After the Storm - Birthday Bash Follow Up

August 16, 2011
After the Storm - Birthday Bash Follow Up


Wow. Today's Birthday Bash on sale event was amazing. With under 500 tickets available per show and the blazing speed of our new servers, everything went in a blink of an eye. Like with anything that sells out within seconds, some people came away lucky and many came away empty handed. We remain overwhelmed with all of your support for this annual Redhead event!

We did our best to help you troubleshoot any issues you may have had. If you didn't get tickets please remember that we will be selling Dinner Show tickets down in Cabo and we also have plans to run the Cabo Cam again this year.

We're now going to get our computer nerds to verify all of the purchases, take a siesta and process what just happened. Once we complete order verification and make sure everyone played by the rules we will report back and verify all orders. Will call details for down in Cabo will be posted after everyone is confirmed. Please give us a Mexican week before can raise their head and reply to the mass amounts of questions this event created, but do know we will work to answer all emails.

Thanks for everything you guys! Your the best fans in the world!


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happy b day wish i was there!

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ANY OF YOU CRZY PEEPS NEED A luxury CRASH PAD STILL !??!??!?Person that rented my timeshare in Cabo can't go~ available starting 10/08 thru 10/15 a portion can be used also~ this is the week of Sammy Hagar's birthday BASH face down in CABO!!! seriously i will practically give it away. It's an either use it or lose it dealio!!! hate to see it wasted! get your airfare and head down south of ze border ~temp 88 degrees see this link for resort pix!! contact me NOW!

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You can buy dinner & show tix on oct.6 for the oct.7 show @ noon @ the cantina for $90. worked for me last year.I am coming from Nova Scotia again this year for the 13th BASH!Good luck and enjoy!

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HELP! We are coming from Canada with another couple to celebrate our 40th birthdays and specifically to go to Sammy's birthday bash at Cabo Wabo. Fortunately, our friends were able to secure 2 tickets for October 7th, but due to a system glitch when paying with a Canadian credit card, it was sold out by the time the issue was identified and resolved and we were unable to secure another 2 tickets. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to secure two tickets to the October 7th show? This is our first time in Cabo and really would love to see Sammy up close and personal!! Any info is much appreciated!

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I know there will be 2 tix for the show on the 11th up for grabs, my wife and I found out she cant fly for a month,so we had to cancel Cabo this year. I dont know how cancellations work, maybe by waiting list? Either way, whether I get a refund or not, my two tix will not be used, so someone less fortunate of the online sales might have a chance to go. To the rest who are going, have a great time! We are going to try again in 2012.


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So I will be in Cabo from the 11th - 17th when tickets went on sale I was in court, no internet access, if anyone has an extra (1) ticket for the bash let me know also for making the trip not to attend the show would not be as fun, please e-mail me if anyone has a cancellation or an extra ticket they will not be in need of.



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I appreciate your attempt to give everyone a chance at tix, but I have a satellite internet connection because that's the best I can do where I live. It will never be good enough to allow me to get tix to anything...I really think that the most fair is waiting in line in Cabo. I know that the city hates it, the vendors hate it, the police hate it, Jorge hates it...But it is the only truly fair way for everyone to have the same chance.

Maybe someday again in the future you'll go back to a line...If so, I'll be able to get tix. Otherwise all I can do is watch everyone's posts on various social network sites and wish I were there.

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Looking for show tickets on the 7th. If any of you have to cancel, can't travel, etc., I would be happy to take the tickets of your hands.

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Anyone heard of who will be with Sammy at the 10/13 show? My best friend was hoping Tobey Keith...would be nice to see Nickelback there again too!

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This will be our first time in Cabo, very excited.... anyone ever stay at the Trendwest resort there?

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Sorry to hear that Johnna. We will keep ya posted if we hear of any extras. We barely got tickets ourselves. Hope to see ya down there its been a couple years. Matt and Tricia Miller.

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Darlene, Love the photo of the gang. It was a great time in CW for the bd bashes last few years. Great memories.... with that said we will not be able to attend this year. Gonna miss everyone. HAVE A BLAST!

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I was able to purchase 4 tickets for me and my friends but I was bumped down to 2 when inquired about the show details.....should have kept my mouth shut now my friends are bummed out!!!

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I needed a massage after that morning too!!! Wow I was a wreck!!!! I really don't know which system I like's nice to know before you go down there that you have a ticket for sure..but about aging yourself in 4 hours!!!!!

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Thanks to the Red Rocker Sales Team..... I am sure you tired of hearing all the complaints! I had an error on my order and I thought it would take weeks to get corrected…. Nope, it was all fixed today!

Yes, I too miss the line time, but have to say it will be nice to sleep in the room with my girl vs. on the street alone!

CUN Cabo in 50 days 14 hours!!


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i miss the lines too, BUT, with the internet, there is more of a gaurentee on your own safety... if none of you are aware, Cabo too, has been going through some rough times. I believe Sammy had no chioces left but to offer tickets for sale online, due to gov. happenings beyond his control...he just wants EVERYONE to be safe and have an unforgettable experiance and enjoy 100%! I had booked my Cabo trip back in Feb.......Yes, I was definately sweating the internet for the chance to get tickets! Got shut out totally on the show for the 11th.....gone in 30 seconds! BUT, I am not complaining one bit, I will make the most of my time there~

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i miss the lines too, BUT, with the internet, there is more of a gaurentee on your own safety... if none of you are aware, Cabo too, has been going through some rough times. I believe Sammy had no chioces left but to offer tickets for sale online, due to gov. happenings beyond his control...he just wants EVERYONE to be safe and have an unforgettable experiance and enjoy 100%! I had booked my Cabo trip back in Feb.......Yes, I was definately sweating the internet for the chance to get tickets! Got shut out totally on the show for the 11th.....gone in 30 seconds! BUT, I am not complaining one bit, I will make the most of my time there~

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I do like the new system of having tickets in hand, knowing I'm going to get in. We did spend the night on the streets before and liked it ok, but ended up so tired had a hard time enjoying the shows..Maybe I'm just too old. It's awesome that those who didn't get tix can still do so by doing it the traditional way and get dinner show tix. Antway I'm stoked got 3 shows this time and this will be our 5th time down. Sooo see you down their I will be sporting my Red Rocker Fire Helmet 1 more time.haha

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Need an extra ticket for the 11th. System glitch only gave us 1 for that show and looks line no luck from RedRocker in getting an extra one. Please let me know if anyone is interested in maybe transfering their extra ticket over via RedRocker (if they are willing to do so). Thanks!

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Representing Canada as well, second time goin to Cabo, first time to the Bash!
I tried to score tix to the 9th, but I made a mistake on the quantity, when I went back, they were sold out, that was probably a minute from the start.
I was lucky to get stubs for the 11th, very exciting and I cant wait!
Stayin at the Riu Palace,
See you in Cabo!

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Canada Goin To Cabo EH!
I was able to get one ticket during the online sale, but I could use one more for my friend.
Anyone out there have a spare single ticket I could buy off of you at the door for the show on the 11th?

Mucho appreciated!

Rock and Roll!!
See ya in Cabo!!!

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Glad the sale is over. It was better than last year but still a headache. Most of our friends got tickets for the 13th show...believe it or was the easiest show to get tickets too! We will see and party with all of them on the 13th. I was able to score 2 for the 11th show as well. Last year there were people selling their extra ticket and I'm sure that will happen again this year. Just be around the cantina the day of the shows and make sure to have 55.00 cash because all true Redheads only charged what they paid for them! Good luck to everyone still looking for tickets and Congrats to all of those who scored tickets! Staying at the Playa Grande with so many Redheads this year! It's going to be a party!!

Love the profile picture - you guys Rock!!

C-U-N-CABO....51 days and counting!

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Finally got in, be there for the 13th for a Weekend trip down to Baja Mexico!

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Wow... Those went fast. Under 3 minutes from "go" to "Sold Out"... I scored tickets for the Show on the 11th & 13th. Thanks mom for making me take typing in school... The skills paid off in the time allotted. Staying at the Riu Palace for the week of... See ya Sammy !!!

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I am staying at Playa Grande (my timeshare) too (10/8-15). Going to the show on my birthday 10/9. Very cool. Hope to run into you and any friends.

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Very disappointed that we did not receive an email informing us the tickets were going on sale. Maybe you should add another show. Maybe a nooner for us old Redheads (I'm not as old as Sammy) May not be alive next year. Oh Well.

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Heading down to Cabo on the 6th.... Got lucky and got tickets for the concert on the 7th, but missed out for concert tickets on the 9th. Might check into the dinner/show deal???? CAN'T WAIT FOR CABO!!!!!!!!

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IM So excited to spend my Birthday in Cabo 10-13... My first time there, I have been to many of Sammy's concerts. and had a BLAST at everyone!!!! Lets Party Redheads Its my Birthday tooo

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Totally agree, had so much fun in line with all the fans. I think I waited longer at the computer today. Out of the 4 nights, got the 13th, only wish all the fans could go.

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Wow ! that was close, tryed to get tix for 11th and 13th but only got tix for 13th. Tickets gone by the time you clicked the button. Still happy as hell with that!! So I guess we will be looking for dinner/show tickets for shows we didn't get tix for. Sorry for those of you who did not get tix.Staying @Playa Grande 9th - 15th, see all you Redheads in CABO (WABO)

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I think my blood pressure is now just starting to go down after the madness this morning. I'm just glad today was my day off and I had a chance to get in on the fun. Got tickets for the 13th as did my buddy. Was a bit worried when I kept seeing that stinkin countdown timer, then switched browsers and all was good. It'll be my first bday bash and I can't wait. I don't know about this paypal thing, though. I don't like using it since my account was hacked a couple of years back. What's wrong with good old ticketmaster?
Anyways, look forward to meeting other redheads, making new friends, and having a great time. Staying at Sirena del Mar 9th - 14th.

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So happy we got tix for the shows on the 11th and 13th. See all you Redheads at the RIU Palace during the day and RIPS before and after the show!!!

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I gotta agree with Adrian on this. I am one of those Redheads who would rather spend time on the sidewalk with Friends ( Old & New) instead of losing control of getting tickets to the internet. And would still Gladly pay the ticket fee.

Thanks, and C U N CABO...


Humble Sammy Hagar Fan & Street Rat For Life!!!

One last thing, the picture at the top of this post is from Last Year. It is Don & Darlene and my Wife Diane & Me after the Birthday show.

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It was not easy to get tickets for the Oct. 13th show. I do feel sorry for those of you who did not and I sat there thinking after all the planning of getting a place, buying airfare and planning my 40th b-day on Oct 13th with Sammy was hanging on a thread until today. The old way of sitting on the sidewalk did at least give you a fighting chance.

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What a rush! I got my tickets and am thrilled about my first Cabo Birthday Bash. Sammy, you rock! All I ask is that you make my week there complete and agree to be the best man in my wedding on the 14th. : ) Check out the video I made for you...

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Something has to be done about the ticket sales, I can speak for a number of Redheads and say waiting in line for a chance at tickets is missed. We are willing to pay for these tickets either way, what sucks is planning for this annual event, purchasing airfare, hotel vacation time and not getting a chance to attend becuase of the limited amount of tickets. When we were camping out we had fun with it and were rewarded for our dedication. I'm all in with the purchasing of tickets I would like it to go back to the old method. You had to earn your way in.. At least consider holding a percent of regular tickets for the tradition to continue. Dinner tickets are limited. I say all this yet I was able to obtain tickets for the bash last year via online purchase.