2010 Birthday Bash Photos Are Up!

November 01, 2010
2010 Birthday Bash Photos Are Up!

The Official 2010 Birthday Bash photos have been posted! Relive your memories or check out what you missed here:

Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash 10-08-2010
Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash 10-12-2010
Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash 10-13-2010

Click here to view all official Red Rocker photos.


 14 Redhead Comments

purplehayes6503's picture

I was sooo lucky to be able to visit last August! But alas ....no Sammy! 2011 goal! Sammy's Birthday Bash! C'mon winning loto #'s! St Louis loves U! Home of the Cardinals / Red Birds and the city of Red Rockers! Hugs!

Redhead Z's picture

Just want to wish Sammy and the Wabo's, Chickenfoot and all you Redheads out there a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!!!!!

I can only hope that 2011 is as good to all of us as 2010 was to me and my family!!!

For some reason I've become quite the Tequila drinker since returning from Cabo in Oct!!! Love that Cabo Wabo Tequila!!!!

Rock on everyone!!!!


Wooky's picture

I'm pretty sure it's 18.

redrocker7-3-2010's picture

How old do you have to be to go to Sammy's Birthday Bash at the Cabo Wabo?

scottp093's picture

Where are the Birthday Bash Pictures for the oct.9 2010 show ???

cabobenito61's picture

Fabulous pictures, wish I as there that year, can't wait till next year!!!!

Wooky's picture

Are there going to be pictures added from the 9th?

danielw075's picture

Adding to the last message: I WISH I WAS THERE AT THE BASH!!! - Sammy Hagar in my book, Is & Always will be #1 and that can or has always throw(s) the best damn parties, concerts, etc. no matter where he goes. Red Rockers Rule!!!

danielw075's picture

To bad I live all the way over in Pennsylvania and can afford to go to Cabo. Thats why I wish Sammy would come to my hometown and do some shows here. I don't mean in Philly or NJ, I mean closer. P.S. WWE Wrote a note on there calendar in their latest magazine about the CA law of the speed limit 55 changing. Check it out on news stands. I wanna see Sammy as WWE RAW Guest Star. ROCK ON!!!

RDRKR's picture

Hi Murray, we ordered our USOC shirts. Take care.

murmur's picture

THANK YOU Sammy for making my first trip to Cabo so worth it! Managed to see all 4 shows!! Hope you liked your United States of Cabo T-Shirt!!

freeeagle50's picture

Great photos,can't wait till next year!!!!

themay_or's picture

SWEET!!! Definitely worth the wait. Thank you Sammy!!

Redlover's picture

WAY COOL!!!!!!!!!!! Well worth the wait! ♥ THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!