Birthday Bash Second Chance Drawing

August 05, 2013

The Birthday Bash drawing has been completed and everyone who was selected has been sent an email. If you did not get an email confirming your order, you can also verify your order by entering the email address you used with your registration here:

We are also almost complete with our manual order verification process. Under the terms of registration, anyone who entered multiple times or received more than 2 tickets for a single show is subject to having their order cancelled and those tickets put into the pool for the second chance drawing.

If for any reason you are not able to attend the show you were picked for, we are offering an option for a one time refund up until August 15th. Please email your order number to with the subject line "BDAY BASH RETURN" to receive your refund. Tickets will go back into the pool for the second chance drawing.

Second chance drawing tickets will be randomly awarded to registrants who entered but were not selected for any of the four shows. If you've already received confirmation for any of the shows you will not be in the running for the second chance drawing. If you did not register at all, you will also not be eligible for the second chance drawing.


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You got that right bro, see ya in Cabo

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

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Will be in Cabo that week - any suggestions on obtaining tickets?

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Well it's nice to see ppl returning there tickets back in, if they had NO INTENTIONS on even making the trip down to Cabo. Hopefully a little luck comes our way.....'s picture

I got an email simply stating , " your confirmation for you order" , with an order # after it. I'm assuming this means I got tickets! I want to make sure but no where is there an email or contact to check-

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did anyone sign up for lotto for two tickets on the 7th and win but have an extra ticket. there are three of us and only won two tickets. if anyone has a ticket they do not need please contact me at

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I have resort accommodations at the casa dorado, 750.00 for seven nights, contact me if interested. Adrian 817-223-2923 Dates are Oct 5 thru Oct 12, book online and you will see that the cost for a week is close to 2500.00

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Well unfortunately I am having to give back my tickets that I did get the honest way. I was hoping to be able to go but realistically it would be irresponsible of me and Im fixing to go on vacation to the Bahamas. I hate it because my sister is going she has tix on the 7th and I actually one for the 9th and Sammy's Birthday the 13th. She and I were on stage with him a few years ago in Houston and it was a blast. I really wasn't thinking I would win but thought what the hell and of course that figures since my finances are what they are I won't be going this year. I hope all of you that didn't win get in on the 2nd drawing and have an awesome time!!! Honestly I am dragging my feet turning them in thinking I will figure out a way to go inexpensively. Lol

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Anyone else having trouble confirm their order thru the confirmation website?

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Casa Dorada Timeshare Available - Junior Suite Studio Condo - October 4-11. Sleeps 4. Best location on the beach. $1,300. Hotel rate is almost $300/night plus tax ($2,100++). My friend bailed because he didn't get tix.

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I hope that i registered correctly. I registered once for 2 tickets but on 3 different nights. We plan to be in Cabo for the entire week so i wanted to have a chance for at least one of those nights. Is that the correct understanding of the "rules"...that you can enter once for 2 tickets but not limited to just one date? I surely didn't want to be eliminated for entering on multiple nights? Anyone?

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If they didn't register for the first drawing they won't be able to register for the second chance drawing. The people who put their names in for the first drawing and didn't get tixs will be the only people in the second chance drawing...

Mas Tequila

FDIC 2013

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I believe after the 15 further instructions will come forward on registering for the next draw, ticket holders have until the 15th to return tickets if they won't be used. I have 3 buds that will also register for the 2nd draw.

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What are the dates for the second chance drawing? Is it already underway?

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See ya all across the street.

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You my friend have just won a cigar!!! Dumb and Dumber it is...

C U N Cabo

FDIC 2013

Later jeff

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Well that is excellent, glad to hear tougher measures on multiple registrations. Would be great to hear the results published too on how many tickets went back into circulation. I also think it would be great for a 2 year ban on multiples and a chunk of cash to be paid as donation to ADLN before being allowed back to draw for tickets. Well done RR staff:)

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Dumb and Dumber?

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So you're saying there's a chance!!! Does anyone know where that line came from?

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

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Have my fingers crossed for 2nd chance tickets for at least one show. We're going to be there the 5th through the 12th. Didn't get lucky last year and hoping for better luck this year. Good luck everyone.

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did not get tickets. will be in cabo from 7th thru 14th. anyone have extra ticket, contact me.
see you in cabo...

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I think I have you all beat. I, like you have been going down to Cabo on Sammy's party for years, been following him around since the early 70s. In fact I had sooo many good times that I (the dumb ass) bought a timeshare down there.,Bad idea, don't do it. Great deal when you buy one. After around 2 years the bump the maintenance fees to a place that that your bank cant see. They don't buy them back, they sell them. Back to forum. I never missed Sammy's BD until the tickets were sold via phone. Each night sold within 10 min. Great if you have your own phone company, or your rich and don't have to work. Then theres now. Give me your visa# and , at some unknown time you will take money out o an account that might not have the funds needed for the tickets. I liked the camp line better. Ive even got wrist bands from someone who was done before the party got started. What ever. Ill keep trying.
Cabo its self was a lot more fun and econaminal twenty years ago. Remember the Broken Surfboard? Eggs sausage tortillas salsa fresh squeezed orange juice and a Corona for $1.25. Last time I went down there I got 4 margaritas (pool glasses) 2 Fantas and a nacho supreme. $90.00, Give it up Hawaiis cheaper.

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Agree with ya'll !!

Have our "man group" down there for the week ..... been going for over 15 years. AND we didn't get tickets again this year!!!

This SUX!

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Pulling all karma together for the chance to get selected for one show in the second drawing!!! 2+ years of planning for our honeymoon in Cabo and both the wife-to-be and I completely shut-out! Don't fail me now Cabo Wabo! (I'm not sure I can last waiting for 8 hours on the street!)

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Pulling all karma together for the chance to get selected for one show in the second drawing!!! 2+ years of planning for our honeymoon in Cabo and both the wife-to-be and I completely shut-out! Don't fail me now Cabo Wabo! (I'm not sure I can last waiting for 8 hours on the street!)

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agree 100% with dickinthedirt, we arrive on the morning of the 11th so too late to camp for the dinner tix. praying for luck on the second chance drawing, either way see everyone in october !!!!!

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Great News to hear that you'll be weeding out those that cheated to get tickets. Hoping to get tickets for the either the 11th or the 13th in the second chance drawing. It's really disappointing to miss out on the lottery for the second year in a row. It would be great if there was a way to accommodate for this. Maybe a wait list or a priority list for people who have made multiple attempts and have not gotten picked. That way more Redheads would get to have the experience at least every couple years and could plan for it a little better. I get why the changes were made, but it was so cool when the only way to get in was to earn it by camping out. Unfortunately I can't be there in time for the dinner lines this year but either way I'll be FDIC for Sammy's B-day this year and hopefully in the Cabo Wabo as well.

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I am totally bummed that I didn't get in on the first drawing. We have been going to Cabo for over 15 years for Cabo Wabo parties and Birthday Bashes. I haven't been able to go the past 3 because my sister was fighting for her life. This year there are a bunch of us going as a tribute trip for her and It wouldn't be the same without going to the birthday bash. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that we all get picked.

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Lets hope we all get at least one show. That's all I want.. It's not asking to much. DEDICATED REDHEAD 4 LIFE.. Good luck to all of you that are in for the second chance drawing. If not drawn it looks like its going to be a long night and early morning for dinner tickets...

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Didn't get selected 1st time round - this time would be great. Sorry that they have to weed out those who aren't honest - it doesn't quiet seem like the "REDHEAD" way.... Drawing seems fair when we all have the same shot. Here's hoping "ALL REDHEAD's" get a shot at going to the B-Day bash at least once, it is not an experience you will soon forget. Cabo holds a special place in our hearts.

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Still hoping for a miracle that my fiance and I get selected for one show! Literally planned our honeymoon around the possible b-day bash dates for the past 2 years and we both got shut-out! Hoping to not have to wait in line all night for dinner tickets! I need a miracle, Cabo Wabo!

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Stuck out again this year so hopefully the Cabo Gods will bless me with a show in the second chance drawing. Glad to see there is the manual order confirmation in place this year. Hoping the process identifies the ones who registered multiple times using multiple email address and different name variations. There were several that got multiple shows by doing that last year. Unfortunately when you have a high demand event like this there is always some that have to cheat and try to beat the system which only takes away from the honest ones. Congrats to all that got tickets the honest way and Good Luck in the 2nd chance draw to all of us who were not lucky in the 1st draw

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Green ain't mean, compared to RED!!!

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Come on Sammy, Just give me one chance to attend the bash!!! I'm a second rounder and I will be at Cabo anyway... U can't drive 55 to be there!!!

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I hope I get picked for the 7th and 9th, I got nothing on the first time around.

Love the new Song Sammy!!!!!