2014 Birthday Bash Ticket Refunds and Transfers Opportunity to Las Vegas Oct 18 Event

September 24, 2014

Although Sammy's annual Cabo Birthday Bash cannot happen at the Cabo Wabo Cantina, Cabo, Mexico this year, the party will still go on! This time, in Las Vegas on October 18.

Redheads who had tickets for the Bash are able to transfer their tickets for the October 18th event at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. These will be "The Red Zone" tickets (an $85 value!) 

If you are a Birthday Bash ticket holder and wish to transfer your tickets to a friend, you will have the opportunity to submit a new name in the transfer process. If you have tickets for multiple nights, you must submit a form for each confirmation number.

All transfer requests must be submitted at http://bit.ly/sammysvegasbash by 5:00pm PT, October 12, 2014

If you are a ticket holder and are unable to, or do not wish to attend the Vegas show, you will receive a full ticket refund. To receive a full refund, simply do nothing – starting October 13th refunds will be automatically processed for all orders for which we have not received a transfer request. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the credit to appear on your account.
Sammy is also giving everyone who purchased tickets to his Birthday Bash in Cabo a complimentary digital download of his new acoustic album scheduled for release beginning on his birthday, October 13.  Ticket purchasers will be contacted through email with their special code to download the album on the release day.

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I completely agree! I would love to keep my tickets for next year! I was so excited to get the tickets for the 13th!! I couldn't believe it! Please let the winners of this year keep their tickets for the same nights next year!

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I just answered my own question: "General admission tickets are $65. “Red Zone” tickets, offering exclusive access to the Party Pit and prime views of the stage, are $85. A very limited amount of VIP Seats are available for $150." :-)

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Quick question - Is the VIP area the same as - or different from - the "Red Zone"? THANKS!!

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Redheads! Enough with all the whining please! The show goes on, right? I think the crew has done more than well to keep the B Bash happening. The options are fair, so make your choice and stfu! Best of luck for next year, and may good fortune come your way...see you in Vegas then..

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I feel for the redheads who finally won tickets, I was one of them. But I think its too late to change course now with many people already transferring tickets to the Vegas show and making plans. Its gonna be a party in Sin City!

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Please, please please. After many years, finally got tix. So hard to get picked as so many will attest. Give the lottery winners an option to not refund and honor next year. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Cabo. Certainly the once in a lifetime chance to see the B-day bash being taken away pales in comparison to the devastation and loss the people of Cabo suffered. We have been though it first hand with Hurricane Sandy in NJ 2 years ago. Please do the right thing and keep the lottery winners happy.

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I absolutely agree that everyone who doesn't want a refund and wants to keep their tickets for 2015 in Cabo should have that option. Don't see why that would be a problem. It seems more of a hassle to do all the transfers. The is no way that our tickets that were won and paid for should have to go into a redraw. We certainly went through the hassle of planning and un planning airline and hotel reservations, I think that should be enough reason to let us keep them for next year.

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I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please, Please, Please, Please, Please let us keep our tickets for the 2015 Birthday Bash if we already have them. I have no interest in Vegas. Keep my money and let me use my tickets for 2015 in Cabo!!!!!

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Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Let me keep my Birthday Bash tickets for the 2015 event!!! I dont want to go to Vegas I want to go back to Cabo!

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CABO 1013,
We too LOVE NOT ONLY SAMMY'S Bday Bash, BUT, The Beautiful People of CABO and B.C.S. Mexico.
Cudos to the Cabo Redhead for putting "Out" what most of the devoted "OTHER 2014 WINNERS" are truly thinking!
I too hate Vegas! NO desire to go back!
SAM, THE CANTINA, AND SAMMY'S BIrthday Bash In 2015. That's all I'm asking for. Keep my money and hold it for next October.
You can tell Sam I'll even throw up my "Hockey Night in Canada "JERSEY" THAT HE WORE IN London, Ontario AND Lewiston, N.Y? This summer alone. Tell him I will even BRING HIM ONE IF HE WANTS.
You can YouTube it if you don't believe me.

Give the majority a say if we want to keep what we "WON" fair and square. My girlfriend and I will be there as we have been for 15 years straight. It would be a "Huge" HUGE" anticipation for us knowing "YOU" Mr. Or Mrs. ADMIN and hopefully even Sammy........THE REAL REASON WE SO PASSIONATELY FEEL THIS WAY ALONG WITH HIS AMAZING MUSIC, THE CANTINA AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THE LOCALS OF CABO SAN LUCAS and Actually honor OUR and the majorities wishes.

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I would like to transfer my Birthday Bash Tickets to Cabo 2015 not Vegas 2014 on a date that doesn't work and a place I don't care to visit. We love Cabo and Sammy and go every October with or without Birthday Bash tickets and unfortunately our airline cancelled out trip without giving us a choice. We were lucky to have Birthday Bash tickets for Cabo this year and would love nothing more than to know we have them for next year when we are able to go and support Cabo again. Please give us a chance to keep what we have for next year.
Our thoughts and prayers have been with the amazing people of Cabo since Odiles devastating appearance.
ADMIN: my email is mosborne3@cogeco.ca
Please listen to our request and to all the other devoted CABO Redheads that would like the chance to keep the tickets for next year.
Thank you

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admin's picture

Hi Not2awnry,

Yes, if you are the person who will be attending the show in Vegas then you should transfer the tickets in your own name BEFORE October 13th. On October 13th, anyone who has not transferred their tickets will be refunded.

Hope to see you in Vegas!

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Hi Dosent seem right it should be carried over. I already wrote a letter on the 18th of sept. The odds of winning next year. Not very good id bet. Good luck next year. Cheers Steve

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Hey Maria,

This was my first year (out of 5 tries) of getting Birthday Bash Tickets. I have got two this year and will be transferring them to the Oct 18 show. But, I have two couples (rockers that I have known since 1976) who say they want to go. If I could get 4 tickets from you, that would be amazing. I live in the OC (near LA) and the drive to Vegas is pretty short. Please let me now if this is something you could accomodate.


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the ticketing a a little unclear.. IF you have a BB ticket and are going to the Vegas show is there still a transfer process? this page states " starting October 13th refunds will be automatically processed for all orders for which we have not received a transfer request." that is before the show on the 18th .. do we transfer tix in our own name to avoid automatic refunds???

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I have 3 pairs of tix that I was lucky enough to be drawn for for the Cabo shows. However, I cannot make it to Vegas:(. I can transfer tix over to other Redheads. I would like to have someone enjoy them! Please contact me on FB if you need tix. Tickets were $55 each. That's a $30 savings per ticket compared to the Red Zone tix which are on sale now for the belated Vegas show.

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Not exactly an intimate show like the real birthday bash......I can see Sammy in a larger venue anytime i want. I think this years winners are getting the shaft, basically. Anyone can go to this show, and being "upgraded" to the red zone doesn't come close to having tickets to see him in Cabo. Hopefully someone will come to their senses and let us use our tickets for next year, but i doubt it.

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i just received confirmation today for birthday show in cabo for night 1? I was charged on my credit in july but was never notified that i was drawn.I have no clue what is going on?

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I'm excited about Vegas!!!!1 I'm lucky,had one night and live 3 hours from Vegas. I love downtown Vegas, can't wait. I love the line up. I know this whole thing is a bummer to many. To get a refund, transfer to the 18th, or be able to transfer your tics to friends, seems fair. Holding tics for 2015, would end up a cluster .....me thinks.

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I just want to say I agree with the posters who would like the opportunity to have our bash tickets transferred to Cabo 2015. Cabo is more than just Sammy. The intimate venue, wonderful people, food, atmosphere, etc of Cabo all add to the experience. We feel so lucky to have been chosen to receive tickets it seems only fair to have the opportunity to use them next year. A venue in Vegas that holds 15,000 people (Red Zone or not) can no way compare to Cabo! Even though it would cost half the price to go to Vegas, I still would rather wait and go to Cabo next year! PLEASE consider the option to let us use them for next years Bash.....

Plus the kind hard working people of Cabo need our money!!!

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All Booked and Ready to go. Transfer process was really easy!

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Everyone who has tix to this year's bday bash does NOT have an opportunity to go to Vegas. It's a different weekend. Possibly just wishful thinking on my part - just posing the question that I am sure a lot of people want to ask.

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Not trying to be rude, but everyone that has tics to this years birthday bash, now has the opportunity to go to vegas and see him. So, I don't think it should carry over to 2015. The lottery process should start all over again. We already booked our resort for 2015. I hope we get picked this time...

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Mark and I are so bummed out with this decision! We were drawn for the 3rd and 4th day of Sammy's Birthday Bash this year. THIS IS THE FIRST YEAR THAT OUR NAMES WERE DRAWN. We think it only fair to keep our money and allow us to attend next year in Cabo for the same two nights. We took a winter vacation in March 2014 to Vegas and passed on taking a summer vacation as we were saving up for our trip to Cabo. We realize this was a natural disaster and it was difficult to find a new venue for the event, but please consider providing us the opportunity to attend the same nights next year in Cabo. We have a connection, Sammy, my birthday is March 13 and Mark's is August 13!
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Awesome! Can't wait - we're there!!!

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While I understand that it is a long ways off and this complicates things, are there plans to "guarantee" tickets for the 2105 bash to those whose had them for 2014?

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ALL Booked & SO READY!! Let's Do It Up Right For Your Belated Bday In Vegas, Sammy!! YES!!!!!

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My husband and I were one of the Lake Tahoe winners for the bday bash back in May at the Lake Tahoe Catina .. I have no ticket info to transfer..I hope this works for us too. Let us know If there's any info for us how to do this transfer .. I'll be making calls today too.

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If the transfer process link doesn't work for you, then try typing in the URL by hand into your browser: http://bit.ly/sammysvegasbash

There was indeed a typo in the URL which we fixed- thanks!

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the "transfer process" link gives me an "IE can't open the web page error." The dlvec.com link took me to a site selling silver but I see its been updated to dlvec.showare.com and that looks like it takes me to the right spot. Sending email as well but it looks like we should be good to go in the morning. Thanks!!!!!

admin's picture

Hello Most313 - There are plenty of tickets available and time to get your request in , so we will make sure to get you sorted out! Send us email at info@redrocker.com with the link you clicked on and where you ended up and any error messages you may have received.

The ticket link will not work until the onsale starts tomorrow at 10 PT :)

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I'm getting error messages when clicking on links to the transfer process and to the dlvec link also. Maybe will be opened up and available @ 10:00 PT in the morning but hoping not actually broke. One link took me to a site that is selling silver. Always up for a good investment but looking for tickets this time. :o( So excited about partying in Vegas with Sammy!!!! Can't wait.