2016 Birthday Bash Dinner + Show Tickets

August 01, 2016
2016 Birthday Bash Dinner + Show Tickets


OCTOBER 6 …..at 12:00 pm FOR SHOWS ON OCT 7 & 9

OCTOBER 10 …..at 12:00 pm FOR SHOWS ON OCT 11 & 13

Tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis.
Maximum of 2 seats per person present for purchase / Please have valid ID

Dinner show tickets will be $110 per person (Cash & Traveler Checks only)

Ticket includes a welcome drink , dinner, tax, tip & admission into the show. It does not include drinks.

Dinner reservations DO NOT guarantee a table for the show.

The biggest reason is there are no tables or chairs, the shows will be standing room only!

DINNER SEATINGS AVAILABLE 6:00 PM / 7:30 PM & 9:00 PM for all dates

Groups of (2) can expect to be seated with another couple


 43 Redhead Comments

kmurphy4720's picture

My friend and I were hoping to get dinner tickets to either the 11th or 13th show. However, they go on sale Oct 10th at 12:00 and we don't arrive until 5:00. Are there any other options out there to get tickets? Are ticket holders able to sell them? Any suggestions or tickets for sale?

davem5321's picture

I was in the ticket lottery, but did not win any of the tickets this year. I will be in Cabo all week. If anyone has tickets they can't use for either the 11th or the 13th, let me know. I just need two tickets. davem"at"hollyhill.com

Hschang's picture

How early do we need to get in line on the 10th?? We are looking for two tickets.

MBluvsU's picture

Hi Redheads! I need 2 tickets for Friday, Oct 7 or dinner tickets as I arrive tmo! It would be a great birthday for me as well :) Thank you! text 310.874.4468 with Redhead in subject plz
Happy Birthday to Sammy!

Cabocharlie's picture

Need ticket for either 11th or 13th. Running Chicago marathon on Oct 9 won't get into Cabo till morning of the 11th. Thank you

UnclePauly's picture

I need 1 ticket for the 13th HELP!

Rock Steady,
Uncle Pauly

UnclePauly's picture

I need 1 ticket for the 13th HELP!

Rock Steady,
Uncle Pauly

Jeri Skipper's picture

WE did not get tickets through the lottery. WE fly in on the 13th and would love to go. We had tickets two years ago and then the hurricane came so no show.

Last year we got tickets at Cabo Wabo then the rain storm hit and we could not get out of our Hotel due the floods so we missed it.

WE really want to go so if anyone has tix for the 13th there are two of us.

badronald55's picture

I need 2 tickets

Dsm0707's picture

To the administrator; Is the newest round of tickets going on sale on Sunday 9/11 are they for standing room only? And do you have to be at the venue at 6pm to get in?

jeffreyd40's picture

I want to apply for last chance tickets for the Birthday Bash,if at all possible. My birthday is October 7. I was fortunate enough to be there in 2003 and 2005.

tmac's picture

I got email for 3rd chance drawing, registered for it but haven't seen or got an email saying wether the winners were drawn yet.

Tess142's picture

I will be arriving in Cabo on October 12th. How can I purchase a ticket for the 4th night(oct.13th) ...Thanks.

Ariana Simoes Martins's picture

I received an email on August 28th to let mw know I got tickets for night 1. I also received an email by Ticketfly, where an account was created for me to buy the tickets.

Ariana Simoes Martins's picture

I received an email on August 28th to let mw know I got tickets for night 1. I also received an email by Ticketfly, where an account was created for me to buy the tickets.

Hschang's picture

I haven't heard anything. I checked my email address in the old link again.

CMHDude's picture

The way I'm seen it work in the past is you can only buy dinner tickets for the current day. You can't buy tickets for a Wednesday show on Tuesday for example.

gdsharp1's picture

Has anyone received a 3rd chance drawing notification? I entered, but haven't seen any indication that the drawing has been done.

JohnnyCabo's picture

They really need to get rid of this stupid ass lottery! People get into it, get drawn, then realize they have to book GOING to Cabo. So they let the tickets go...whatever. Or people get drawn for every show, and some of us get completely shutout. That's crap! The should just sell tickets to each show, just like any other concert. Period. Totally disappointed in the Red Rocker and this entire website. I've been a fan since 1980,and seen him MULTIPLE times, but never in Cabo. And from the looks of it, not again this year. Won't ever enter again.

sammy55's picture

Hey Deb!

ssoman's picture

My husband received an email regarding a third drawing with deadline of 8/28/16 9:00 P.M. He attempted to register for all 4 nights this morning and received a response that the drawing is closed. WTF! I am hoping this is a technical error and we are still able to register. Any insight would be appreciated as this roller coaster ride is making me nauseous!

Jimmybrand's picture

can any1 recommend a hotel?

sammyd685's picture

Please help I got my link for 3rd chance drawing and really want to go but the link takes me to old website how do I reregister?

Harleymomma08's picture

To; KK5150
Yes. Usually people start picking up their armbands around 2pm then some start a new line to get in first. The doors open around 7ish so you will be in line for a long time. We get our armbands go back to the pool and show up around 6ish to get in line.

A word of caution - it's hot and the beer is cold and I have seen so many people carried out before the first song is played. Once you are in - you have another 2 hrs to wait for Sammy to come on stage. It's so much fun but pace yourself!

See you in Cabo!

Sams5150's picture

Got the 11th WooHoo!!!

KK5150's picture

Stoked that we made it in the lottery for the first nite....EEEEEKKKK! So can you get your wrist bands and like stay there and eat and hang out til the show?? Just curious!!!

scook13's picture

did 2nd chance emails go out yet?

Deb Fowler's picture

Another question for admin.....if I am able to purchase dinner tix on the 10th will I be able to purchase 2 tix for the 11th show and also 2 tix for the 13th show or will I only be able to purchase 2 tix for either the 11th show or the 13th show? Thank you

Deb Fowler's picture

Admin....are the booths for sale? Also, how can access to the ropped off area to the left of the stage be purchased? Please eemail response to me at skifvr@charter.net. thank you

karens6's picture

Good Morning,

Can I register for the second chance tix


no1aerofan's picture

Dumb question and sure its been asked do we even get to meet Sammy?

Kimnmike31's picture

YES!!!!! Night 4 here we come!!!!!!

Kimnmike31's picture

YES!!!!! Night 4 here we come!!!!!!

redrocker327's picture

This year they are not sending out registered confirmation emails. The last panel of the entry form serves as your proof. It should have read thanks for your registration or wording along those lines. You can email info@redrocker.com and they can check to verify.

Harleymomma08's picture

Dear Admin: I just registered for the lottery. do we receive confirmation email that our registration was received?

Norma Richardson

waynelloyd72's picture

How many dinner tickets per show will be sold?

jalima's picture

Hi. Would you please confirm if my registration has been properly received?
And how could I review it?

Thank you very much,

admin's picture

Hi Mike,

The final panel of the form is a confirmation instead of an email. Once you purchase the tickets themselves (if you are chosen) you will receive a confirmation of your purchase.

Your registration has been received. Good luck!

admin's picture

Hi there,

These are only sold in person at the Cantina. They will be sold in the bar area on the dates listed above.

redrocker327's picture

No this is NOT part of the lottery. You have to camp out at the Cantina to buy these. There are usually people starting the camp out 24 to 50 hours prior to the on sale.

jeagan2's picture

IS this part of the lottery?

Crurugby's picture

No links to be found anywhere?

waboritamike's picture

After signing up for bash tickets are there no email confirmations that your entry is received like in past years?