July 24, 2023

It’s that time of year again...the Birthday Bash is back! Mark your calendars because Sammy’s annual party returns to Cabo on October 9th, 11th, and 13th!

(JUL 24) NEW BIRTHDAY BASH TICKET ONSALE SAT, JULY 29 AS TRADITIONAL FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE.  Set your alarms for 10am PT / 11am MT / 1pm ET for the traditional public onsale for all tickets not purchase via registration / random drawing.  There are several hundred available across the three shows, but they will sell in a flash so don't be late and best of luck! All ticketing rules still apply. Each show's ticket links are on the REDROCKER.COM home page, as well as the individual show pages below.

(JUN 29) Winners have been randomly selected and notified via email. Winners had until Friday, July 7th to purchase tickets and all registrants could check registration status at

Those selected will be emailed ticket links to complete the purchase. NO TICKET TRANSFERS ARE ALLOWED. All submissions will be verified and multiple entries are subject to having all registrations cancelled. Valid photo ID of the purchaser will be required to be shown at the venue.  The ticket limit is 2 per night, per household (billing address) and each show's drawing will be performed independently. This means a registration that requests tickets for all three nights has equal chance of being selected in each drawing.

Ticket cost: $76/ea ($1 x Sammy's age!)

Here are direct links to each show's event page:
Night 1 (Oct 9), Night 2 (Oct 11), & Night 3 (Oct 13)


As in years past, there will be a limited number of Dinner Show tickets available directly in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at the Cabo Wabo Cantina. There are three dinner seatings at 6pm, 7:30pm and 9pm and tickets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis only in person in Cabo. Tickets will be sold one day before each concert, starting at 9:00 am, (October 8, 10 and 12th) in the order in which they arrive to the line, each person can buy a maximum of two tickets. They are not transferable and cannot be damaged or altered.

Questions? Contact us at: 


 67 Redhead Comments

JDPehrson's picture

52 days til first Cabo then 10/13 FIRST BIRTHDAY BASH. SOO psyched! Tesoro, Marina, Readheads. = PART!! Come on October!

Bejohnso's picture

So stoked got tickets for night 2, been trying for a long time! We are renewing our 25th wedding vow’s Tuesday morning at the Hyatt Ziva! My Ten13 girl picked VH Can’t Stop Loving You along with some Kenny Chesney tunes for our vow renewal! Any other Redheads staying there? Would love to meet up and party!

Patandleah2023's picture

got tix for Night 2. Been 16 yrs since we've gone to Cabo. At that time we slept on the street 3 nights for tickets. This lottery is super stressful and much more competitive, Sunday the time was wrong and I also got in right away then an error then put in line, luckily my husband got in night 2. stressful few minutes to get that confirmation email Now trying to book hotel/flight. I am sorry for those who also got screwed with ebrite. Just not fair.

Vicrocks10's picture

So frustrating to try and attempt to purchase a second chance ticket. Tried for day 3, got 2 tickets but wouldn’t let me pay the amount listed for them. Was entering my credit card info and it kicked me off. Waste of 2 hours since the posted hour was incorrect. I guess I’ll be out in the crowd celebrating there instead….

kdixon101's picture

Ditto on all comments below - just all kinds of wrong!

CMHDude's picture

No tickets this year, I'll still be in Cabo, if anyone happens to have an extra ticket drinks are one me.

CMHDude's picture

Eventbrite f**king sucks. I had tickets in my cart a dozen times and each time it failed the transaction. If the tickets make it to my cart they should stay there and I should be given time to complete the transaction like every other ticketing site.

Just Say Hesss's picture

I truly wish would get their $hit together. Second year they have had the time wrong to buy tickets. Makes it very frustrating. The website feels like old school. Very Unprofessional.

tzlj9r's picture

What’s the promo code?

whitesandsok's picture

Well, that sucked. Immediately got the option to add 2 tks to night 1 and clicked to check out and then it said they were no longer available. Same with the other nights. Oh well, maybe next year...

Kenny's picture

Why is it asking for a promo code?? How do I get that??

JJCRUE's picture

just another hour to play on your nerves!!!

whitesandsok's picture

I'm seeing the same comments on FB. Impatiently waiting LOL

JJCRUE's picture

I just think someone didnt do their job. Now it will start at 11

whitesandsok's picture

Same. I'm not sure why it's counting down when the sale should have already started. Maybe it means they've already sold out???

JJCRUE's picture

looks like the tix sale is an hour late..... ? what happened??

dana2cabo's picture

same here, it's counting down

dmacia's picture

and its requiring a promo code

Wildnwikked's picture

why does say 1 hour till they sell tickets and on here it says it starts at 10?

Wildnwikked's picture

why does say 1 hour till they sell tickets and on here it says it starts at 10?

Wildnwikked's picture

why does say 1 hour till they sell tickets and on here it says it starts at 10?

Wildnwikked's picture

why does say 1 hour till they sell tickets and on here it says it starts at 10?

Wildnwikked's picture

why does say 1 hour till they sell tickets and on here it says it starts at 10?

Wildnwikked's picture

why does say 1 hour till they sell tickets and on here it says it starts at 10?

Wildnwikked's picture

why does say 1 hour till they sell tickets and on here it says it starts at 10?

Wildnwikked's picture

why does say 1 hour till they sell tickets and on here it says it starts at 10?

Wildnwikked's picture

why does say 1 hour till they sell tickets and on here it says it starts at 10?

jmarcincavage's picture

How many tickets per person today?

Waterborn's picture

First, thanks to the Red Rocker IT Team for helping me to reset my password!!!!! You folks literally ROCK!

We FINALLY scored tix to this year's Birthday Bash after trying for 10 years! We are going to be taking our first real vacation in over a decade to catch Night 1 and meet all the other Redheads. We can't wait! Looking for tips for first timers to the bash, specifically the best way to score tix to Nights 2 and 3 and other fun stuff to do in Cabo. Hope to see you all there!

rachelc097's picture

Hi when would the second chance tickets be offered? Thank you.

Meghastings's picture

Ooh thanks for sharing what you learned!

CandaceCarr's picture

The RIU Santa Fe is a relatively cheap all inclusive resort, short ride to downtown. Worth it for the booze & food and you'll meet other RedHeads. We've stayed other places for the bday bash but this place works fine.

Roughridge's picture

Sharing some info: I reached out to on July 17, received a prompt response from Sammy Hagar Webmaster:

"Hello, general onsale tickets will be announced in the coming weeks."

I still check in daily for the opportunity.

hoppyshirts's picture

I second that.

flossiemae's picture

Where does everyone stay?

mtmazz's picture

The silence on the subject is deafening

AwesomeAndie68's picture

Sadly I did not get tickets agin this year BUT I will be in Cabo so keeping my fingers crossed for dinner tickets.
Saw Sammy in Tahoe this past weekend - he ALWAYS rocks!!

hoppyshirts's picture

Is it just me or does the final jeopardy theme play every time i visit this page?

JDPehrson's picture

Checking multiple times a day for info on the release of tickets. 12 weeks, 1hr, and 55min til we arrive! We bought flights & room, didn’t get lottery, so we are committed! My husband has no idea I’m packing provisions to sleep (party

david sweet's picture

Unfortunately, we didn't get selected. Hoping to purchase unclaimed tickets. It would be a cool 30 year anniversary trip for my wife and I.

Wildnwikked's picture

I've seen people inline a couple of days before

69coug's picture

What time do you need to be line to have a shot at dinner tickets? Thinking about going anyways since I was being optimistic and had already booked airfare and accommodations, but did not win the lottery.


Living it up's picture

Heading to Cabo for night 2!

Ajben1's picture

Would love to get a couple tickets to celebrate 1/2 century!

tms6666's picture

Any word on a chance to buy tickets after the July 7th deadline.

Tslater1's picture

Any news on unclaimed tickets?'s picture

Any word on the tickets not claimed and sending out the re-drawing? I wanted to surprise my wife for our 25th anniversary with a trip!

mbauer13's picture

Any info on the tickets not bought yet? Dying for a chance to win. Thanks.

WayneEtnyre's picture

Any info yet on tickets for sale that weren't bought?

Kelley12's picture

I cannot believe I was chosen for night 2! Tickets bought, trip booked! Sammy can you please play
Remember the Hero’s? I am sooo flipping excited!