7/8/2014 Birthday Bash Update

July 08, 2014

The initial registration and selection process for the 2014 Birthday Bash tickets is now over!

Those who were selected in the random drawing have already been sent an order confirmation email from our ticketing partner InTicketing. Those selected have also been sent an email outlining how to return their tickets if they are unable to attend. This must be done by July 18th.

If you registered for nights that you weren't selected for and wish to be eligible for the second chance drawing for any returned tickets, you must submit your registration number (from your original registration confirmation emails) for those nights at:


This must also be done before July 18. 

If you accidentally deleted your registration code email, you may look up your codes at: http://www.redrocker.com/bdaybash/reg-lookup.php

If you have any other questions, please contact us at info@redrocker.com


 26 Redhead Comments

FoxAV's picture

So what are the lines like for general admission? Realistically how early should one get there for tickets?

kimmie's picture

So.....we need to get our butts in line early then. Got it. Thank you Hoseclamp! :)

tahoewabo64's picture

You can still enter second chance drawing for any show you didn't already get drawn for- it's in the email- Good luck!

14ktred's picture

Well said! Sammy loves his fans!

sammy55's picture

I hate this process too. When I went in 2010, it was purchasing, not registering. I just don't get why it is like this. Not to mention that they charge you credit card immediately, but you aren't sent the tickets, but have to take time from your day(s) of actually enjoying Cabo to go get your purchased tickets. It's crazy. This may be the last year for me because of this. I love Sammy and Cabo, but this process stinks and there are Redheads all over who end up getting nothing!

toddg056's picture

Skunked again for all 4 draws 3rd year in a row, not happy ! Jackie & I have been going down to Cabo for the b-day bash since 1999 and had seen at least 1 show per year until this new random draw system was started. Still going down because we love Cabo and meeting all our redhead friends we have come to know all these years. I just can not see giving up 2 days to sit in line praying for possible dinner tickets. Hoping for a possible second chance draw selection, but not getting our hopes up. See you FDIC !

karen brazelton's picture

true redheads I feel your pain! Been going to the bash since 1997. Met Sammy in Fl. he personally invited us to the bash, left tickets at will call. every yr. after that we did line time on the sidewalk. Nobody got special treatment. For the last few yrs. we couldn't get in but many little young "under dressed" "under aged" girls always did. so if you ask me the staff working the door at the cabo wabo is partially to blame.

sunshinejen1979's picture

I have experienced the same problem! Keep in mind, if you were drawn for the 1st round, your not eligible to enter second chance.

mattp088's picture

Got confirmation that I was picked for tickets for Saturday concert but when I put my email in to look up code to put in for 2nd chance drawing for additional days it says there is no confirmation for my email. Anyone else have this problem?

jasonr022's picture

No tickets again this yr. in first round.

Trying the second chance we'll see what happens.....hoping

I know allot of people are upset, But if Sammy could do this to where all of us Redheads could be there he would, Hell he'd have to hold in a 50,000 person area.... he is doing what he can with the size of the Wabo... it's not that he don't love his fan's the place will only hold so many people!!!!!

Hoseclamp's picture

Kimmie those tickets are the dinner tickets, there's a lineup in the street outside of the cantina, first come first serve.

AaronKatz2000's picture

Began going to B-Day bashes in 2002 (have only missed 3 years since) and have brought as many as 20 friends down to Cabo in groups for B-Day bashes. Used to go to 4-6 shows every year with the wait in the street system and then the buying tickets online system. I preferred the buying tickets online system. That let the free market dictate who attended and obviously the most hardcore Sammy fans were diligent with that system to make sure they got tickets to the shows. Although not preferred, at least the wait in the street system separated the true Sammy fan from the casual Cabo attendee. The lottery system makes no distinction between the hardcore fans and the casual person who happens to be in Cabo and hence, MANY hardcore fans get shut out and casual fans are getting in through the lottery and checking out a show and then leaving the Wabo at 10 to go do jello shots at El Squid Roe. Love Sammy and hoping to get picked in the 2nd chance drawing yet I really do wish they would go back to one of the old systems and be done with the lottery. I've come to love Cabo so much that I will always go there (got married there in 2008 in fact) yet without a change in this terrible system, my b-day bash tradition may sadly be a tradition of the past soon...

rshofner71's picture

Im in the same boat...3yrs no luck...Im still going to Cabo though and fingers crossed for the second chance drawing.

amanda6312's picture

3rd year for me registering for all 4 nights without winning even one show. Was hoping to celebrate my husbands 40th in Cabo this year:/ Here's hoping for a second chance drawing win...

Cabo Rob's picture

Well here we Redheads are again. Get so tired of the true fans getting shit on. I'm happy for all those who got tickets. Really. I believe most of us agree this system f'ing sucks. You've got so many fans that truly felt the love so much that we would count down the days starting in January until October. I was one of them! But this empty ass feeling of being a fan that hasn't missed a trip to Cabo since 2006 with my wife as that is where we celebrate our Anniversary every year and look forward so much to the show which is the highlight of the trip and now for the last couple years that part has been taken away. You will see people there Saturday night with 2 and 3 wristbands on. That's bullshit dude. Sammy do you read these posts...really? The show was so "intimate" up until a couple years ago and now it's like "WTF Happened!??" The guy that doesn't even know the words to I Cant Drive 55 is on the floor and the guy with the I Cant Drive 55 tattoo for the last 20 years is out in the line and they drop the rope at what..12:15 when the place empties out. It's fact. You see them leaving with wristbands on not even half way through the show. This is what Sammys Birthday Bash has come to. If anyone is still reading this that is a true Sammy fan from way back and you have been FDIC you know its true. Sammy.....do you really read these posts...in Maui..? We love ya man but you have to fix this shit. I cant even get to one show and I'm there all week? Please fix it Sammy. Do you really hear us anymore Sammy?? You used to? Born to rock and built to last means forever....including your fans! We need your help because you're the only one that can fix this f'ed up system.
Cabo Rob from Carolina (where Sammy used to tour) said it!

917cabo's picture

I agree and will drink to that. This gets more stressful and disappointing every year. 3rd year in a row for us too. I remember the year we just set up our pay pal, got on line, bought our tickets and went to Cabo to love on Sammy shows. Sigh!!

Farlow's picture

As early as you can get there that morning. Good to work in shifts.

14ktred's picture

I got lucky and got Bday night!!! So excited!! I feel for the people that didn't get tix. I will not register for second chance for another night. I hope everyone that already has tix does the same to give you all a better chance of seeing at least one show. See you in CABO....first stop TAHOE

mikea049's picture

Sorry if I am missing the obvious but is there a second round of tickets to register for? Thanks!

tmac's picture

Is there any other way to get tickets for the show??

nancyg068's picture

How is it possible for a person to get skunked two years in a row? Especially when they said they are only allowing 1 show per person this year. I smell a skunk!!! Fat chance for second chance!!!

Hoseclamp's picture

All four of us skunked, entered second draw. Fingers crossed, all good though with plan "B". FDIC!!!!

ltcmcden's picture

So last year, if you were selected in the first round for any shows, you were not eligible for the second chance. This new post indicates that even if you were selected for a show, but did not get all of the shows you applied for, you can enter the second chance for any shows you didn't get. This reduces the chances for those, like me, who have been skunked in the first round for 3 years. This system keeps getting worse. It is incredible to me that you can take something that really sucks, and continue to make it worse. How about we buy tickets online like every other concert in North America?

bloud01's picture

Got mine!!! See ya in Cabo!!!!!

daizy24's picture

Nothing again!! :(

kimmie's picture

Does anyone know what the process is for purchasing tickets at the Cabo Wabo Cantina? We are traveling with friends who received tickets and we'd like to join them at the 10/13 show. I see tickets go on sale at noon...anyone know when the line starts forming???

Rock On!

pjbirchenough's picture

Skunked again. Fingers crossed for second chance.