Birthday Bash is October 9, 11, 13, & 14th and Ticketing Registration Opens July 12th

June 29, 2017
Birthday Bash is October 9, 11, 13, & 14th and Ticketing Registration Opens July 12th


It's what you have all been waiting for!  The 2017 Birthday Bash regstration for random drawing opens on WEDNESDAY, JULY 12th at 10am PDT. The link will be posted on as well as Sammy's FacebookTwitter, and Google+


Registration for the random drawing will be open from: 

Wednesday, JULY 12th at 10am PT  until Tuesday, July 18th at 6pm PT


Ticketing will be similar to the last few years: to ensure the fairest opportunity to all Sammy fans and will be decided by a random selection.  The ticket limit is 2 per night, per household and each show's drawing will performed independently of the other nights. This is what we have determined gives fans the fairest opportunity for tickets.


This means a single registration that specifies 2 tickets for all of Oct 9, 11, 13 & 14 will have equal chance of being selected in each night's drawing.


Winner's will be selected randomly on:

Friday, July 21st 


Those selected will be notified via email which will include links to complete the purchase.  Payment will need to be completed by Monday August 7th, otherwise tickets will be forfeited. 


Any tickets not purchased by this deadline will be returned into a final pool of tickets that will be available in a traditional first-come, first serve, public on-sale date to be announced.


NO TICKET TRANSFERS ARE ALLOWED.  All submissions will be verified and multiple entries are subject to having all registrations cancelled.  Valid photo ID of the purchaser will be required to be shown at the venue. 


Event Dates: Oct 9th, 11th, 13th, and 14th, 2017

Event Address: Cabo Wabo Cantina, Calle Vicente Guerrero S/N, Centro, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico 

Questions? Contact us at: 

Ticket cost: $70/ea ($1 x Sammy's age!)


Can't wait to see you in Cabo!



127 Redhead Comments

cabocarrie's picture

I have to get picked this year!! I've never been picked!!! And I'm too old & hurt too much to sleep on the street anymore!! Just can't do it!!

dlmooney's picture

This StLRedhead is finally coming to CABO! Want tix so bad! Celebrating KSHE Real Rock Radio 50 years and of course my Rock'n Roll Hero's 70th BDB!!! Looking forward to finally meeting some of my crazy Redhead friends in person!! By the way....LUV SANTO! Thanks Adam & Sammy!!!

fabrizziovh's picture

Exit from Brazil OK
Hotel Reserved
Flights Purchased!

Carolwise's picture

How do you get a VIP area in Cantina for a BB night?

fabrizziovh's picture

Dear Admin,

I'm going to leave here from Brazil just to see my idols. I have already booked hotel and airline tickets !!
I'm super anxious!

gbody5's picture

Timeshare exchange---CHECK!

Bring on the Santo!!!

edwards097's picture


Will there be dinner show tickets available for first come first serve as recent years? It didn't now state that in the info that came out a few days ago.

Thanks's picture

First time going down.. Hoping to score some tickets!!! Good luck all!!

Pqqhbr's picture

Ok thank you. I will ask if he had his id switched to here yet. I scheduled my plane trip back home for the 14th so I would have to reschedule that if we got tickets for the 14th. Good thing I used Southwest.

redrocker327's picture

If you have the same mailing address as in what is listed on your IDs only one can enter for each show. If you both enter into the same show that will disqualify you from any submitted for.

Redhead56's picture

Where does everyone stay? This will be my first trip to Cabo...been on my bucket list for 10-12 years now trying to get to the Birthay Bash! Just hope I can score some tix!

Red RockEER's picture

I'd imagine the logistics became too much for an outdoor venue. It was hard enough for them to do the outside show a few years ago. The city doesn't like those events much. Oh well, coming out regardless!

skot5150's picture

What happened to getting a larger venue? I am a little afraid that this will be another year of the many that I have tried to get tickets with the lottery and to his BDB. I already have booked trip and all is paid for. I hope I get to go at least one of the nights after soooo looking forward to this. I am a huge Sammy fan and have been since Standing Hampton. My fingers will be crossed.

Brad.Jordan1's picture

There was a time when we used to line up the night before the tickets were released.
Beers were drank, friends were made, and good times were had....passing out on the sidewalk was considered a rite of passage! LOL
Are ya with me?!?!

...and the birthday Fiesta shows were all free...

Ah well.
Times a changin...

I guess the $70 ain't that bad for the kind of fiesta that goes on during that week at the Cabo...

Good luck all!
See ya down there!

r-dutton's picture

Can't wait!!!!! Hotel and flights booked 6 months ago........

Pqqhbr's picture

Ok, first time birthday bash here. I have a roommate. We have the same mailing address. Separate email, bank accounts, names, everything else. Can we both register for b bash tickets? Or would that be a multiple entry and get tossed out of the drawing because of having the same mailing address?

Evansjudy1's picture

Needing tickets for my 50th in Cabo!! And my hubbie is in a Sammy tribute band so it would be amazing!!

sm2112's picture

I'll give it another shot but wish it was back to the old stand outside and wait days.. Forget that it was free it was just more fun and I could get in :)

kima097's picture

Fingers crossed! ❤️

cabobenito61's picture

Trying for a 3rd year in row.

Enough disappointment, 2017 is my year !! C'Mon !

johnj005's picture

I did not expect a show on the 14th. My son will be 18 this year, Him and I will fly in on the 11th and fly out on the 14th. I cant wait to get back to Cabo!

RedParrotHead's picture

What's the deal of going to without ticket in hand? Are there last minute tickets at the door?

hkast's picture

I'm so excited to try and get tickets for one of his shows... We are in Cabo for my birthday as well. Mine is the day before Sammy's! I hope we get tickets to one of his shows! Can't wait to be back in Cabo hoping to see the Red Rocker at Cabo Wabo!

CaPattie's picture

Gonna give this another shot - hopefully will get tickets! Rock on Sammy!

dillon93907's picture

I was hoping that this was going to be a sure thing (all get to attend). Anyways, I am booked and will absolutely be there again - hopefully with tickets this year!

Jfarljm's picture

What happen to a concert on the beach/desert?

gregh087's picture

I'm There Oct.1-15 Can't Wait