Birthday Bash Ticket Question Answers

September 11, 2012

Hi Redheads -- we've received a number of questions and want to do a quick answer to a few of them.

1) Yes, it is true that, like previous years, tickets are NON-TRANSFERABLE and you must show ID to receive your wristbands when you check in the day of the show you have tickets for.

2) We are going to make a one-time offer for people who have purchased tickets but have discovered they CAN NOT GO to be able to get a refund. After we have received those tickets back we will do another drawing to randomly select new winners for those tickets. This will avoid tickets going unused and put them back into the hands of Redheads in need! More details on this will be coming very soon and we will email ticket holders with details.

3) For a number of logistical reasons, there will not be any free tickets given for people who have their birthday on show dates this year.

4) Like last year, we are working to put together a webcast of one (or more) nights so Redheads far and wide can still be part of the party! Keep your eyes on Sammy's Facebook/Twitter/G+ pages as it may happen last minute based on how the Internet connection down in Cabo cooperates!


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Looks like I will have a spare ticket for the 9th show(friend couldnt make the trip) looking to trade it for 11th or 13th show if anyone has an extra one as well. Hit me up if interested!

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I got 2 tickets for the 10/13 show! I was afraid to make airline/hotel res in the very beginning because we were going just for the show so I did all that today. Whew! Airline tickets at the last minute is very stressful...not to mention tickets to the show. Thank you for the 2nd chance!!

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I need 1 ticket - help!!!

10-9 show

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I'M SOOOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW...I got 2 tix to the October 7th Show with the Second Chance Drawing.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Is there a link or more infor about the Booz Cruise?

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Okay Redheads, Would you Click the link that was given in the email for the second chance drawing and then login with your password and just keep refreshing to buy tickets on the site At 9 AM or would you wait to click the link and enter your password at 9 AM. Does anyone know?

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*part 2 of 2. :) we're finding out that
1)people with tickets got that new email and THEN got a 'disregard' disclaimer since it was discovered they had tickets....hey, shouldn't that have been the way it was done originally? In the 'interest of fairness'? So, it was 'fair' to redraw the same people for shows the first time, but not now? Yep...totally fair(sarcasm)

2) people are getting chances at shows they didn't sign up for(because they followed YOUR directive and only signed up for shows they could attend)...and still can't use that chance BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT BE THERE.

3)some of us (me and more than a few others) are still out tickets the first time, no chance at the second time and wondering why we didn't at the very least get a shot at the " limited first come first served" tomorrow? "In fairness"? Wow...I didn't think this could fail harder..but I'm pretty sure 'fail' now has this as a dead on illustration..unbelievable.

Thanks...I think...for the 2nd chance-much luck to the chosen ones :)

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Thanks Sammy and RedRocker! I'm just happy to have to opportunity to try to get tickets for one of this year's shows. Tomorrow morning I will be quick on the trigger!

Earlier there was a post about an ADLN raffle for show tickets on the 7th and 9th. When is the raffle and how do I get into the mix?

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System...FAIL! Many(including me) have been disappointed in years past by missing shows...but this year is an all out slap in the face.

You signed up for 10/9? Guess what....we'll give you a shot at 10/7, we don't care if you're not there yet. You signed up for all 4 and got nothing? Oh, and you'll be there for all 4-too bad, wear that fan club shirt you keep paying for and smile from the street...that's what good little redheads do.

I'm thrilled to be lucky enough to go to Cabo(bought and paid for in February), and I'll be on the street in my 'extra special' fan club shirt(all 1013, chickenfoot versions 1 & 2)...but I really hope this system goes down the drain.

Hey-when do we get to sign up and pay for the next, newer extra special fan club perks? :p

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Got my code for a chance on the 13th. Fingers crossed.

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Just got mine as well, for the 13th, the day we go home, oh well its all good, thanks RR Team for the second chance!
Face down in 7 days!

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Mas Tequila!

Received my e-mail for night three! Hopefully, I can get my hands on the limited tickets being sold for that night!!!

Thanks, Redteam for giving us that second chance!

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Just received my E-mail for the second chance :) Unfortunately the only show available is very limited first come first serve for the 7TH. The Redteam kept their word and came through to the best of their ability. Good luck to all that can get a ticket for the 7TH :) They will go on sale at 9 am on Tuesday the 2ND.

See you all Face Down :)............Mas Tequila

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I have to agree!!! Just makes sense to sell the returned tickets to the ones that will be down there! I myself don't want to miss out partying with Hagar and Co. while down in Cabo. Lotteries have never been good to me.

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still no word, I just don't understand??? Come on, give us a chance here..please.

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We purchased the Booze Cruise tickets for Oct. 10th through paypal; however, have nothing to prove we bought them. What now?

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This is a reply to hagarrockscabo. When are you leaving Cabo? There is another dinner ticket sale on the 10th for the last two shows. I myself am in a similiar situation arriving too late for that sale and just want one show.

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I have a thought on this second chance drawing as to how to conduct it. I think they should do it at the Cabo Wabo on the show days and you have to be present. This will keep from what originally happened from repeating itself, and put those tickets in the hands of us who really are there.

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Will the return tickets be a lottery or a first-come, first-serve for purchase @ Cabo Wabo on the show days? Ok, sorry I'm just thinking of what's my best chance getting tickets...I'll be down there the week of all shows. I've lost out on the shows when the went on sale, I'm just trying to better my chance of getting my hands on tickets...I never win when it cames to 'em lotteries.

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Lungs are filling with water Sammy.....Sammy?

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Let's Party! Hope all you Readheads are ready for the biggest baddest bday bash of the year!?

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The suspense is worse than the first drawing!! Does anyone know when the dinner show lines start - hours ahead, days?? Should I be in line now? :)

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Can't wait to hear about second chance. We booked trip months ago and did not receive tickets. Leaving in a little over a week. Crossing my fingers, toes and everything else. Seen Sammy in St. Louis and Detroit. First time in Cabo. Excited about making new Redhead friends.

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Good luck - I hope it has stopped raining

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Leaving tomorrow for Cabo and no tickets....having faith for the redraw or possibly dinner show.....C U in Cabo

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Re: ADLN the Redheads "Booze Cruise" Oct.10th; pre-sale tickets can be purchased via They are 40.00 each. You just select “send money” and send it to - Amigos de los Niños, translates to English as 'Friends of the Children,' and that is ... Amigos de los Niños provides quality health care in Los Cabos to children.

Oct 10th is Booze Cruise - You must be at the dock at 4pm. The boat is the "Cabo Mar" and the dock is on the South side of the Marina in front of Senor Frogs.

Oct. 12th is the Beach Party at "Tabasco’s on Medano Beach with silent auction. They have always had great SH memorbilia! Party time, good times..yea baby!

ADLN will also have a raffle for show tickets on the 7th and 9th at 3pm at Baja Peppers in the Mar De Cortez.

Feel free to spread the word about the events!

Email Carla for more details

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donblais - you will have to get a hold of Carla - she is in charge of the booze cruise. My husband flies in on the 10th so I will have to miss it but I hear its a lot of fun and all money/proceeds go to help the children. I will see if Carla & Chris can repost.

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FDIC....FACE DOWN ON A SATURDAY MORNING IN "CANADA" but it felt like CABO last night.




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Beuller......Bueller, Saturday am, 8 days to Cabo and still no stubs. Has anyone heard anything?
@ Harley Momma, how many spots are left on the 10th? Sounds like fun, can you give me the rundown on the cruze....thanks
Face down soon!

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Update on the ADLN/Redhead Booze Cruise:

We'll be cruising on the Cabo Mar on Oct. 10!!! Be at the dock 30 minutes early...board at 4:00, cruise at 4:30. The dock is located on the south side of the Marina near Señor Frogs. This is the same dock that we have boarded in years past.

Cost is $40.00 per person. Advance tickets can be purchased via Paypal to
Tickets can also be purchased in Cabo from Carla after Oct 6th or at the dock.

See you there!See More— with Carla Barnett Stead.

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Todd - there are two booze cruises and they are both legit. One on 10/8 and one on 10/ will have a great time on both boats!!

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2:30 PM AZ. time and still no ticket info. ?

It looks like the only Sammy party we may be attending this year is the Red Rocker Booze Cruise we bought tickets for ?

I hope those were legit ?

Anyone down in Cabo yet? How bad was the earthquake and Norman ?

See you all Face Down on the 6th !

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show these scalpers how it should be done between redrockers! and donate a guest spot to me at face value!
ha ha ha.. here's wishing! x You know what to do..
peace and tequila!!!!!
see ya in cabo

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Redheads don't do each other that way, Scalping should not be tolerated by us, even if it means missing every show I will not buy from a scalper....If I had any wristbands or an extra wristband I would not try to make a profit off my friends..very wrong whoever is doing this, our circle of friends is tight and we have each other's back please do the right thing and don't try to make a profit off of our loss...thanks!

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The scalpers that are turned in will have their tickets cancelled & hopefully put back into the pot for re-sale!!

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So excited for a second chance. Booked trip months ago and didn't get tickets. Crossing my fingers, toes and everything else. Can't wait to see Cabo!

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There seems to be a lot of people trying to scalp their extras for the Bday Bash. Please read Doug's (aka Cabowaboguy) post regarding how the wrist bands are distributed in Cabo. I also recommend that you report any attempts to scalp (selling for more than face value) to with your proof, such as an email with the price mentioned. Scalpers and the continued growth in popularity of the Bday Bash is why we are going through all of this now to get in.

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Thank you Doug...see you in CABO!!

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I blogged this info but was asked to post it here also!!

Hi all! I'm posting this info again because many people are asking for pairs of tickets, or are trying to sell or trade pairs of tickets! Alot of new people are here now & it seems alot of those people got tickets for the Bash shows & are headed down to Cabo for the first time! You really have no idea what to expect, so here is how it works!

On each day of a show from 2:00pm to 10:00pm there will be a table set up outside the gift shop at the Cantina to pick up your tickets! You will only be able to pick up that nights show! If you were lucky to get several shows, which alot of you were, you will pick up those tickets on the day of the show only also! There will be a line early on, but later in the afternoon you will be able to just walk up to get them! The people in line early will typically start the line to get into the show then! The doors for the show will open between 7:30pm to 7:50pm!

When picking up your tickets, the person who's name is on the credit card/confirmation has to show up with a picture ID & the person who will be his or her guest! You will NOT get a ticket! You will get wristbands! These wristbands will be placed on your wrist before you leave that table! You will not be able to leave the table with a wristband in your hand to put on someone later on!

You WILL NOT be able to have the ability to have both your wristbands put on different people! If you are the buyer, you will have to have a wristband on you! Remember the tickets are non-transferable! So there really isn't any trading of pairs of tickets! Pairs of tickets WILL NOT be available for transfer!!

Again people, please note that there will be no pairs of tickets from anyone due to the rules of non-transferability!! Many people are asking for pairs, they will not exist period!! You might get lucky to get one as a guest!

If you think that you will be able to pull the wristband off to put on someone else, I wouldn't do it! As you enter the door they will be looking closely at the wristbands! If it looks like it has been tampered with, you will not get in!

Do not try to sell your extra guest ticket for a profit! If you are caught, you will lose both your tickets! Scalping is not tolerated & you could be getting set up because they will be watching for it!

And lastly, remember you are in Mexico & a visitor! You might think something isn't fair or whatever! But don't pitch a fit or go crazy because you will be thrown out or worse, thrown in jail!

If anyone has questions please let me know & I would be happy to answer any & all questions to the best of my ability!

Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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What about the first come first serve dinner ticket process for those in town but not allowed to register for the second draw, what usually happens, how many tickets released etc. I'm going to be there, can we get info on how this process works. Rules? Etc?

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I've been checking e-mails every 1/2 hr, come on REDROCKER. We are ready to party.

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Please see Doug's comment under New is straight to the point!

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Getting close. need to be someone's guest on the 13th!..
please let me know if anyone has a spare!!!!

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I would report everyone who is trying to scalp extra tickets. Like everyone is saying...there are NO tickets...just armbands and you have to be present with the ticket winner to have them put it on your wrist. If you try to take it off and resell it - they will check and if it looks funny you will not get into the club...period!

Most people (Redheads) are fair and they only charge you $55 for any extra armbands...These idiots that are trying to make a buck should be reported and all of their tickets taken away.

TX- Harleymomma

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The only way they could sell you a pair is if both themselves and a person they are traveling with both got selected (wife or girlfriend or something). Then each of them would have one extra. DO NOT GIVE ANYBODY $ IN ADVANCE!. If you make a deal with someone, be sure to pay after your wristband is on your person. If they have scammed the system with multiple email, etc, they will get caught trying to pick up multiple wristbands and denied ANY wristbands at all. Good luck! and have a great time to all no matter what. Being there for this week is SOOOO much more than just the shows!

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Rcpoole is absolutely correct with what they posted. They have a list at the club and the actual card holder must be there. The list is verified by getting id. This offering tickets stuff i would not send money. The only option is to arrange to meet someone and be the guest or ask people who are in line.

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There are no tickets! All people have so far is an email confirming that a charge was made to their credit card. There will be wrist bands given out at the Cabo Wabo the day of each show to those whose credit cards were charged. Don't be lulled into "buying a ticket"!
If anyone does purchase an extra from someone, they will have to be present at the Cabo Wabo with the person they're buying it from when they receive their wrist bands.

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I have been checking my email every hour too, even 1 show would be appreciated, come on give us a break..please!

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Still no email :-( The suspence is killing us. My husband laughed at me when I checked my email every half hour last night....But I don't want to miss it.

I had a person email me also saying they had extra tickets and wanted $1,000. I told them there not a good fan. If it where me I would sell them for what I paid for them. I offered $100 each and got no reply. Figured I'll already be there and to us it would be worth the $100.00 each...but not $1,000.00. Also who's to say there not counterfeit tickets.

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sounds like the guy who posted here a few days ago. he was saying that he wanted to sell them and then donate the money. I say yea to his cabo trip fund...