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UPDATE August 2014

Hi all,

I'm looking for the following gear:

DEAN: ML red (early to mid-80's)

WASHBURN: RR-150; RR300; MR250; MR450

The Holy Grail: Washburn RR-200 with the Red Rocker inlay. Willing pay big dollars for mint condition.

If anyone is selling this gear, please let me know.

Rock On!

A BC Canada Redhead :)

My Sammy Gear:

Gibson Sammy Signature Explorer (best Explorer ever made)
Gibson Sammy Signature Les Paul
Hamer Scarab
Washburn RR-100
Washburn RR-180
Washburn MR-400
Washburn MG-810
Yamaha AES620-SH with the Cabo Wabo inlay

3 Crate Red Voodoo Heads and 2 Cabs, one straight cab and one slant

My Other Gear:

Fender Stratocaster 50th Anniversary
Fender Telecaster 60th Anniversary with Kinman Pups (best pups ever!)
Gibson '76 Explorer (baseball bat neck, only good for furniture)
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro II
Gibson Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess (best Les Paul made in decades)
Kramer Vanguard
Yamaha Compass Acoustic/Electric

Blackstar One 50 watt Head on a 4x12 100W Splawn Cab
Fender Limited Edition Acoustasonic 150 in a Mahogany Cabinet
Fender Limited Edition Blues Junior III in an Ash Cabinet
Fender Limited Edition Vibro-King in a Birdseye Maple Cabinet
Marshall MG30

BOSS GT-100 Effects

FYI - Best Guitar Apps: BIAS! Amps and JamUp Pro XT by Positive Grid