Birthday Bash Registration Dates 2015

August 03, 2015
Birthday Bash Registration Dates 2015

Registration dates are announced!

Registration will run from July 20 through July 27.

You may register at anytime during this period. Please remember there is only one registration per household per show. The random drawing will be completed shortly after the registration period ends and the tickets will be processed.

After that we will complete any returns that are needed and move forward with the 2nd chance drawing!

Here is the link to the registration page!

Can't wait to see you all in Cabo!!

[WEBMASTER UPDATE 8/3/15 2:30pm PST]

The payments have been processed for the winners of the Bday Bash nights. You will recieve an email if you have won tickets from the lottery. Congrats to all who won! If you are afraid your email may have gotten deleted or sent to your spam folder you can visit this link to verify your order and resend the email:

For those who cannot secure travel arrangements following their purchase, we are providing a special on-time refund window until August 17th 10pm PST. This is done by emailing your request WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER to - No other exceptions will be made!

Any return tickets will be distributed through a second random drawing that will require you to re-confirm your registration to be eligible for the selection. New registrations WILL NOT be accepted. More details will be announced once we know how many tickets become available. 

Note: If you are planning on being in Cabo during the shows anyways, the only other tickets that will be available are extremely limited dinner ticket packages that will be sold first come, first served only from the venue. Please read more about these tickets below:

Dinner show tickets will be $90 per person

Dinner show tickets are for the same show as the GA tickets but include dinner at the cantina.

If you have GA tickets you cannot add the option of adding dinner.

Dinner shows tickets sales will remain as in the past, they will be sold at the Cantina, first come first serve.

Dinner tickets will be sold at noon on the following dates:

  • October 6th for the Shows on the 7th and 9th
  • October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th
  • 2 tickets per person, added security will be added to those in line to prevent anyone from holding places in line for friends. Dinner ticket details may change leading up to the event, so please check back prior to coming to Cabo!

161 Redhead Comments

juliehb1's picture

Sorry---I meant to thank you so much :-) Not post a whole separate comment

juliehb1's picture

YAY!!! Thank you so much

jules49ergirl's picture

OMG... so excited... :) fingers toes crossed!!! Good Luck everyone!!!

redrocker327's picture

It should be done sometime today. The posts made after Registration said drawing conducted this week.

juliehb1's picture

Hi fellow readheads! Has anyone heard anything yet?

bsgirl77's picture

I keep refreshing my inbox, waiting for my email to tell me we have tickets!!

SindyK's picture

I am so excited. Hope we get tickets. I am a Libra too and it's my birthday week !! Saying prayers every day

juliehb1's picture

I can't wait to find out if we're in for my 50th! Good luck everyone :-)

redrocker327's picture

They said cards would be charged by August 3rd so that means drawing done this week.

mimetiva's picture

Thank you :)
Good Luck to us all!

CaboNFall's picture

Last year it they did it the following Friday so hopefully same schedule. good luck everyone!

Rojo Rocker's picture

Good luck to all in the ticket lottery! I am hoping for would be a dream come true to see Sammy in Cabo!!

mimetiva's picture

How soon after the end of registration do they have the drawing?

CaboNFall's picture

I don't think that wording was in the original post. I think they went back and added it after people started asking. They should have *** it at bottom of post so maybe people would have noticed it that didn't re-read it after the original posting! good luck everyone! I have been shut out every year so hoping this is my year lol

redrocker327's picture

The wording specifically says ONE REGISTRATION PER HOUSEHOLD PER SHOW.

edwards097's picture

I think the point that the admin is trying to say is that only one set of tickets per show per household. Lets say you both register for the 7th and by chance both of you get chosen for the show. That means that you need to return one set of tics and just have the one pair. Which is fair. I have heard in the past that ppl have made up multiple bogus email accounts and bogus accounts on the red site to get more chances to win tics. I hope Red heads are fair and only use one account like most of us. Because it seems like the same ppl every year are chosen for the shows. If I don't win, I know where I will be sleeping on October 9th. Not in the hotel room. FDIC 2015

robster25's picture

Let me take you down!!!

redrocker327's picture

The key words are per show. This means that the SAME HOUSEHOLD can not register for the same show. A husband can register for the 7th but nobody from that same household can for that show.

tracier096's picture

I am wondering the same thing!! In years past, my husband and I could both enter. It has always been one entry PER PERSON, not per household. Waiting for response from ADMIN.

917cabo's picture

Yes I interpret that each person my register for each show but each household can only have one set of tickets. But others here are saying no that only one family member at same address may register each night. While I am reading and appreciating the input, we honestly need clarification from ADMIN. HELP

wendymzarick's picture

Dear administrator, I had to register twice as I got confused and out wrong credit card down that was paid off and cancelled today as it was joint card with my husband who passed away 4 months ago. So I registered again for all 4 nights with correct card. I wrote a reply explaining this. Do you know if I will be excluded because of this? We moved here to Cabo before hurricane and we had tickets. Its been on my bucket list for years.

redrocker327's picture

You can not register both for the SAME SHOW. You can do one and hubby do another. As in you can register the 7th and hubby the 9th.

sheetszone's picture

Hello Admin,

Can you please take a moment and clarify this rule for us Redheads: You may register once for each show and there is a 2 ticket limit per household per show

I interpret this to say that as many members of the same household can register for the same show, but if more than one of those members is selected in the lottery, then only one is allowed to accept/purchase the tickets.

Thanks in advance.

There's Only One Way to Rock!

917cabo's picture

Thanks for the help but here is my question specifically based on what other people comment over the years. I totally support the fact that the lottery should only award 1 set of tickets per household. However, does it disqualify you if both parties enter to double the "chances" of winning one set of tickets. And I also know couples where both parties "won" tickets. It seems to discriminate against married or co-habiting couples. A boyfriend and girlfriend or whatever can register twice, right. I actually would like to see them take it a step further and once a household wins, they should be taken out of the lottery so that LOTS of people get to see Sammy in Cabo. So can hubby and I both register? I only want one set of tickets. I JUST WANNA DO WHAT I CAN TO BE AT ANY SHOW!!!!

stevea077's picture

Yep, $55.00/ticket.

stevea077's picture

I'm registered for all 4 shows. Giddy up!!

admin's picture
admin's picture

Hi Wendy,

If you didn't see it already the link is


Susan Heaford's picture

I'm registered for all 4 nights! WooHoo! Now just praying my name gets least for 1 of the nights! CAN'T WAIT FOR CABO!

sendmetocabo's picture

Can't wait, one of the best times ever

wendymzarick's picture

Not seeing any links on FB or here to register for Birthday Bash. Last couple of years it was available first thing in morning. Is it just my internet while I'm here in vacation rental in Cabo now with Mexico's crappy Internet? Or is anyone else having same issue? Thinking the links just are up yet?

DEOP's picture

so excited, been wanting to do this forever!

redrocker327's picture

There has not been a time announced on when the link will be posted. It will be put on this page under latest updates/news. The FB page also will have it. There will be a link for each show as part of the post.

Bridget.aston's picture

So..where's the registration link ?

jdgilman1's picture

What time does the registration start and on what page can you register for the show dates?

nflrob's picture

Either one of you can register for any show just not the same show. Basically there's no advantage to both of you registering cause you are in same household. Use any debit/credit card you want. You'll need picture ID for ticket pickup. Yes 2 tickets per night

caribbeanqueen's picture

Can I register for 2 tickets per date ? And if my husbannd registers for the 11th and I register for the 13th. Can we use the same debit/ credit card for both ?

paulie1's picture

I hope I can win tickers this year for Sammy Hagar's birthday bash since I missed it last year but did end up getting tickets for the belated birthday bash in Las Vegas and then seeing them in Vegas again in April we have the same birthday in Oct on the 13 thanks you Paul :)

Delsocal1's picture

Straight up!!! one winner of 2 tickets per household, per night!! it is just that simple!

redrocker327's picture

It is NOT a change just something that is not adhered to. I have read numerous posts in previous years where a husband and wife talk about winning same shows. It is OK for you to enter one show and another household member to enter another one. You are NOT allowed to enter the same show.

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rshofner71's picture

Awesome...we will be right next door at Villa Del Arco. We arrive on the 9th and leave on the 16th.

nflrob's picture

Not if you live in the same household. Which I'm sure you do. Only 2 tickets per household and one person can buy 2 tickets per show, so for the Oct 7 show only one of you can register to win but the other can register for another night just not the same night. Hope that helps

917cabo's picture

I NEVER seem to get this answer straight up! Can both the hubby and the wife register? Please please somebody let me know for sure. Haven't been picked forever. And btw....Odile will never get us!

drrobk's picture

I cannot wait for this. I am a doctor, author and motivational speaker and Sammy's work has meant so much to my life. In my seminars, I often talk about his success. I tell my audiences that I would love to just buy him a shot. Cabo is in my destiny.

paulrising's picture

Had birthday night tickets last year in cabo.....hurrican....then saw sammy in vegas....going to cabo this year! Cant wait to win tickets this year same night.....waiting for July 20 patiently

gsgeorge3's picture

cant wait!! we will be getting there the 11th,my wifes 50th birthday is the 12th!!

denisem4444's picture

I can't wait. I've been waiting so patiently. But now I'm ready to rock!!!!

Rojo Rocker's picture

Keeping my fingers crossed!! Good luck everyone!

jhetca's picture

Flights and resort booked.....just need tickets! Crossing my fingers and toes!!