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Ravinia Festival-It's a stretch but I have to ask
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I know it's a request made of you hundreds of times. "I'd like to meet you Sammy". Why would my request be any different than anyone else's? I don't have a saf story to tell, no hardship or troubles---just my husbands 49th birthday which is on June 19th and I bought him tickets to see you at Ravinia Festival in illinois. He's been a huge fan of Sammy's, before during and after Van Halen, and has seen him many times. We've been fortunate enough to have front row seats and we're lucky enough to share some high fives with Sammy and share a shot with Michael Anthony, but the desire to still meet Sammy! Visiting Cabo has been on the list for years, and of course to go during Sammy's birthday-but finances and schedules have gotten in the way. This was the best I could do for my husband and I'd be ever so grateful for him to be granted the opportunity to meet you-or for you to even simply give a shout out that it's his birthday or something! His name is Sean Burke-from Crystal Lake, and he'll be 49! Whatever you could do I'd be ever so grateful.