Past Event

Mar 6 2022
303 BerryFest Place
Plant City, FL


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 7:30PM.



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  • 2022-03-06 @ Florida Strawberry Festival


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 8  Redhead Comments

WaboWoodward's picture

Managed to pick up a ticket about 22 rows from the stage today off the Strawberry Festival website for $44. It seems like they are releasing scattered seats in those front sections for anyone still thinking about going.

They state that Festival admission is not included with the concert ticket.... but do we need to pay for Festival admission to get in? Nothing against strawberries, but I'm just going to see the show!

karen brazelton's picture

I have 2 extra tickets to see Sammy and the circle at the Strawberry festival. Great seats. Lower level section 2 in front of stage pd. 992.00 would like to get 250.00 each. If interested email me at Also for sale on Vivid seats and Stub Hub at a slightly higher price to cover service fees.

dsmith's picture

First time I saw Sammy was in Montrose when you opened up for ACDC in South Bend Indiana at the Morris Civic Center.Now it's my husband's 55th Birthday so I'am surprising him with a trip to Florida's Strawberry Festival to see you and the band front row seats!We love Sammy and The Circle!

Robert Waddell's picture

The local Fox affiliate in Tampa stated all of the headliner acts have been cancelled (includes Hagar) due to Covid. Can anyone confirm this as all tickets outlets are still selling tickets and no refunds.

Maddox2015's picture

Can't find the Pre sale.Help.

Strawberry2022's picture

We cannot seem to find the link either.

Timmyc99's picture

Why can’t I find the presale??

Bradstr's picture

I was at the Strat Oct 30 Las Vegas, great show, Ill be at the Strawberryfest March 6 Plant City