2nd Chance Birthday Bash Ticket Winners Selected & Emailed! Purchase Tickets by Aug. 22nd 9pm PT

August 18, 2016
2nd Chance Birthday Bash Ticket Winners Selected & Emailed! Purchase Tickets by Aug. 22nd 9pm PT

Winners for the 2nd Round of Birthday Bash Tickets have been selected and emailed purchase links!

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2nd Chance Birthday Bash Lottery!! Your email from TicketFly will contain a link to purchase tickets for the dates that you requested. You MUST purchase these tickets before AUGUST 22nd at 9pm PT!!!

If you cannot attend, DO NOT PURCHASE TICKETS. Simply let the tickets expire on August 22nd and they will automatically be added back into the ticket pool for a possible 3rd chance drawing. 

If you are unsure if you are a winner for the ticket lottery or afraid that your email went into your spam inbox you can use the link below to check if you have won. For additional questions please email info@redrocker.com or send a support ticket to TicketFly at: https://support.ticketfly.com/

TO CHECK YOUR TICKET REGISTRATION STATUS: http://www.redrocker.com/bdaybash/lookup.php

If you have any questions about your purchase, please contact TicketFly Customer Support at 877-435-9848 or here. For any additional questions about the Birthday Bash, please email info@redrocker.com

Thank you and see you in Cabo!


Review the ticket registration process below:

This year we have streamlined the registration process so you only have to fill out one form that includes your ticket preference for all four shows (instead of registering for each night separately). The ticket limit remains 2 per night, and each show will again have its random drawing performed individually.

This means a single registration that specifies 2 tickets for all of Oct 7, 9, 11 & 13 will have equal chance of being selected in each night's drawing. The random drawing will be done Wednesday, August 10th and those selected will be notified via email. The email will include links to complete their purchase, which must be done by August 15th.

Once purchased, no returns will be allowed. Instead, winners have those 5 days to confirm their travel and lodging and then complete their purchase. Any tickets not purchased by the deadline will be returned into the pool for a second drawing. PLEASE REMEMBER that to make ticket process fair, NO TICKET TRANSFERS ARE ALLOWED and ONLY ONE ENTRY PER SHOW PER BILLING ADDRESS IS ALLOWED. All submissions will be verified and multiple entries are subject to having all related registrations cancelled. Valid ID of the purchaser will be required to be shown at the venue.

After the 1st round of tickets have been purchased, unused or canceled tickets will be released in a second chance random drawing on Wed., August 17th . Those who won 2nd chance tickets will have (5) five days to purchase their tickets.  The tickets will expire on August 22nd at 9pm PT. Further details will be posted if this process continues to a 3rd chance drawing. 

Event Dates: Oct 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 2016 (Sammy's Annual Birthday Bash)
Event Address: Cabo Wabo Cantina, Calle Vicente Guerrero S/N, Centro, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico
Questions? Contact us at: info@redrocker.com
Ticket cost: $69/ea ($1 x Sammy's age!) 

Limited dinner + show tickets will again be sold in person at the Cabo Wabo Cantina on a first come, first served basis! More info here: http://www.redrocker.com/news/2016-birthday-bash-dinner-show-tickets


 29 Redhead Comments

snyder221's picture

Is there any info regarding the coveted "Further details will be posted if this process continues to a 3rd chance drawing"? I haven't seen anything published or emailed. Still hopeful as well.

DotFranklin's picture

I haven't received an email about the 3rd chance drawing yet. My sister was lucky to get in the 1st drawing but I'm still waiting. Plane booked, hotel is paid, either way I will be there. Anyone have any suggestions on what time I have to start standing in line at Cabo Wabo for Dinner/show tickets??? first time to cabo. My husband is retiring from law enforcement of 30 years.... ready to relax!!!!

DotFranklin's picture

I'm not sure if the 3rd drawing has taken place yet. I have not received an email either. Plane booked, hotel paid ... coming down either way, just would really like tickets to the Oct 11 show !!! Anyone have suggestions on what time to start standing in line at Cabo Wabo just in case????

tstempyamg63's picture

Guess We didn't win the 3rd drawing. Still haven't herd on the outcome of the drawing now its the 30th. They need to do the tixx on a first come first serve basis like other concerts. Hope we will still get a e-mail about the third chance drawing. Still looking forward the the cabo trip will try the dinner show I guess.

Jackie Glover's picture

I would really like an explanation as to why you sent an email stating we had until August 28th at 9pm PT to registered for 3rd chance drawing and then closed it b4 the time was up. 4 people in our group that are coming down did not even get to registered because of this. Very disappointed and confused....

dillon93907's picture

I am with the rest of you. No tickets for me either. Still be in Cabo and hoping to party with the other ticket "Losers" :o(

Jackie Glover's picture

Hi SanFran,

This is weird because my sister tried to registered yesterday b4 the 9pm deadline and it said the registration for 3rd chance drawing was closed. She sent an email to info@redrocker.com but has not received a reply yet. There have been two people posting saying they have won 3rd chance tics, b4 the 3rd chance drawing was suppose to occur today.


sanfran49's picture

Kenny O. Were you selected in the 3rd drawing? I'm asking because I or any other of my buddies have not been notified. Please let us know. Thanks

StlCardinals's picture

Tickets for #3...woo hoo! I knew we should have just booked a vacation...probably won't find an all-inclusive unless some people holding out for tickets cancel. Wishful thinking......

Kenny O's picture

3rd chance is a charm!! Seeing The Circle in Chicago next weekend and now Cabo in the fall baby!! See you there!

Harleymomma08's picture

To romo09 - I received and email with a link attached to it. Once I was in, I had to verify my email address and pick the nights I'm hoping to win.

Good luck

tstempyamg63's picture


romo09's picture

where did you find a way to register for round 3?

Harleymomma08's picture

I received the 3rd drawing email this morning. I was able to enter. Hoping to lottery process is good to me and everyone else who didn't win tickets and have their airfare and rooms paid! Either way, we will see all of you in Cabo.

Good luck!


toddg056's picture

3rd chance drawing is real and it looks like they hopefully found a way to try and exclude previous drawing winners this time. This is a good thing ! Can anyone verify that they have been selected or won tickets to more than one night ? You should have instructions in your email for the 3rd chance this morning. If you register you WILL be charged for the tickets no matter what if you are selected. To increase odds of seeing one show I would submit for however many you will be there for. I just hope if you are drawn for one, you are removed from the rest to give others who have not yet been drawn a chance to attend as well. I was lucky and won tix for night #2 on the first drawing. I have NOT been contacted for any other drawings since which is how it should be I think. My sister has not been selected yet, but has received ALL 2nd & 3rd chance updates/emails.

dillon93907's picture

Oh wow check your email. You will have to confirm your registration to be eligible for round three. Good luck everyone.

redrocker327's picture

They are going to be doing a 3rd drawing. The information about it is supposed to be announced tonight.

dillon93907's picture

Do we dare hope for a third chance??

dillon93907's picture

Do we dare hope for a third chance??

Harleymomma08's picture

Come on 3rd chance Birthday Bash tickets!!!

redrocker327's picture

There was an email sent out to previous drawing winners to alert them of the extra time.

Sams5150's picture

How do you know the extended it to tonight?

redrocker327's picture

They have extended deadline for winners until tonight at 9pm PT. I would say if a 3rd drawing happens it would be tomorrow.

Kmk0910's picture

When will the 3rd chance winners (if any) be notified? I'm still holding onto hope!

dbeilfuss66's picture

I want to be face down in Cabo kissing the ground. Get me two raffle tickets. Please!!!!!!

dbeilfuss66's picture

Very much agree!

rjflamm's picture

OMFTG (Oh My F@#$n Tequila Goodness)...we got in with show #4 on the second draw...this is so amazing!!!!..what a feeling...i feel like i won the biggest jackpot lottery EVER!!!

If u didnt win...keep trying...u just never know

Thank you soo much Sammy
Your the Best!!!

kvilla3569's picture

I feel your pain mszmom. I too have never been selected and register for all shows every year, although I did get to go in 2013 because my friend was selected. I've been 1 other time in 2011 when you could purchase tix online, before the lottery started. It's so disappointing to see redheads that get to go to multiple shows while many of us get none.

I will still be in Cabo that week in October, like every year, I still need my vacation!

mszmom's picture

Very saddened by the lottery process. Many Redheads enter every year and get nothing. I personally have not won since the lottery started. This year only one person I know that goes down every year won. This is so frustrating that all the regulars get shut out year after year.