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Sammy to meet Tammy in St Louis May 18th?
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I have a small favor of Sammy, I am sure everyone does. First a little background about me & my friend Tammy. I know everyone says they are your biggest fan and I am sure everyone is. I fell in love with you back in 1983 I even named my bird Sammy, your “I can’t drive 55” concert was my first… wow what can I say…. I was stunned! What a performer what a talent! I immediately started collecting all of your cassettes then on to the CD’s and still picking up CD’s (I don’t do that download stuff) then I heard you were replacing DLR of my favorite band (never liked him) … OMG was I ecstatic!!! On to see more concerts and collect more CD’s! You made that band so much better! Your charity work is astounding… Blessings in a Backpack, Little kids rock, Acoustic-4-A-cure, The Hagar Family Foundation, Ambassadors of Hope, Adopt the Arts and many many more. Your love of St. Louis just makes me more proud to be a fan of yours, You Sammy Hagar are the BEST!! On to my friend Tammy, we met and instantly connected… last of 5/6 siblings, older parents, both Sagittarius, on and on… then there was you… we have the common love of you!! We would crank up any of your songs in the office when they came on KSHE. Then when I left to go to a different job I would send Tammy emails that I would type a clip of one of your songs & she would have to guess what song it was (yes she could have googled it but she never did) she always nailed it .. of course! She bought me your book “My Uncensored Life in Rock” she said it was great.. and of course it was. So on to my favor…. Tammy was diagnosed with stage 4 breast & lung cancer 2 weeks ago and it was not looking like she was going to make it out of the hospital (she was in real bad shape) but she is a little fighter and she made it out & is back home. I don’t know if you will see this but I hope somehow you will, if there is any possible way when you get to St. Louis May 18th you could see her just for 1 minute to give your other biggest fan a hug I would be greatly indebted to you.
Thank you!
Love Lesa