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Could a US Redhead please help a swedish Redhead? :)
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I´m planing a trip to the Birthday Bash 2013 together with a friend.
We have never been on the Bash before and I really need all the information I can get how to get my hands on some tickets.
When are the tickets normally released and where can I buy them?

It would be a disaster not to get any tickets after a 20 hour flight to Cabo.

Please help me out with some information.


B-Day Bash 2013
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B-Day Bash 2013

I have been the past few years and the tickets are hard to get. 2011 the sold tix online and they went VERY fast. A minute or two. 2012 the had a random drawing that made EVERYONE NOT HAPPY. I am hoping that they go back to selling online but who knows. Just keep checking this site and probably sometime in July they will announce the dates and how to get them. Good luck and hopefully we'll see you in Cabo.


bday bash
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bday bash

Hi Jonas,

I haven't been there in a few years but tickets are usually announced as a pre-sale for the bday bash.


no waborita in my reach