WOW!!! Was on site .... clicked 2 tickets and was processing and then boom gone, absolutely brutal!! I was so pumped, now i'm crushed!!

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I am soooooo disappointed…was on the site right on time, it kept saying it was my turn and to buy my tickets right away, but then stated unavailable, over and over…eventually it gave me an option for 1 ticket ( I need 2) and then eventually it stated sold out…guess we will try getting in line for dinner tickets when we get there:(

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Why does the site show a promo code then?

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no password. just first come first serve

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will we need a password?

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Where is the link to get tickets at?

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Is there a promo code for today's sale?

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Thank you! Do you happen to know what the passcode will be for tomorrow's sale...any info would be helpfull.

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So does anyone know the passcode for tomorrow's sale?

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no - tickets are NOT transferable.

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hello - it means that the ticket link is available, but won't be active for folks to purchase tickets until the onsale tomorrow at 10 AM PT.

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yes - the onsale is available to the public!

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When will the RR password by announced

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When will the RR password by announced

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Would love to get to see Sammy in Cabo

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it's a public sale, so sure.

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If you didn’t try to get tickets for the drawing on June 3rd are you still eligible to try for tickets on July 13th?

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July 13th is on my calendar! Keeping fingers crossed. Just saw Sammy & the Wabos in Vegas and the Rocked it!! It was so good seeing Mona & Bro! Next stop Cabo....taking my fiancé, his 1st time there....but like the song....There's a sleepy town. South of the Border If you go there once, you'll be there twice.
I started my journey back in 2002 then again 2010 and every year after except 2014 & 2020

Good luck Redheads

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Are you able to sell tickets since it says not transferable?

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Got to Cabo yesterday on the day they announced the second chance at getting tickets. It's beautiful as always. Good luck to all of you who have already committed to airline tickets and accommodations. My husband and I look forward to meeting some die hard red rocker fans even if we are not fortunate enough to get tickets. See you in Cabo

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They post the link for the internet sale in advance so that way you don't have to go finding it come sale time. They did this prior internet sales for Birthday Bash.

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Please pick us for tickets! We have been trying for 10 years and it is my husbands 50th Birthday

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Hmmm...ticket link will be available on the home page IN ADVANCE of the onsale???? What does that mean???'s picture

Your birthday bash has been on my bucket list for so long . My fingers crossed I can score 2 tickets for my hubby and I.

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WooHoo. Another shot at tickets. Will be online and ready to purchase early!

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This will be our first time in Cabo and we are going just for this !!! I will be sad if i dont get to see Sammky at Cabo Wabo Cantina