Birthday Bash Ticket Question Answers

September 11, 2012

Hi Redheads -- we've received a number of questions and want to do a quick answer to a few of them.

1) Yes, it is true that, like previous years, tickets are NON-TRANSFERABLE and you must show ID to receive your wristbands when you check in the day of the show you have tickets for.

2) We are going to make a one-time offer for people who have purchased tickets but have discovered they CAN NOT GO to be able to get a refund. After we have received those tickets back we will do another drawing to randomly select new winners for those tickets. This will avoid tickets going unused and put them back into the hands of Redheads in need! More details on this will be coming very soon and we will email ticket holders with details.

3) For a number of logistical reasons, there will not be any free tickets given for people who have their birthday on show dates this year.

4) Like last year, we are working to put together a webcast of one (or more) nights so Redheads far and wide can still be part of the party! Keep your eyes on Sammy's Facebook/Twitter/G+ pages as it may happen last minute based on how the Internet connection down in Cabo cooperates!


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I want another chance...gonna be and my wife's nineteenth anniversary...!!!!!!! What a great way to celebrate.

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I am so excited for another chance to get Sammy tickets. 2 weeks in Cabo without Sammy shows would be painful. I don't know if this sounds really mean, but it sure would be nice to have the next random drawing limited to people who are actually going to Cabo and didn't get drawn for any shows during the first drawing. Spread the love.

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Excited to get another chance at tickets. Booked our trip in February and did not get tickets. Sooooo hoping to get tickets!!!

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Dilema here! My friend won the 2 tickets in the lottery for Oct 11th birthday bash, I booked the room for us and my flight, she is now saying she cant afford to go so how can I pick up the tickets without her being there? Can she add my name somehow?

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pleeeeeeeease do another drawing,am going to cabo all wife is deathly afraid of airplanes and is going to tough it out because its my dream.need tickets at any price.will pay 500 per ticket.HELP SAMMY,UR THE GREATEST.

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Can't wait for Cabo and a chance at tickets...

Mas Tequila!

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Can't wait till we're in Cabo again! Got tickets for Tuesday night, ready to party with all the Redheads down there who were lucky enough to also get a ticket!

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I am not registered, how do we do so, all looks closed now. Help!

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Rock on!

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Ditto Norma!!!

See ya soon in Cabo lovely lady!!!

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I have one ticket for Tuesday's show and my husband has a ticket for Thursday's show. Would like to exchange one so we go to the show on the same night! Help!!

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Fingers crossed that we get selected on the second go around. We book way back in Feb or March and was totally bummed that we didnt get tickets to any of the shows. Have seen Sammy in Chicago every time he was here!!

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Hoping that all of the people who won tickets on the 1st lottery and found out they can't go give back all of the tickets and give all of us who did not get a ticket to a show another shot of going!! I will be putting my name in all 4 shows and hope I get picked for 1 show! Good luck everyone!

Patiencely waiting for the info email on our next step is for the 2nd chance drawing!

TX - Harleymomma

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22 MORE SLEEPS !!!!!

Please Redrocker Central, the suspense is killing us.
Help us loyal fans get our Sammy fix.

Like i said before, move the 13th show to the "Sammy Hagar International Airport and let "ALL" us Redheads that are coming from all over this beautiful plantet to share in his Bday celebrations to be able to do so. This is a big one!


see you all in Cabo....face down baby!


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We soo need tickets! How do we get the tickets after they are turned back in? Our travel agent dropped off our travel information on Sunday and it was bitter sweet. Trip was booked and paid for in April before the dates where even announced. We talked about this trip for 15 years to go to the Birthday Bash. This trip is for our 10 year wedding anniversary. The whole point of the trip was to go to the Birthday Bash that we talked about going to for 15 years. So disappointed we did not get any tickets. I need 2 for any show. or (215) 820-2209 - cell

Birthday Bash Virgins
Randall & Michele White

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Looking forward to the new ready for a drink in our hands and our toes in the sand. See you FDIC very soon.

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Hell Yeah!! There is still a chance to Rock & Roll in Cabo with Sammy! Add my name to the list

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OMG!!!! This is GREAT!!!! Put me in the Drawing I need Tickets

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I was not lucky enough to get any tickets to any show and we will be there for all the dates, Please put my name in for tickets. Even if it is just one ticket I wll be happy, my wife really wants to go to at least 1 show, we go every year and will miss it very much if we can't see a show. Please keep us informed on how to enter, we are paying so much this year just to get there, give a guy a break and let me make my wife happy!
Bob Bierzynski

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Please Redheads if you already have at least 1 ticket please be greatful and stay out of the next drawing!!! I know you need another one for your wife, GF,mother, BF....Some of us only want 1 to any show...I 'm just asking....

24 days and counting...YooHoo

Katherine in Austin- going to Cabo baby!!!

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please put my name in the new drawing mix to be announced thanks! = debra carlin erickson

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yes,thats correct one on you and the other on your guest.

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Can you put my name back in the hat??? It's kelliw017 in case you need it lol! We need 2 for the 11th or 13th. We can't do the other days :(

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Great decision....please let us re-enter the drawing - just the people going will get another shot..everyone going to Cabo knows they are going now....and we all would be soooo greatful to have another shot at tickets....

24 days and counting and so happy to get another chance at scoringsome tickets!! YooHoo


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Do we have to put our names in again or will you use what you already have?

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This is the best news I've heard all day!! Thanks for allowing a second chance! :) Either way Cabo bound in 26 days!

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Anybody who has already won tickets, should NOT be allowed to enter again!!!!!

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I'm booked but need tickets 3-5

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no, you will not be able to resell your tix to anybody. that is the reason they are doing the lottery to keep people from buying more tix than they need and reselling tix. i for one am all for going back to the camping in thestreets. you meet so many great people, and the True Sammy Fans get the tix

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On item 2) Does that mean a new set of entries for a random drawing will occur? So your prior entry for tickets will not apply? That's what it sounds like from the description.

HELP: There was mention earlier of a "day of event" ticket sale for "dinner tickets." Any idea how that might work? I have a number of people flying to Cabo in my group who did not get tickets. They'd be willing to wait in line that day for these "dinner tickets" if anyone knows more about that?

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good call ..... I honestly believe that quite a few people frivolously submitted for tickets .... I would suggest asking fr proof of being in cabo would help that issue i.e. flight or hotel reservations on a pdf in the future ...

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I guess this is good news..... Just in case, I will be in front of the Cantina with the "Need 1 for 60th Sammy Show" shirt on!

Either way I am going to Face down in 27 DAYS!

C U N Cabo!

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Halleluiah Redheads….Sounds like we actually might get a shot at tickets after all.

Please keep us informed.

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Definitely sign The Doane's up! WOOHOO!!! This is really exciting news.

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He will only be able to sell you 1 and the other will go on his wrist.

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Yes we would line to re register also, neither me nor Bob got not even 1 ticket, we really want to go!'s picture

So does the non transferable mean if a person has tickets for 3 shows & wants to sell you tickets to 1 of those shows he won't be able to show up at the cantina with his ID & the 2 people he wants to sell his 2 tickets to & have them banded?

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Do we need to register again? Or do you still have the original emails we sent to you. Since I was not picked on the first round - I would like to put my name & email in the drawing for a 2nd chance for any show!


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I'll be looking for the web cast and happy for all my redhead family that will be there