October 01, 2012

A limited number of returned tickets will be available - we are sending emails tonight (Sunday Sep 30) with details to Redheads who did not get tickets in the first random drawing. If this is you, check your email Monday!

Update: Ticket codes are not to be traded or swapped. If you do, you are simply reducing your chances of getting tickets as there are very few released due to refunds and they will go in minutes already.

We want to make one thing clear: Ticket policy has always been that all sales are final. This "second chance" ticket concept is a special exception we are trying this year since we want all tickets to be in the hands of Redheads at the shows instead of sitting unclaimed from people who made their purchase before they knew they could attend. Those few Redheads who get a second chance ticket should consider themselves very lucky! There is no guarantee that we will allow for returns in the future.

Tickets remain non-transferrable and cannot be traded - you will need to show valid ID to pick up your wrist bands to gain entry to each show and can not transfer them to someone else.