Birthday Bash Registration Dates 2015

August 03, 2015
Birthday Bash Registration Dates 2015

Registration dates are announced!

Registration will run from July 20 through July 27.

You may register at anytime during this period. Please remember there is only one registration per household per show. The random drawing will be completed shortly after the registration period ends and the tickets will be processed.

After that we will complete any returns that are needed and move forward with the 2nd chance drawing!

Here is the link to the registration page!

Can't wait to see you all in Cabo!!

[WEBMASTER UPDATE 8/3/15 2:30pm PST]

The payments have been processed for the winners of the Bday Bash nights. You will recieve an email if you have won tickets from the lottery. Congrats to all who won! If you are afraid your email may have gotten deleted or sent to your spam folder you can visit this link to verify your order and resend the email:

For those who cannot secure travel arrangements following their purchase, we are providing a special on-time refund window until August 17th 10pm PST. This is done by emailing your request WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER to - No other exceptions will be made!

Any return tickets will be distributed through a second random drawing that will require you to re-confirm your registration to be eligible for the selection. New registrations WILL NOT be accepted. More details will be announced once we know how many tickets become available. 

Note: If you are planning on being in Cabo during the shows anyways, the only other tickets that will be available are extremely limited dinner ticket packages that will be sold first come, first served only from the venue. Please read more about these tickets below:

Dinner show tickets will be $90 per person

Dinner show tickets are for the same show as the GA tickets but include dinner at the cantina.

If you have GA tickets you cannot add the option of adding dinner.

Dinner shows tickets sales will remain as in the past, they will be sold at the Cantina, first come first serve.

Dinner tickets will be sold at noon on the following dates:

  • October 6th for the Shows on the 7th and 9th
  • October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th
  • 2 tickets per person, added security will be added to those in line to prevent anyone from holding places in line for friends. Dinner ticket details may change leading up to the event, so please check back prior to coming to Cabo!

161 Redhead Comments

sendmetocabo's picture

wow I am in Michigan, My best friend in North Carolina did not get tickets to any of the shows...very disappointing, we are traveling pretty far, not to be able to go. Does any one know if you camp out or any other way to get tickets. we tried for all shows. PLEASE if you guys are keeping track and someone can't make it we want to go our trip is planned!!!!!!!!!!!

Jwhawkeye's picture

Didn't win tickets to Birthday Bash again this year!!! Soooo Bummed!!!!
Cabo always seems to make up for it in other ways!! Here we come Alexander's, can't wait to taste that steak... Best in Cabo!

Jwhawkeye's picture

Didn't win tickets to Birthday Bash again this year!!! Soooo Bummed!!!!
Cabo always seems to make up for it in other ways!! There's nothing like a mid-day pit stop in the Cantina for a bucket of cervas and some Nachos, while listening to the live band!!! Can't wait!!!!

spackle2112's picture

Redheads I need your help! October 13 is my friends 50th Birthday. For the last year we have been planning a trip to Cabo to see Sammy on their joint birthdays. Alas, we did not get tickets. If anyone would be willing to sell one ticket for the 13th I would be very grateful. I need to make my friend's 50th birthday wish come true. You can reach me at


sergeamh's picture

This will be my first Sammy Concert since I became a true Redhead. It'll be on the 7th and I'm staying until the 11th. I actually live in Mexico City but never had the chance to go! I'm actually excited to meet other redheads since I apparently am the only living here in Mexico City :(

If there are meet-ups, count me in!!

917cabo's picture

I was just entering for 2nd chance tickets. Shut out every year after many many years of standing in line. Anyway, this is just a thought.
1. Grateful....if you got even 1 show be grateful. It's such a special experience.
2. Greedy...please don't be greedy. I read of people who are upset because they didn't get all 4 shows. You don't need 2nd chance tickets if you already got one.
3. Generous....please be generous and consider staying away from the dinner show lines. That would greatly increase the chance for shut-outs to get a ticket.

My promise is that if in any year we manage to get even one show in the drawing, I will be content and help others get a chance at dinner show.

Hope you all enjoy the show!

redrocker327's picture

Your very welcome.

gsgeorge3's picture

cool, thanks for the info, rr327.

mszmom's picture

I would be happy with what I got. We have been shut out 5 years in a row on this lottery system. There are many people out there who did the street for years and years and not get screwed with this new way. Be happy and keep your tickets.

rdheard's picture

Wondering if anyone else has this happen-(long story, sorry)
I entered all 4 nites. No e-mail after the drawing. I saw the posted link: "Congrats to all who won! If you are afraid your email may have gotten deleted or sent to your spam folder you can visit this link to verify your order and resend the email:" So last night I figured what the heck & sent in my e-mail to verify just in case something did get deleted or go to spam. I got a return e-mail saying "Red Rocker Touring confirmation # ---------- (I'm not putting the actual number on here but there is a series of 11 letters & then a 2)It then says total charge $110 to my credit card. NO WHERE on there does it say what show I got picked for. Also my credit card has NOT been billed or any pending payments at all. I was lucky enough to win in 2013 & 2014 both of those confirmations had a show date on them. I am familiar with the difference between a confirmation e-mail verses a registration has been accepted email. Unfortunately I no longer have the confirmation numbers from years past to double check that this is not some weird copy of an old confirmation. I have emailed in-tickets, bdaybashtickets.redrocker & info@redrocker and am waiting for a reply. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this or has any input. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! For those of you lucky enough to get tickets enjoy the show...hopefully we will be there rockin as well!

redrocker327's picture

The window to return and enroll for the 2nd chance drawing ends on the 17th. Based on how things have gone my guess is the draw on the 24th.

gsgeorge3's picture

done did!! did the refund too.... my wifes 50th birthday is the's hoping for the 13th!! btw, when is the second chance drawing?

heathmac66's picture

No! You have zero guarantee for the 13th. I have been going to Cabo since 2008 for Sammy's Bday Bash. I have only have scored tickets one other time. I was soooo lucky I was drawn this year. You can still enter the second chance drawing for the show on the 13th if you registered for the show on the 13th. Sammy or BUST!

gsgeorge3's picture

if I had won both, i would most def give my second choice back in the lottery!! first, I wouldn't want to deny another the opportunity, and second, I couldn't afford both nights!! LOL

redrocker327's picture

If you had won both I would say give back the one and give another RedHead a chance at the other. You hit for one so take that one and enjoy it.

ramithard's picture

I would go ahead and throw the 11th tickets back in and get in on the re-draw for the 13th...

gsgeorge3's picture

I have a question. I got tickets for the 10/11 show, I was trying for both the 11th and the 13th show, hoping for the 13. I'm happy I got the 11th tix, but would prefer the 13th. should I refund my 11th tix, and take a chance at the second drawing, or be extremely happy with the 11th tix?

lleafs64's picture

Just when I was giving up hope I got an email late on the day of the # 2 for me....can't wait

RedBruce's picture

Odds are stacked when so many cannot just get up and leave to go stand in line... random drawing is random... and it opens the doors to those who never even had the opportunity (like me)

Regardless I have stayed a fan not ever having won... and still a fan for life without qualifiers

sunshinejen1979's picture

I've only been a "RedHead" for five years thanks to my husband and loving every minute. He has been a fan since the cantina first opened and been to many shows down in Cabo. He mentioned it use to be "First Come, First Served" and based on everything I've read I think it should go back to that and eliminate the drawing. If your willing to stand in line as long as it takes to get tickets and for each show then go for it!! I feel the lottery bring such disappointment to those who want the opportunity and don't get the opportunity and to add insult to injury; some get "multiply" shows. We were very fortunate to get drawn for a single show, NOT COMPLAINING but out of compassion for the other thousands of fans......"Sammy, let's go back to the "Old School" way!!! YOU'LlL HAVE FANS FOR LIFE REGARDLESS ;-)

RedBruce's picture

Going to show 1, 3 and 4... going to see if I can score dinner tiks for night 2! First time I have ever been able to get tiks to the Bash, and then its over the top off the hook... crazy!

Bummer for those that didn't win, other than this year that has been my tune EVERY YEAR!

rjflamm's picture

Well, I didn't get chosen either and ya it bummed me out...but there is always next year. As this is becoming more popular to go to Cabo, it brings on bigger issues. There are options, however, the venue itself is pretty small (we were there Feb 2014 and yes it is a place to be) so, either change the venue location, or expand the current venue (which would require expensive renovations....any redheads wanna pitch in...haha)....or add more shows (but who wants to work more on their birthday?). The other issue is the it perfect....probably not...I think it's fine, but it could be tweaked.....the only thing I would change is that one household per 2 tix...that's it no exceptions one show one household two people....none of this friends this or that crap...blah blah blah.

Just going to Cabo is a treat....Cabo and Sammy WOW...for those that got tix congrats!

cheers everyone

tonya005's picture

Amen on that brother!! That year it was easy and NO drama!! No reason why it couldn't have been done again!!

917cabo's picture

There was one year (the year before the lottery) that all we had to do was get on line and buy tickets with a pay-pal account. If you were dedicated enough to get online all 4 times, you got tickets. Gee that doesn't seem that tough. Guess the lottery drama makes someone happy. We have never got drawn, but let me tell you, if we did get drawn for more than one night before other shut-outs got drawn, that wouldn't be fair either. Let's find a way for everyone that pays for a Cabo vacation to get one show.

ramithard's picture

Damn......!!!! Shut out for my girlfriends 40th b'day........we already have a room at Finnestera for the week !!!! Hope the Red Rocker Gods shine on us for the re-draw !!

Cabogirl731's picture

Thank you for the answers on the dinner ticket counts...I have been going since 1999 and this is the first time trying for some for my sister...My friend did get drawn so we have 1 night but would like my sister and brother-in-law to share also..Hope it all works out...See ya all in Cabo!! FDIC!

tima018's picture

VERY UNHAPPY REDHEAD!!! I won 2 shows last year and none this year. In the issue of FAINESS would it not have been more FAIR to give people that won tickets last year first shot this year BEFORE opening up the lottery? Disappointed that someone in the decision making area did not think this was the MOST FAIR as it was not our fault a hurricane came and killed our Cabo trip last year. Seriously upset Redhead.

rick hackbarth's picture

sammy is just trying to be fair
perhaps being picked for one show per year would help
and streaming on line for those less lucky
and a performance at the new cabo convention center for those left out

radco99's picture

SHUT OUT AGAIN!!!! This is really sad. We have been going down in October for over 20 years and before the "Lottery" had been inside the cantina and seen many of the B bashes even several by accident. It is really sad for supporters and fans like us who own properties/timeshares Cabo, and have been a big part of the Cantina surviving and flourishing so well over the years (Yes it's people like us not only the tourists and cruise ship drop offs) that management cannot come up with a better and more fair system for the shows. Ever since the "Lottery System" started we have NEVER been chosen and yet we have registered for every night of every year Hmmmmmmm. And since I have been critical in the past of the system, I must only assume I am being "Blackballed" in some way. It is very sad. In the past we have always gone to the Cantina on the off nights and usually every night we are there. That is over 25 nights at least a year paying for overpriced drinks etc... We know the staff and love the people so it is part of what we do. I think we are going to have to rethink our plans, this seems to be a one sided relationship recently. All comments and rebuttals are appreciated! I hope they don't delete this as I have seen done many times before. As usual, we will still be in town during that week as we have done for decades!

rcpoole57's picture

To all who have commented, let me try to answer some of your questions. I am a very long time Redhead and have been going to Cabo for the Bday Bash over 15 yrs. Not trying to be a know-it-all, but I know that the folks are busy and won't get the time to address all questions.

To Jakemaleit - While the "make up" concert in Vegas was called the Bday Bash, it isn't what goes on in Cabo. Cabo is/has been 4 plus nights of shows with many guests who show up and play, lots of Redhead get togethers, etc..

To DavidJ1013 - I had the same thing happen last year. If you'll notice your "charge" for tickets on your credit card is still a "pending" charge, that will go away and you won't be charged. Last year when it happened to me I had an issue with my zip code (which is used by credit card companies to authenticate a charge). My local post office had changed my zip code, which I then changed with my bank, which meant that the zip I used to register for tix was now invalid. The pending charge showed up, no email and no tix.

To Cabogirl 731 - They have two seatings for the Dinner Show tix per night which comes out to approx 100 available tix.

To Cabo Wabo Killer - The person who registered and won tix must show up to receive the wrist bands for the show (with ID), they can have whomever they want with them for the other wristband, but they put the wristband on both of you at that time. They won't give you the other wristband because people will scalp them.

To vanrice - That's entirely up to you, but the farther away the more the cost and Cabo cabs are expensive. I prefer to be within walking distance.

To greenvic - "there is a two ticket limit per household per show", that's how the same household gets two tickets for more than one show. I'm not saying this is the best way, but the rules they have established.

As I said at the beginning, I've been going to Cabo for the Bday Bash for quite a while, since the days when you could literally just walk in to the show without any line or tix. Over the years it has grown considerably. During the 2004 VH reunion, the Bday Bash exploded and that's when the line for tix became a camp out on the sidewalk overnight. There were thousands of people trying to get into one of the 6 shows. Then for the next few years the line for each show became a camp out. People would come straight out of the Cabo Wabo after a show and get into line for the next show. Then after a few years of that they came up with this system. Not saying this is best, but it satisfied the people of Cabo who were getting sick and tired of people spending day/night on the sidewalk in front of their place of business and making a mess. You can still go and try for Dinner Show tix, but plan on spending at least 24 hours on the sidewalk. The good thing is, if your one of the first you can buy Dinner Tix for two nights at the same time.

Hope this has answered some of your concerns. See you in Cabo!

tonya005's picture

Spoken like a douch that won!! If you don't like the bitching too bad. The lottery has been a disaster from the start!!

derekm027's picture

Greetings Redheads,

Finally after years of nothing we have won tickets to the show on the 13th!! Looking forward to seeing our Redhead friends in Cabo this year - we go every year regardless and lucky enough to see Sammy multiple times in the past all over the world!

One thing i want to express is to all those complaining / whining - enough already! This is a fair system and a lottery just like the gambling lotteries all about luck.

One comment in particular was really annoying - it was from Little Perry or something like that and said " this system is f***** and sell tickets like everyone elseSammy you aint that special son"

Well heres a news flash for you buddy boy - Sammy does it this way so that it is fair - the old way was fun but as the bday bash grew in popularity so did the corruptness and slime bags scamming the line by placing locals in line , fake wristbands and tickets etc.. the way it is done now it is all controlled and fair - the other great thing about the way it is done is that all monies from ticket sales go directly to local charities and food bank as well Amigos de los Niños - Sammy Hagar family Foundation - how awesome is that!

If everyone in the world would take a moment to adopt some of these practices the world would be such a better place especially for those in need.

Sammy is not only a great muscian but a generous caring human being that gives back so much - bravo Sammy you rock!

Looking fwd to Cabo.

Chef Cabo Canada

Jakemaleit's picture

I got tickets last year for the first time and then had to trade my dream vacation in to see Sammy in a dusty Vegas parking lot. Nothing this year. So Redheads, did I really attend a birthday bash?

redrocker327's picture

Could it be that someone used your card to get tickets under a different e-mail address. What does the name of the company who enacted the charge say?

DavidJ1013's picture

I checked my spam and I used the link properly....still nothing. .also emailed reply. ..nothing like winning a raffle, paying $110 and not being notified about your tickets. ..weird

Cabo Wabo Killer's picture

I figured that was how it worked. Well I guess I'll try for a single ticket for myself in the second chance drawing. Thanks and good luck to all in the second round.

redrocker327's picture

Cabo Wabo Killer,
JohnV is correct. In this situation the winner of the tickets has to be ONE of the two that get the wristband. You can have the guest be anybody you want.

tonya005's picture

who ever runs this website/lottery they dont care about our complaints!! 5 yrs of BS. 0-5 for me and my wife and yet same complaints every year. Its not fair I dont care what you say. When he/she gets multi shows and I get none,its NOT a fair system. so the ones that got tics dont say its a fair system. you got tics so you will say anything positive. when one saves all year to go down there for a couple of days and gets nothing its devastating!!

johnv071's picture

To Cabo wabo Killer - In the past they have not allowed the winner to transfer their wristband to anybody else.

johnv071's picture

In the past they have not.

redrocker327's picture

I have heard 25 to 50.

Cabogirl731's picture

So does anyone know how many dinner show tickets are available each night?

Cabo Wabo Killer's picture

My wife got lucky and received confirmation for 2 tix for the 13th. Our son is going with us and she would rather I go with him than her since we didn't get a third ticket. If I go with her to pick up wristbands will they allow me to get hers and go in with our son or does she have to go in with him?

Hoseclamp's picture

FDIC BROTHER!!! Hey is Bobby Chiclets coming too?

tymothiec's picture

You need to check your spam folder or the link they provided showing a full listing of those winner who were chosen. Good luck !! See you down there :)

tymothiec's picture

Check your spam folder or the link they provided above - hope that helps :)

DavidJ1013's picture

I have a small problem....If anyone can help that would be cool...I had $110 taken out of my account but received no email saying I won anything...I tried entering my email on that link and nothing... Please advise... thanks....I love Mexico.... lol's picture

I agree 100%!
I liked the old way better. I was able to get tickets then's picture

I agree 100%!
I liked the old way better. I was able to get tickets then's picture

This is the SECOND YEAR we haven't been able to get tickets... I am so bummed.
I like the old way better....