Past Event

Jun 15 2024
8463 Sierra Avenue
Fontana, CA


Sammy Hagar with Vic Johnson.


Show 8:30PM.


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I am going to venue but I have no tickets. I NEED ONE TICKET!!!!!!. I only need one Help the Sambassador.

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no pre sale

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disapointed. Sat on ticketbastard for 1 hour 30 min waiting for the tickets to go on sale. I got in the waiting room behind 1040. By the time I was able to buy a ticket the only thing left were a few "VIP" Tickets for $500 each. I love Sammy and I have been to 90 shows so far since 1975. But no way can I spend that kind of money to stand at a show.

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No presale code?

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Does anyone know if there will be Redhead presale for this opening?