Birthday Bash!

October 30, 2006

2006 Bday Bash RedHead Recap…….What just happened




Well for those of you who didn’t make the trip, I am sure you are as curious as we all are as to what happened at the Birthday Bash, it has taken us a week or so to soak it all in, but here is the recap that will go down in History………For those of you that were there, I am sure this will bring back a few memories




October 9, 2006 ...was yet another killer set by the Wabos, Sammy was determined to chip away at the “Set List” and kept his promise adding some never before played songs like from Livin’ it up“Coastline”.




October 9, 2006 Set List




Not 4


Rock the Nation

Serious Ju Ju

When the Hammer Falls Down

High Hopes


Why can’t this be Love?

Girl Gets Around

Livin’ On a Coastline

Little White Lies

Right on Right

Mas Tequila/ Road House Blues




October 11, 2006………As usual, you never know who will show up at the Cabo Wabo, and tonight didn’t disappoint.  A surprise performance by none other than Michael Anthony, Vinnie Paul & Paul Phillips (former guitarist with Puddle of Mudd).  The guys made an October 11th super group and not only performed the Led Zeppelin classic “Rock & Roll”, but started pulling members of Sammy’s touring crew to jam on stage with them.  If you were there you will never forget Michael & Sammy’s guitar tech Kevin Dugan singing “Born to Be Wild”……..You never know what will come next at the Cabo Wabo.







October 12, 2006…….with Michael Anthony in town, that can only mean one thing…..”Los Tres Gusanos”, yes the original Cabo Wabo house band opened the evening off in typical fashion…..later, adding Vic Johnson to relive this summers hottest ticket “The Other Half”……Vinnie Paul (or as Sammy Calls him the Cowboy, Heavy Metal Surfer dude) joined in on the action on Runnin’ with the Devil & Poundcake……..







October 12, 2006 Set List




Love or Money

Baby’s on Fire

I’ve Done Everything for You

Make It Last

Going Down

Runnin’ With the Devil (With Vinnie Paul)

Poundcake (With Vinnie Paul)

Humans Being

Good Enough

Judgment Day

Finish Whatcha Started

Fight for Your Right

I Love This Bar







October 13, 2006

OK the big day has arrived……It took four and a half hours to give out the wristbands for all three shows, everyone who showed up in the morning was able to get into a show, finally a solution to the growing number of fans who come down each year and can’t get in………The shows were unbelievable and unique in their own way….and with three cakes…..well you know about the cakes……The bash was such a success and Sammy had so much fun playing for the fans that he and the Wabos will be back for New Years Eve…….See you in Cabo……oh ya, ……Happy Birthday Sammy…




October 13, 2006 SHOW #1   2:30pm




Sam I Am


Marching To Mars

3 Lock Box


Whole Lotta Zepp

Space Station #5

Rock Candy

Deeper Kind of Love

Let Me Take You There







October 13, 2006 SHOW #2   6:30pm




Planets on Fire (With Vinnie Paul)

Heavy Metal (With Vinnie Paul & Paul Phillips)

Runnin With the Devil (With Vinnie Paul)

Why Can’t This Be Love

Summer Nights

Round & Round



Top of the World

Mas Tequila

Best of Both Worlds




October 13, 2006 SHOW #3  9:45PM




I Love This Bar

High and Dry

Red Voodoo

Girl Gets Around

I’ll Fall in Love Again

Sam I Am

Right on Right

The Way We Live

Rainy Day Women

One Way to Rock

Ju Ju

Right Now

Poundcake (With Vinnie Paul)

Rock & Roll (With JD on Drums)