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Tahoe cabo
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Hi, happy holidays to all!!
We were in Lake Tahoe the last couple days and had dinner the other night at the Tahoe Cabo Wabo. What a huge disappointment. I have been there quite a few times in the past and the service, food and drinks were always excellent. This time the service was slow, the food less fresh than at any taco bell and the waboritas not good at all. The rice and beans looked and tasted like they had been microwaved several times....not an exagerration at all!
I spoke with one person who worked there and he said there was a good chance the place was going to close down due to the lease possibly not being renewed. He said Aaron no longer manages the place and it isn't the same anymore.
Even the souvenir shop was lacking anything worth getting.
Just curious if anyone knows the story on what has happened.
It always seemed that whatever Sammy had a hand in was top quality and the service was always exceptional but this place has gone downhill.