October 04, 2013

This year we're taking you to the Birthday Bash in an entirely new way!

Our friends at AXS.TV are coming to the party, hanging out backstage and filming the big night!

An exclusive high quality live concert will air on October 27th on AXS TV so mark your calendars to relive the bash in style. Stay tuned for details over the next few weeks. 

Please note there will not be any live webcast so that all resources can be focused on this production.


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Reading all these post about "How Sammy and his people should do this" is frankly getting old. Sammy has been in the business long enough and I think we can all agree he is a hell of a business man. Right? He is a hell of a entertainer. Right? Why don't we just let Sammy and his people do what they think is right and best for all Redheads? Understand that not everyone is ever going to be happy but also understand it is what it happy with what we have and ENJOY Redheads! Life is too short...

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To Scotty and John, you both have hit the nail on the head with your comments. My wife and I go to Cabo during the B-Bash and if we get tixs it's great if we don't, hell it's Cabo how can ya not have a good time. I have met and made friends for life while down there and we will go back again and again. Hell just standing outside watching the show and listening to Sammy live is great. We walked buy on the 5th this year after dinner and walked in to his free show for the fans. One never knows with Sammy, and he only does it for us Redheads.

Mas Tequila Redheads

FDIC 2014

Later Jeff

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Well said Scotty. I have never stood in line for tix before and don't really care to. I spend my hard earned money on vacation time and would much rather spend that time enjoying all that Cabo has to offer. I have been fortunate to attend 7 Birthday bash Shows since 2011 and would have been ok if I was not lucky enough to get tickets. I have visited Cabo on 8 different occasions and have not been disappointed yet. I am honestly tired of hearing the so called "True Redheads" bitch and complain about the way things are now and how they think they are the only true fans. Get over it! There are many more important things going on in the world to worry about.

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I feel compelled to reply. I also just returned from Cabo. It was the 9th B-Day Bash trip for me. I have always been a glass half-full person. No matter what happens, you will never, ever, ever please everyone all the time. Even if you give tickets away for FREE, people will still complain. I had the time of my life this week, and I met tons of people down to Cabo for the first time having the times of their lives. Nobody else does something like the B-Day Bash week for their fans like Sammy does. He has played outside the Cantina in the back parking lot, and he has played 3 shows in 1 day on his B-Day, to try to allow more people to experience it. Let's face it, the Cantina only holds < 1000 people. Not all of Sammy's fans are going to fit. Anyone who is willing to take vacation time in the middle of Oct, travel 1/2 way across the continent, and pay upwards of $2000 for a trip including air fair and hotel to see a concert, is an incredible fan! (but who says only the die hards should be able to experience this, and who says after seeing it they won't become a die hard??) I prefer lining up for tickets on a first come first serve basis, but the lottery system has allowed many fans who aren't willing or able to sleep on the streets all night the chance to get a ticket too. And AXS is going to reach way more people than a live internet stream would, also allowing more people to experience it who couldn't make the trip. It will probably entice all of them to come next year, and it will be even harder to get in. But I say that is just more Redhead friends that I can meet and party with who I wouldn't have had the chance to otherwise!!

I didn't get to go to the last show on the 13th, but I am very excited!! I can't wait to watch a high quality shoot of it on AXS!!


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Well...heres my two cents worth of bitchin. I just got home from a plane ride from Cabo this morning. I got extremely lucky and got 2 tickets for Wednesday night which was great! Being a True Redhead veteran since 2006 (sidewalk sleeping and all) I want to say how most of the true fans feel and believe me I've heard it all week. This ticket system truly sucks. Their are so many fans that love Sammy (and still do) that are talking like "this is the beginning of the end" and they probably wont be back. The Bash as many of us know it has vanished. I rocked all night in the 3rd row Wednesday and couldn't count the number of people standing around that didnt know the words to any of the songs. That sucks and its a disgrace. We were out front Monday night while Sammy was playing and watched 80-100 people leave with their wristbands. About 50 of them was before 10:15 which was about 1/2 way through the show. Another disgrace. Some people at our resort had 3 wristbands and said they got Friday nights tickets as a result of an email that was sent out Friday at 7:00pm. How many of us knew of such an entry? WTF? Now ... no live feed for the Bash tonight.....yet another disgrace. The true Redheads that so many songs were written about are now getting shit on. Why is this happening Sammy? I love ya man but please do something about this crap thats evolved in the last 2-3 years. Give the Bash back to "THE FANS". If you want to give everyone a chance to see you then have a Bash on the Beach for everyone to attend and then its all well and good. The Bashs in house will still sell out in 2 minutes. Sell the Beach Bash on PPV. True Redheads that really couldnt make it (not due to the crappy ticket shaft thats happening) like several of my friends in St. Louis and all over the US would buy it and now we're talking six or seven figures that could be donated to the kids at ADLN and other choice charites. I know you can't do this forever Sammy but please get this thing back on the road because its definitely "Turning Left". Peace from Carolina....Cabo Rob #55

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Liv Syream would have been the way to go...could have made the AXS Film anyway. Don't get the conflict? All of us who watched the past 2 years Live Stream sure would have loved that and all the people we had lined up to watch with us from all over the country/world,who couldn't go, could have had a bash of our own all together on line BOOHOOO!!! Have a great Birthday Sammy!!!!

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Ok no live feed this sucks. I have internet no Axs tv. And for some reason when you live in the northwoods of Wisconsin people dont like touring around here other than for rockfest

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The way I am reading this is that only the last show which is known as "the big night" will be recorded and then won't be played until October 27th. I am not aware of as in previous years an internet feed of each night.

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Yes, I'm looking for the live stream????

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The good news is that I do get this channel! But I would still love to see it streaming live, troubles and all. It will not be the same, but it's better than nothing! Just wish I was there again, it is always a blast with lots of good redhead friends!

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Thank you,thank you,thank you--living in the northern woods of Michigan we cannot get internet access fast enough to view streaming video, but we do receive AXSTV!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

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That's a bummer, the seeing the live vide feed, even when there were technical issues was really fun and almost felt like being there with the rest of my Redhead friends. Plus, I don't have access to AXS.TV.

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Love it will DVR it for sure !!

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OK RedHeads, some of us won't be able to see this years B-Day Bash, bummer!! Anyone have a DVR, so we can load it to youtube? You would make a lot of us very happy!

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About that:

Please note there will not be any live webcast so that all resources can be focused on this production

Not fare for some people that are unable to go, I went 4 times, and I can't go recently, so really not happy, everyone was waiting for another great news... not that one !!!!!!!!!

Hopefuly, they will make a dvd about this one then !!

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Really liked the live broadcasts the last couple of years, not happy about this.

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That's exciting about the AXS airing. Will there be a live webcast on any of the other nights like in years past? Really hoping so...