Backstage Pass Giveaway

June 08, 2010
Backstage Pass Giveaway

Check out Sammy's latest blog post about a cool new giveaway he's offering on upcoming tour dates. So you want in right? Well here how....Just register as a official Redhead and after you have your tickets for the show, click "I'm Going" on any of the concerts you'll be attending this summer. Once you do that you'll be automatically entered to win an exclusive backstage pass to that show for a pre-show Meet & Greet with Sammy. Good luck!


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awesome..thanks for the chance for an amazing experience....

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winners will be drawn and notified via email a few days before each show!

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My best friend and I will be at the August 28th Atlantic City Show and we will both be celebrating our birthdays! Would love the chance to meet you! We already have our tickets!

See you soon!


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Hey Sammy My wife and I look foward on meeting you...

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How long before the show do you draw for this contest?
I know that St Louis is only 9 days away....just curious


Red Rockin' It,

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Woo Hoo this is awesome.I Love the contest love the new site. Love me anything Sammy and so does my African Grey parrot Chilli

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All right Sammy, I'm in for Oakland, Paso Robles, and Fresno, when it goes on sale. I have to count but, I think Fresno will be my 40th show since 97' and number 6 this year. How bout a back stage hook up? It's been a while since Mona, Vic, Dave and I have hung out. I'll even buy you a shot a Cabo. You can't beat that Bro.

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Got my tickets for the show at the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles,CA ordered in the presale this morning!
Count me in for this drawing too!

Thanks again Sammy for *all* you do for us!!!
This ROCKS!!!


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This is an awesome opportunity! Sammy loves his fans and is continually showing it! Hoping the powers that be are with me and I am picked! July 1st cannot come soon enough!!!


Sooooo wantin to rock with the rocker!!!! The foot and the Wabos rock.....gotta come to the east coast!!!

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THERE'S NO SUBSTITUTE FOR Sammy in St. Louis! I don't have to be RED with envy this time because I will be partying in the Cantina with Sammy and the Wabos! I can cross that one off the bucket about meet and greet?
Love ya' Sammy!

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So happy to be apart of this fabulous meet n greet chance to check out SAMMY at a show.See you @ O.C. FAIR in August.I can't wait to meet Sammy.Hope my wishes come true.


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All Of Us REDheads Are KindRED Spirits
I Go To The Shows To Hangout With My RED Friends
As Mutch As I Do To See The Concert

Are We Having Any Fun Yet ?

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as long as you have tickets to the show, you can enter, so winning them from a radio station should be fine!

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What a great idea!! Thank you so much for giving us fans something more to look forward to.

This new website ROCKS!

Michelle (keeping my fingers crossed to go backstage in Tahoe on September 11th)

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I LOVE the new website...I have had fun goofin' around with it ALL morning.

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Do you have to actually purchase tickets to say "I'm Going"? I just won some tix from a radio station and want to make sure I'm still in-it-to-win-it!!

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Sammy has the best fans everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, we are true REDHEADS and I myself cant wait to see him & The Wabos in Cinci in Septemeber!!!!!!!!!!! BTW- Love'n the new web layout!!!

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for all future shows, winners will be notified via email a day or two before and also posted on the web site.

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If we do win how far in advance will we be notified?


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My wife and i are anxious to see the "Wabos" been a few years. Chickenfoot ROCKS!! However..seeing him with the waborita's is a compleatly different vibe.

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Can't wait for Sammy show here at the Taste of Minnesota on July 3rd. Saw him with the "foot" at the Myth night club last fall. ALWAYS a great show!!

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AWESOME! Thanks for giving us a great opportunity! Good luck to all :D

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It's been over a year since we've seen Sammy live, can't wait until Lansing Mi!!

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Just got my tickets for houston. Cant wait. The new site rocks.

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This rocks !

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I think that is so cool! Good Luck to all!

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I don't see the 08/17 Toronto show on the list. Please add it so I can click I'M GOING to win my backstage pass!

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This is GREAT news! This Site already ROCKS!
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That's awesome! Now I just need Sammy to come to Connecticut!

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I love it!!!