Birthday Bash Ticket Question Answers

September 11, 2012

Hi Redheads -- we've received a number of questions and want to do a quick answer to a few of them.

1) Yes, it is true that, like previous years, tickets are NON-TRANSFERABLE and you must show ID to receive your wristbands when you check in the day of the show you have tickets for.

2) We are going to make a one-time offer for people who have purchased tickets but have discovered they CAN NOT GO to be able to get a refund. After we have received those tickets back we will do another drawing to randomly select new winners for those tickets. This will avoid tickets going unused and put them back into the hands of Redheads in need! More details on this will be coming very soon and we will email ticket holders with details.

3) For a number of logistical reasons, there will not be any free tickets given for people who have their birthday on show dates this year.

4) Like last year, we are working to put together a webcast of one (or more) nights so Redheads far and wide can still be part of the party! Keep your eyes on Sammy's Facebook/Twitter/G+ pages as it may happen last minute based on how the Internet connection down in Cabo cooperates!


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CaboNFall's picture

pjk I would report him to Redrocker. that is ridiculous and he should have ALL of his tickets revoked.

csimms's picture

So excited for a second chance. We booked our trip months ago and didn't get tickets. Have tried numerous times to post a comment and it never shows up. Does this mean my registration for tickets was not received either? Crossing my fingers, toes and everything else for tickets.

pjk's picture

Had a guy e-mail me to sell me his (extra)set of tixs for 400 apiece.Wondering how somebody could get multiple nights when there are so many of us fans doing without.Just aint right.Seems like after someone was drawn thier name would be taken out so other red rockers could have a chance.This is my life long dream to see sammy on b-day in cabo,waiting for second chance e-mail,doesnt seem right though.

racerx's picture

t -9 days... c'mon its killing me!!

lecroy's picture

Please, send two tickets my way on the second-chance drawing! I don't want to be known as that redhead loser to all my friends who randomly won 'em tickets.

caribbeanqueen's picture

OH REDROCKER REDROCKER SEND THOSE TICKETS RIGHT OVER :) The suspense is making me crazy :):):)

crhelm's picture

Been booked for months, would love to get tix. Come on Sammy, show WA State some love!!!

csimms's picture

So excited for a second chance. We booked our trip months ago and did not get any tickets. Crossing my fingers, toes and everything else. C u in Cabo!!

redrocker327's picture

The email should come by end of week.

redrocker327's picture

The email should come by end of week.

redrocker327's picture

The email should come by end of week.

blondiepa's picture

Guessing no one got an email yet? I just checked mine and nothing. 10 days and they can't come fast enough.

hagarrockscabo's picture

looking forward to a chance to get tickets to a show, we are leaving for Cabo on the 6th and won't make it to Cabo in time for the dinner ticket line, we would love to go to at least 1 show!!!

JOANNEB075's picture

Please let us know something today, we would love at least one show, so far not even 1 ticket for me or my husband :(
Thanks for giving us a 2nd chance!!

toddg056's picture

Looking forward to the new instructions for a 2nd chance at tix.

Will those of us who did not get drawn be required to re-apply and if so how long will the application process be ?

We only have 8 more days until we fly out for Cabo.

csimms's picture

So excited at a second chance. We booked our trip months ago and did not get any tickets. Crossing my fingers, toes and everything else. C u in Cabo!!

Tina Rhea's picture

We have our travel arranged and can't wait to see if we will get tickets for any of the shows. Our friends were able to get tix for two shows and we didn't get picked on either drawing, so hoping and praying some great news comes in soon and we can join in on the birthday bash! Been planning for almost a year for this trip and the icing on the cake will be if we get tix to a show.... Waiting for the news on how to get in the drawing again... Hope to meet a lot of red rockers in Cabo starting the end of next week!!!!!

kiki's picture

Crossing my fingers for 9th, 11th or 13th.

Harleymomma08's picture

I hope so...waiting & wishing for good news the 2nd time around

pjk's picture

Holding our breath waiting for the treasured e-mail,9th,11th,or 13th,hook it up sammy.

rjzuelzke's picture

Didn't get the chance to register first time. Not eligible for second drawing? If so, that's disappointing. We love Sammy!!!

bfrank's picture

Yes- please sign me up for the 9th!!! Going with some friends that got tickets and 2 of us will be stuck outside.

Redd Rocker's picture

So are you saying, based on info you have, that only those who did not originally get picked will have a shot at the tickets?

redrocker327's picture

Those of us who originally did not get picked should receive an E-mail by end of week.

lecroy's picture

I'm gonna win tickets for Saturday! I'm gonna win tickets for Saturday! I'm gonna win tickets for Saturday! I'm gonna win tickets for Saturday! I'm gonna win tickets for Saturday!

crhelm's picture

Been booked for months and looking forward to Cabo! Getting another chance at tix is awesome. Was so bummed after missing out the first time.
Either way, gonna be a great time!

donblais's picture

10 days and counting, still no word on extra tix?
I hope we find out soon! C U in Cabo!

Redd Rocker's picture

Yes please put me in for the 9th, 11th, 13th. Especially the 13th. I want to maximize the face down time

SeattleRedRocker's picture

Great news, looking forward to a chance at tickets! Thanks fellow Redheads.

Please sign me up on the second round list for any dates.

Mas Tequila!

jackanielsen's picture

I hope it is a new sign up and drawing, I'm sure that some of the people on the first sign up can not make it know and only people that already have their booked their travel and hotel will sign up for the new drawing.

caribbeanqueen's picture

A BIG ! Thank You to Redrocker for letting us have another chance at getting tickets :) It must be a huge undertaking to accomplish this ! We are forever grateful :)

Blaze's picture

hoping for two for the 7th 9th or the 11th. Come on RR let's get this next drawing going and let us know what we need to do...FDIC

cabowabodunc's picture

come on redheads... 10 days till we set off from the uk..
someone hit me with tickets for the 13th....

redrocker327's picture

The e-mail I saw posted by those who did get tickets said instructions for those who did not get picked would be e-mailed out after deadline to get refund.

rshofner71's picture

Round 2 coming up...hope I have better luck this time

fordmanpa's picture

We agree a new drawing would be the smart idea. Now let’s hope that the Red Rocker Team agrees with us.

We will take tickets for any date as we will be there for all 4 shows but have no tickets. Trip talked about for 15 years. This trip is for our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary.

Rburla's picture

I like your thinking.

Sign me up for the 9th, 11th and 13th Please.

blondiepa's picture

Will there be a new sign up drawing? I think it makes sense as a lot of people who may have signed up originally may not be able to attend now due to the short notice and it would give us who are going a better change of actually getting tickets vs. someone getting them who again can't use the tickets. Please advice. 12 more days!!

Better yet give all of us on this thread who do not have any tickets the tickets, since we have been watching and waiting. We are all diehard Redheads. ;-)

Cabo/Birthday Bash Virgins

Randy & Michele White

rcpoole57's picture

Wow! Thanks to for taking down the posting of someone trying to sell/scalp their extra tix this AM. That was swift action on your part. Thanks again!

rcpoole57's picture

Actually you are scalping the tix. Why no do the right thing and turn in the extra pair for refund.

ace281's picture

Cabo count down!!!!!

Redd Rocker's picture

Thanks for the info. Really starting to wonder with less then two weeks to go

jackanielsen's picture

That Sucks that there will not be another drawing, I missed the first entry. I was looking forward to it for the last seven month when I made my hotel reservation.

csimms's picture

Thanks so much for the info. We booked our trip months ago and did not receive tickets. Excited at a second chance. Crossing my toes, fingers and everything else. C u in Cabo!

blondiepa's picture

Yeah...I really hope we get tickets this time. :-)

redrocker327's picture

Yes thanks for posting this update. We know now when to look for the 2nd chance.

redrocker327's picture

Yes thanks for posting this update. We know now when to look for the 2nd chance.

cabobrian's picture

Great, thanks for the info.

ktanton's picture

Great news thanks for keeping us informed...

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Hello Redheads!

You are receiving this email because you have confirmed tickets that you have purchased for one (or more) of the Birthday Bash shows this year in Cabo.

We know sometimes people's schedules change last minute and we want to make sure that any tickets that might otherwise go unused can instead go into the hands of another Redhead. So, we are offering a special ONE-TIME OFFER for a return and refund for any 2012 Birthday Bash tickets you have purchased but are unable to use.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a $5/ticket fee to cover additional credit card processing & fees so you will receive a credit of $50 per returned ticket.

If you would like to request a refund for any of your tickets, please follow these steps EXACTLY:




If you do not follow these instructions exactly, we will not be able to process your refund request.

Once we have processed all returns we will email fans who were not chosen in the random selection process and let them know what the process will be for selling these tickets.

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