Birthday Bash Ticket Registration/Drawing Complete

August 02, 2012

The registration for Birthday Bash tickets was fast and furious (and happily free of any technical issues) and the random drawing has now completed!

If you were selected, you will have received an email confirmation. You may also check the status of your registration by visiting: Remember that you pick up your tickets at the club starting at 2pm the day of your show. Come early in the day to avoid long lines!

Thanks to all Redheads for your support and please stay in touch at for news and reports from the Bash. We wish we could fit everyone in the club, but there just isn't room!

Note: If you are planning on being in Cabo during the shows anyways, the only other tickets that will be available are extremely limited dinner ticket packages that will be sold first come, first served only from the venue on the following dates:
Noon on October 6th for the Shows on the 7th and 9th
Noon on October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th


 74 Redhead Comments

ARamosTX's picture

I will not be attending the Birthday bash, I own a timeshare at Casa Dorado (aka Hilton), this is a 5 star facility. It has a private beach you can actually swim in. My place has a kitchen area for cooking, fridge, microwave. You will have an ocean view and because I am an owner you get 20% off food and beverages. Book this room thru the Hilton you will pay around $225.00 per night. My reservations are from 10/6/2012 thru 10/13/2012. I am selling this reservation of Seven nights for $700.00, I can give references from other redheads that have rented in the past. I can also forward pics of the property if you send me an email address. Hope you got tickets and have fun..


dmerrell2000's picture

I don't think this was very random when people are talking that they got tickets for 2-3 shows and i signed up for 3 shows and got nothing. My whole trip and reservations are wasted.. There should be a system that let's everyone get tickets to at least one show before they start awarding people tickets to 2 or more shows. They could do that, by not letting the same email registered get more than one show, before the other emails registered get a show. Also, when people can't make it down there, like me last year(1 day late). They should be able to resale those tickets to someone that didn't get them... Instead of just losing your money and letting the tickets go to waste....If anyone has extra tickets i can buy, i will meet you out front the day of the show. Just send me an email at
Redhead D

k17267's picture

NO WORRIES REDHEADS !! I went to two shows last year and didn't have tickets until I went to Cabo. You can go to Cabo Wabo and listen outside. That place is rockin !! Happy with the lotto system. I got one pair of tickets and am soooooooooo excited to
see the b-day boy !! LOVE SAMMY !!

rocknrollbb's picture

Sammy\Redrocker staff thanks so much for changing the sleep on the sidewalk ticket process. Last time I waited in line over night there were many locals in line, and they were selling the free wrist bands. I had one nice local offer his jacket for a pillow and another not so nice local steal my purse. This process simply had to change. In all my years of waiting in line, I never ended up with 10/13 tickets. Guess what?... Got em this year. I know many are unhappy, but I was happy with the change before knowing whether or not I got tickets. Thanks for all the past free shows and years of good rock n roll. Happy 65th!

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"Ola" Red Rocker fans, I am in desperate need of 2 tickets for ANY show. If you have any extras, please contact me at this email address.

CowboWabo's picture

Hey fellow Red Heads! Didn't get any tickets, but heading to Cabo anyway. Jumped the gun, booked the flights and hotel before the lotto. I have a few questions that hopefully someone reading could answer. Anyone know if there is realistically any chance of getting dinner tickets? How early do lines form to get dinner show tickets? Any word on how no-show tickets will be handled? I'd be happy to pay a premium for tickets if anyone has 2 they can't use.

dmumpower's picture

What do they do about the lines that form after the initial line?

nancyg068's picture

For those of you who got tickets, Congratulations! I registered for all four shows and did NOT receive O N E ticket. I had already planned my trip months ago (and believe me Cabo is not cheap!) I was taking someone who never got to go to experience the Birthday Bash, how ma I going to explain this one? How can this be fair? If everyone who was going to Cabo got to get into one show, I think everyone would be a lot happier..... I am so very sad and disappointed.'s picture


vanas021's picture

Has anyone been able to confirm a yes or no on the ticketing site? I tried to put my email in, and it did not recognize the address...thanks!

RedSwans's picture

Sammy, I know you are catching Hell from some on this system...but prior to this year I never had the resources to come down to Cabo...Life has been good to me lately and now I do...You have been a part of my life since the early 80's, and I am totally pumped and humbled that I won tickets for your birthday show on 10/13...Rock on!

toddg056's picture

In past years each person was allowed to purchase 2 dinner tickets each to every show.

The line will start approx. 48 hours prior to the start of each sale and usually once they see the line getting near the first corner the cantina will come out and hand out tickets for everyone to reform the line the morning of the sale so you are not stuckk on the sidewalk for 48 hours straight.

Just know that if you get in the line and you are past the first corner of the line you will more than likely not get tickets. We were in line before the corner 2 years ago and they sold out while we were 2nd in line for the next purchase.

Good Luck.

everson13's picture

seems rigged to me, shut out for tix on all shows. flight & hotel were already booked. might have to cancel & go on a later date. have fun everyone

rshofner71's picture

Well at least Im not alone...paid for airline tix and timeshare back in February and now I have NO tickets to any show. What really bothers me is some people have tickets to multiple shows. This was supposed to make it more fair...didnt happen

davocabo's picture

Epic Fail

No other way to describe it!

If for some reason you decided to use this "system" again next year, Please hold the drawing in May! This will give those of us who plan ahead the option to see if we will have tickets before spending money on our vacations to see Sammy in Cabo. I for one will not being going next year if this system remains. I think a trip to the islands is in my future.

Shane's picture

Anyone who will be trying to buy dinner tickets should know that last year they were long gone before the time they were going on sale!! People @ the cantina could not give us a reason why there were no tickets, even when they weren't supposed to go on sale for another 1 1/2hrs ??? Hopefully I will have some luck next year. Sorry for those who didn't get a ticket, and to thse who did, I will be waiting for your videos from the show. See you Redheads next year.

wantto's picture

Still trying to figure out how some got all shows, by our calculations the odds of that happening, if 5000 people registered, is 1 in 625000000000000. Of course getting more than 1 the odds are not as great but believe the lottery is a better bet. Hmmmm.

917cabo's picture

We are so disappointed. This is a sad time. We bought not only one, but 2 time shares because we plan our yearly honeymoon around Sammy's birthday in Cabo. We have always gotten into at least one show. Last year we thought they had the system down to an art form even after the glitch. So we are among the people who have already committed to Cabo and Sammy and spent the money to attend, and of course didn't get a single ticket, while others got a handful of tickets. I hear them talking about how now they can make their arrangements to go to Cabo. We have put in our dues through the years standing in line all night and then last year taking a day off of work to get on line, not once but twice. It may seem random, and just bad luck, but it's more than that when you already pay for your trip and plan a honeymoon. I hope that the people who have tickets can't get dinner show tickets until some of us ticketless people try. Please reconsider the system for next year. First come first served on line works fine, especially for those who pay for their trip a year in advance.

JOANNEB075's picture

Bob and I were not lucky enough to get even 1 tickets, congrats to all that did, you will have a blast! I have to admit I miss the old days, if you did the time and the line you got the prize, Met some of my best friends in line. Have fun everyone and post pictures ..
JoAnne & Bob

917cabo's picture

Please find a way to have more tickets for the dinner show or control who gets them.

tonya005's picture

Wow only took a week to respond!Technical issues?? How can there be issues, when you picked the people yourselves?? You still have not answered any of our questions, and by that statement I know you never will.

ktanton's picture

My happy ass will be camping out..with a big bottle of Beach Bar Rum and some OJ baby.....Look for me I will be the drunk crazy blonde from Texas partying like a rock star on the streets in Cabo...YOoHoO...cant wait...

Keep in touch Norma as Oct approaches!!! Texans in Cabo baby!!!
See you in Cabo if not before lady...thinkin about Vegas....not committed as yet but still on the radar just for grins...why NOT...


Harleymomma08's picture

How many dinner tickets are being sold? If I get lucky and get an early spot in line can I purchase 2 tickets for both shows and does my friend have to be with me to claim the 2nd ticket?


Cabo Eric's picture

I will be camping out! Can't wait!