2nd Chance Lottery Entry and Ticket Refunds for 2015 Bday Bash

August 06, 2015
2nd Chance Lottery Entry and Ticket Refunds for 2015 Bday Bash


All 2nd chance winners have been processed and emailed about their ticket confirmations! The refunds are currently processing and all of those who requested returns should see the transactions back into their account within 2 weeks. 

For those who did not win, please remember that we adopted this system to give each person an equal chance of winning considering there are only so many seats available! We wish you the best of luck next year and thank you for participating!

For those of you who have tickets we are looking forward to seeing you all in Cabo! Here we go!!!



Please remember this one time return is the ONLY exception to the 'no refund' policy. All those Redheads already selected and those selected for the Second Chance drawing will not be able to request refunds after August 17th. 


If you have already emailed info@redrocker.com about refunding your ticket, there is no need to add your confirmation number to this form. 

To request a refund for your bday bash tickets, enter your confirmation number/s at: http://bit.ly/2015bdaybashrefund

To enter for the second chance draw enter your registration number/s at: http://bit.ly/2015bdaybash2ndchance

If you accidentally deleted your registration code email find your registration numbers at: http://www.redrocker.com/bdaybash/reg-lookup.php 




 55 Redhead Comments

mark portell's picture

I GOT NOTHIN !!!!!!!

cnbrooks's picture

Got Second Chance Tickets for Night One on October 7th. Beyond excited!

marks007's picture

Bummer, but...thanks for letting me know.

redrocker327's picture

The ticketing company for the BDB shows is InTicketing. Those charges are not from Sammy.

marks007's picture

Didn't get any sort of notification that I won second chance tickets, but...have two charges showing up on my bank account labeled EVENTTICKETS EXTREMETIX, one on Aug 19 and one on the 21st. I guessing these are what I'm hoping they are. Can anyone that got tickets confirm if this is how they post? And, how to do I confirm my tickets (again, received no email, and don't see anyplace to do it here)???

Super.Dave's picture

Me too, registered for all four nights.
Got e mail confirmation of registration for all four nights . Later I tried to look then up on redrocker.com search tool. At first search tool found nothing. Several days later search tool only found 1-4.
So what happened to 2-3 ? needles to say I got no tickets.

Susan Heaford's picture

No email to say I won in the 2nd chance drawing, but you did not have my correct e-mail. Is there a place we can go to look up the winning numbers? What if I won and the notification was sent to the e-mail that is not mine?
********************************* Sue

sdbroome's picture

We are traveling with another couple but we each have gotten tickets for different nights. Is it possible to trade two Wednesday night ( 10 / 7 ) tickets for two Friday night ( 10 / 9 ) tickets?

montecristo's picture

Got nothing, girlfriend and I tried for all four show, nada.

sdbroome's picture

We are traveling with another couple but we each got tickets on different nights. Is there a way to trade two Wednesday night (10/7) tickets for two Friday night (10/9) tickets?

Andrea2917's picture

Got second chance for Night One Oct 7th.....See you there

AaronKatz2000's picture

Got picked in second chance drawing for the 10/9 show.

tahoewabo64's picture

just got night 4 on second chance-woo hoo!!!!

10steve10's picture

Just received email for 2nd chance. Got the 7th

gaynar051's picture

I also got 2nd chance tics!

Tinkkermel@yahoo.com's picture

We got TWO NIGHTS of second chance!

redrocker327's picture

2nd chance is happening now. Be on the lookout.

mgoessling55's picture

Havent heard anything about anyone winning second chance tickets yet. Waiting. Lol I figured no news is good news :-)

Joek's picture

any one get last chance tickets yet?

Tinkkermel@yahoo.com's picture

No problem! I am waiting for them too... This year it's really late notice...

rachelc097's picture

Great thank you for letting us know. :)

Tinkkermel@yahoo.com's picture

This was what was on FB
Alright Redheads, the 2nd chance drawing registration and refund submissions are NOW CLOSED!

We are processing the refunds and going to be selecting the winners for the 2nd chance drawing within a week, please stay tuned for an announcement on the blog & social sites!
Best of luck to everyone!

redrocker327's picture

Mark and Rachel,
They have not done the 2nd chance drawing yet. There was a FB post saying to be watching for an announcement on it.

rachelc097's picture

I'm always checking my emails still hoping to win the second chance tickets. Does anyone know when they will give these out or if they already released them? Thank you!

mark portell's picture

anyone heard anything yet ?

rachelc097's picture

Has anyone won the second chance tickets yet?

smoopiecat's picture

After 5 years of trying to win Birthday bash tickets this year I won this year 2015.
Staying at the RUI hotels a few miles from Cabo.
Don't give up on trying to win.
I had friends who tried on 2nd chance drawing an won before.
I think it's fair way of selling tickets.

high bid's picture

No ticket winner here
Which Cabo hotel is hosting the pool party? It would be cool if a hotel in cabo hosted a pool party with big screens playing nothing but past cantina concerts all day! This would help ease the pain of no tix. We're staying @ Pedregal and ready to go!

cathyl021's picture

Praying for second chance tickets!!! We had tickets last year! So sad!

gol's picture

I did last year...but the danged hurricane ruined that :(

redrocker327's picture

They stopped doing that at least five years ago.

toddg056's picture

Unless they have changed this now as well, if you can show proof/ID of your birthday being October 13th I believe you get in to the show automatically. I would definitely ask/try.

Super.Dave's picture

I put in for all four nights.
after not finding my emails for several days using the search tool, two numbers have been found. Just hopping for a fair second chance. keeping all digits crossed (makes walking difficult HA) RED RKR2

Susan Heaford's picture

I am Very concerned. I put in my e-mail for my registration numbers. it did not have it logged. when I tried it again without any capital letters, it took it and said it sent an e-mail to me with my numbers. I have rec, NO E-mail. How can I when there are capital letters? My email is CaboBillySue@Hotmail.com
You seem to have it as cabobillysue@hotmail.com
what do I do? sincerely, Sue

1013too's picture

Praying for a pair via the 2nd chance! Sammy and I share the 13th of Oct as a b-day, and it is my 50th this year, so was traveling with 2 buddies as part of a bucket list- Sammy in Cabo on our Birthday!! Anybody with an extra ticket, please let me know!

Deb Fowler's picture

I did win with 2nd chance in 2013. Got the 7th show. So it does work.

esmertrevino01@aol.com's picture

I'm experiencing the same scenerio :(

917cabo's picture

Does anybody ever win 2nd chance tickets?

Dave11466's picture

Good luck to all in the second chance lottery !!!!!!!

redrocker327's picture

If they follow the pattern of this year my guess is the 24th.

mtvnuccio's picture

when will they be having the second chance drawing?

gsgeorge3's picture

right. but do I do it every day, like I did originally? or do I just log them in one time?

CEB1965's picture

Need our travelling companions (Mary Gee) to be lucky enough to be drawn in the second chance round to join us AMG1963 at the Birthday Bash night 4!! Our fingers and toes are crossed for them so they can celebrate our 25th anniversary at Cabo Wabo! It is their first time ever in Mexico so sending out positive vibes to the Red Rocker Gods that they are lucky enough to be drawn the second time around. If they are not we will definitely be going to the Cantina another night so they can experience this fabulous place in Cabo San Lucas!!

Sandy C's picture

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me get tickets for just one show!!! I'm praying to the rock Gods every minute of every day!!!

jules49ergirl's picture

I am so disappointed... did not get tickets... I was hoping that because I had tickets last year but due to hurricane did not get to go that the Rock God's would be shining down on my chances... COME ON SECOND CHANCE!!!

redrocker327's picture

Just the one(s) you were not picked for on the original draw.

TJH1010's picture

wooohooo I got my tickets!!!! gonna be our first time!!were soooo excited!!!! Anybody else out there going from Houston???

gsgeorge3's picture

so, do I put in my codes every day, again?

Susan Heaford's picture

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! JUST NEED A 2nd CHANCE TICKET! To make the Trip COMPLETE!!! My e-mail did not come up either!! How can that be? My numbers are 137605 / 137624 / 137652 / 137677

Kpread's picture

Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that we get picked for just one night!